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The 80+ Best Berry Weed Strains in 2024

Maybe it is something about the smooth sensation that sweetness and citrus produce on the palate, the touch of the silky smoke when the taste of berries caresses the tongue, or the fruity aroma that contrasts with the usual bitterness and skunkiness of cannabis.

Whatever it is about the Berry weed strains deserves a good conversation about it and a large list of recommendations so you can choose the experience that suits you the most.

Read ahead to learn about the best Berry Weed strains.


1. Berry White Strain

This friend is a perfectly balanced hybrid that will get you relaxed without a couch lock. Berry White is the offspring of the two top-shelf strains Blueberry and White Widow, from which it inherited the sweet and citrus aroma of berry as well as the pine smell that sends you to a walk in the forest in every good puff you enjoy from its fresh taste.

2. Berry Pie Strain

If the name by itself is not sweet enough, just wait until you taste the sugary, sweet scent of Berry Pie! As it touches your palate, this berry-tasting hybrid will shock you with its sweetness.

This Sativa strain has the genetics of the Cookies strain and Seed Junkie. This beautiful Berry Pie strain guarantees a therapeutic experience full of the tasty flavor of berries and the smelly smoke that takes away all stress and pain.

3. Member Berry Strain

Open the jar and breathe in the sweetness of a fruity berry from the beautiful green buds of Member Berry. This balanced hybrid will take you to another world that looks exactly like this one, but everything feels easier.

There is no stress or pain, and all without leaving your couch! This cross of Skunkberry and Mandarin Sunset does not disappoint with its wonderful genetics.

4. Crunch Berry Strain

A calm walk in the forest sounds like the perfect scenario to share with your friends, chatting and enjoying the chilling aura of the place. The same goes when taking a puff of the Crunch Berry strain.

The offspring of Blueberries and Triple OG fills the room and your lungs with a fantastic woody scent. All in all, it is a balanced hybrid that will get you talkative, making it fantastic for social events, while having a sweet berry aftertaste to boost your mood.

5. Balla Berries Strain

This flower is so beautiful you would not want to burn it, but the experience is even better than looking at it. This Indica hybrid will take you by the hand on a road trip to Chillingland, with the sweet taste of berries as music and the happiness and tingly sensation on the palate as landscape. The lineage of this hybrid is a mystery, but its genetics make it one of the best Berry weed strains.

6. Berry Punch Strain

When you hear that someone crossed Romulan and Blueberry strains, you know it is going to be great! Berry Punch is an energizing Sativa that will boost your mood and creativity.

This hybrid is perfect for focusing on tasks that require creativity and detail while enjoying the sweet fruity flavor and aroma that fills the room and your lungs smoothly. Indulge in the earthy undernotes that take away stress and anxiety.

7. Lemon Berry Strain

Lemon Berry results from combining the berry flavor and the sweet aroma of the Dabney Blue strain with the citrus lemon taste of the Lemon Thai strain. You will enjoy the balanced effects that come along with the sweetness and citrus of this hybrid. Also known as “Lemonberry Kush,” this strain causes an uplifting effect you cannot miss if you are a fan of fruity or citrus flavors.

8. Berry Pie Cookies Strain

This strain is a pack of sugar in the form of beautiful green buds. Berry Pie is a cross between the Cookies strain and Seed Junkie Genetics, making this Indica hybrid a perfect companion to improve your focus.

Relieve stress and anxiety while tasting the flavor of berries and the earthy whiff that sets the mood for a good evening of chilling and resting. This hybrid has medicinal properties to fight fatigue and depression, making it one of the best Berry weed strains.

9. Berry Gelato Strain

Berry gelato is fresh, creamy, and delicious; perfect for relaxing on a good evening, but you can smoke it and enjoy the terpenes and cannabinoids within. The ingredients for this gelato are Mint Girl Scout Cookies strain and Blueberry strain, making this Indica hybrid an attractive option for users that like sweet flavors and creamy textures.

