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Benefits of CBD for Old Dogs

An old but undoubtedly true saying suggests that, as humans, we should enjoy sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences as they are what makes us unique. We rejoice in our common love for cannabis. Still, we celebrate the fact that each person has their favorite products, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

Both Delta-8 and HHC are cannabinoids generally derived from hemp and share several characteristics that could lead some people to believe they are basically the same. However, there are also differences that separate one cannabinoid from the other and that make the effects generated by HHC pre-rolls compared to Delta-8 pre-rolls significantly different as well.

If you are looking for a definitive answer as to which of these cannabinoids is better, keep reading, and at the end of this article, you will be able to choose for yourself. HHC or Delta-8 pre-rolls?

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What’s a pre-roll joint?

This is one of the basics of Cannabis 101, and although the name suggests it very well, we know that there may be some who still don’t know what a pre-roll is. Just as the name suggests, a pre-roll joint is a pre-rolled joint.

A pre-roll generally consists of a rolling paper, usually rice or hemp paper, and ground cannabis. Cannabis flower pre-rolls can also be infused with other cannabinoid isomers. This means that, in addition to being made from CBD, CBG, or whole cannabis flower, pre-rolls can sometimes be infused with other concentrates or extracts such as wax, shatter, kief, Delta-8 oil or powder, or HHC.

A good pre-roll contains high-quality cannabis flower. But lower quality pre-rolls can sometimes contain twigs and leaves in addition to the flower. Pre-rolls usually also have a filter at the bottom of the joint.

Pre-rolls are one of the most popular cannabis products today. Their practicality makes them highly sought after as they are incredibly convenient. Many brands and dispensaries make their own pre-rolls, and you can get them in sizes ranging from 0.5g to even massive 13g joints.

Why are pre-rolls cheaper than flower?

To smoke cannabis, most of the time, you need to grind it, and if it is not in a joint, you will most likely need another device like a pipe or something similar to smoke it. But, even though a pre-roll can take more processing as it requires rolling, pre-rolls are usually cheaper than raw buds.

The fact that pre-rolls are generally cheaper than flower has a lot to do with the nature of the ingredients that pre-rolls contain. Some dispensaries or manufacturers often use the “shake” that remains in the bottom of their bud jars or even grind stems and single leaves to save money or use as much of the plant as they can.

How long will a pre-rolled joint last?

As long as you keep your pre-rolls stored under the correct conditions, have proper humidity, and are away from air and UV light, they can maintain their positive qualities for up to 12 months. You will know that you have stored your pre-rolls well if, after the time you have stored them, they still smell good and “weedy.” If this is the case, your pre-rolls still have their terpene charge and probably retain their pleasing aromas and flavors.

If your pre-rolls are THC, they can likely last even longer than 12 months since THC takes considerably longer to break down. Although it may be that after this time, your pre-rolls may not retain the same load of flavors and aromas that they carry when they are fresh and just rolled.

Do pre-rolled joints go bad?

Although it is unlikely to happen if you store your pre-rolls properly, it is certainly possible that your pre-rolls will go bad at some point due to certain factors. It is unlikely for cannabis products to “expire” in the traditional sense. Nevertheless, suppose you store them under incorrect conditions, such as places that are too humid or too dry, with too much exposure to air or sunlight. In that case, the cannabis contained in the pre-rolls could degrade, the terpenes could lose part of their aromas and flavors, and cannabinoids may lose some of their potency. But, if the cannabis flower used to make the pre-rolls were properly cured, dried, and you made sure to store them properly, you don’t have to worry about them going bad for at least a year or even longer.

HHC vs Delta-8: how to choose

With the great expansion that the cannabis market has been experiencing in recent years and the changes regarding the legality of some cannabis products, more and more new products are appearing. But, in addition to new products, there are also a variety of different new cannabinoid isomers that are now available to users that present new alternatives in terms of the range of effects, potency, and even therapeutic applications. While there may be people familiar with terms like HHC, Delta-10, CBG, or Delta-8, we know that there are many others who are still not entirely clear on what exactly HHC is, Delta-8, or whether HHC pre-rolls or Delta-8 pre-rolls get you high in the same way as traditional THC pre-rolls do.

We must highlight the fact that both HHC and Delta-8 will give you a high. However, the high of both cannabinoids can be considerably different when you compare them. We could say that the high of the HHC is a little higher than that of the Delta-8 since the HHC produces a high of 70% to 80%, just as powerful as that of the traditional Delta-9 THC but with a more calming and relaxing tendency, accompanied with a euphoria similar to that produced by some Indica strains. In contrast, the Delta-8 generates a milder high with smoother euphoric effects, resulting in a genuinely pleasurable high, and more manageable psychoactive effect that may be the perfect fit for enthusiasts dabbling in the world of cannabis.

Delta-8 or HHC pre-roll: Which is Better?

The truth is that answering this question can become complex since, to a large extent, choosing the best between the Delta-8 and HHC pre-rolls will depend tremendously on each user’s needs or tastes. So, the best we can do is help you choose for yourself which of these cannabinoids best suits your needs. We must start by saying that the HHC and Delta-8 are like cousins and share many similar characteristics. The main difference between them is the power of the effects they generate.

On the one hand, HHC pre-rolls can generate psychoactive effects quite similar to those of the more well-known Delta-9 THC. Many users consider HHC’s high slightly more potent than Delta-8 but less intense than the popular Delta-9. This makes the HHC an ideal choice for people looking for a high that’s a bit more powerful than the Delta-8 but not as powerful as the traditional Delta-9 THC. Many users describe the effects of HHC as a euphoric type of high that comes along with a delightful feeling of relaxation.

On the other hand, users who have tried Delta-8 pre-rolls describe its effects as a pleasant and relaxing lifting experience that generates a deep sense of relief and peace. Users report feeling relaxed, calm, clear-headed, giggly, and then sleepy and hungry. Experts believe that the effects generated by Delta-8 are half as strong as those of Delta-9 but that, in the same way, they could generate feelings of anxiety, discomfort, or even paranoia when taking very high doses of Delta-8. In this regard, the HHC is quite similar. Therefore experienced users and experts recommend starting with small doses and increasing the dose only if necessary.

But, if your question about which cannabinoid is better is more related to you wanting to know how much THC is in your Delta-8 pre-roll or in your HHC pre-roll, you should know that, as long as the extract used to infuse the flower comes from certified hemp or CBD, it should not contain more than 0.3% Delta-9 THC.

Where to buy Delta-8 Pre-rolls?

Although you may not get them everywhere, finding Delta-8 pre-rolls these days is relatively easy as Delta-8, being hemp-derived CBD and not containing Delta-9 THC, is entirely legal for sale, purchase, possession, and consumption in most states. If you’re looking to try it for yourself, the best Delta-8 pre-rolls are available at Botany Farms. We have some tasty Delta-8 Pineapple Haze pre-rolls and delicious Delta-8 White CBG pre-rolls that add an “entourage” twist to the whole experience.

In case you want to enjoy your cannabis without experiencing psychoactive effects, we also have in our catalog some delicious CBD pre-rolls that can flood your nostrils and taste buds with the richest flavors and aromas that cannabis can carry. If you want tropical flavors and energizing effects along with the benefits of CBD, you can opt for our Sour Hawaiian Haze pre-rolls. But if you are looking for more balanced effects, perhaps the ideal option for you is one of our Super Sour Space Candy pre-rolls, which deliver the best CBD with a lemon twist that you won´t likely forget anytime soon. The best thing is that to get any of these top-shelf pre-rolls, you just have to click to order from our online store, and in less than you think, you will have your delicious Delta-8 or CBD pre-rolls with you and ready to enjoy them.

Where to buy HHC Pre Rolls?

Perhaps in the past, finding HHC pre-rolls could be a little tricky since, although HHC was first created in 1944, it was only a few years ago that it began to be sold legally. Currently, cannabis products brands and manufacturers sell many types of HHC products, including cannabis flower infused with this cannabinoid. We must remember that HHC is a minor cannabinoid and that it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant only in minute amounts. Commercially available HHC is produced by adding hydrogen atoms to CBD-derived THC from hemp.

Nevertheless, you can currently get cannabis flower pre-rolls; usually, CBG flower, infused with HHC concentrate at some dispensaries and online stores. HHC pre-rolls might be a bit tricky to find at local dispensaries. Fortunately, sites like UpliftCBD and ExhaleWell offer high-quality pre-rolls for users who want to venture into the waters of the cannabis world.

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