10. Berry OG Strain

Berry OG is a remarkable member of the OG Kush lineage combined with the genetics of the Blueberry strain. This is an Indica hybrid that puts you in a relaxed and happy mood, taking away mental stress and insomnia. The dense buds of this Kush family member offer an experience full of berry and woody scents from the moment you open the jar.

11. Cherry Berry Strain

50% relaxing, 50% energizing, Cherry Berry is a perfectly balanced hybrid that emanates a sweet aroma with pungent notes reminiscent of flowers and fruits.

Being the cross of Skunk #1 and a California Indica strain makes this hybrid a top-shelf cannabis product any user would love to try. Enjoy these benefits that will improve your performance in any task and make your day a better story.

12. Sour Berry Strain

Also known as Sour Blueberry, this Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for improving your mood and giving some more energy to your day so you can enjoy every moment better. Sour Berry is the result of crossing Blueberry and Sour Diesel #2. Try this unique combination of tingly sourness and sweetness.

13. Dragon Berry Strain

Being a 70/30 Sativa-dominant, Dragon Berry promises to be the best Berry weed strain to relieve all mental and physical stress.

This bud will break that tension running from your shoulders to your limbs while engulfing you in a warm hug that relaxes your muscles with the sweetness of a berry.

This offspring of Cherry Bomb and Turbo Diesel inherits the potent physical and mental effects and the sweet taste and scent for the user’s joy.

14. Monkey Berry Strain

Breeders are brilliant people, thanks to whom we can enjoy Monkey Berry! This cross of the Strawberries & Cream strain and the Grease Monkey strain is a 50/50 balanced hybrid that offers a sweet smell of creamy cookies and the taste of fruity berries.

This strain might sound like a dessert so far, but cannabinoids are present to have you relaxed and to keep a good mood for you and those around you.

15. Berry Bomb Strain

Born from the Eve of berry strains Blueberry and the powerful Bomb #1, Berry Bomb is an explosion of full-body sedative effects that will kill all stress and insomnia in a short time.

This top-quality strain for medical users relieves that pain that bothers your muscles. Enjoy the sweetness of this strain, which runs smoothly from your lungs to your palate and fills the room with a berry aroma.

16. Mother of Berries Strain

Like a mother that takes you into her arms when you need a refuge from stress, anxiety, and aches, Mother of Berries is the Indica strain to do the job.

As a child of Blueberry, the sweetness and woody aroma of its terpene profile are therapeutic and tasty. Mother of Berries is the perfect strain to use before going to sleep or whenever you just want to chill and lean back.

17. Purple Berry Strain

When Blueberry meets Granddaddy Purple, the result is the fantastic Purple Berry strain, an Indica hybrid with dense buds with notes of purples and blues.

You will be tempted to try them out every time you want to relax and be in a chilling mood, just perfect for evenings and lazy weekends. Its calming effect is powerful, as is its stunning berry taste and a smell reminiscent of nuts.

18. Berry Blast Strain

A blast of energy enters your body in the form of thick, pleasant smoke. Such a smooth sensation runs from your tongue to your lungs and back, taking out the fatigue and the bad mood.

Berry Blast is the result of crossing two top-quality strains, Blueberry Haze and Johnny Blaze. The result is a Sativa hybrid with a strong scent of blueberry, musk, and a fruity sweetness waiting for you to smoke or vape.

19. Crushed Berries Strain

The Crushed Berries strain releases its powerful sweetness in the air, lingering for a while and caressing the senses of everyone around. This Indica-dominant hybrid is the result of crossing the beloved strains Bordello and Purple Vapor, making

Crushed Berries inherit its complex terpene profile of a fruity scent with a spicy and skunky aroma, along with relaxing effects that fight insomnia and depression.

20. Dream Berry Strain

Dream Berry offers a unique cannabis experience that promises to take away all physical and mental stress and relieve your aches, almost like a fantasy.

Enjoy the benefits of a wonderful terpene profile that fills the room and your body. Inhale the calming scent of wood and the sweetness of fruits.

21. Goji Berry Strain

Goji OG Kush or simply “Goji,” is a Sativa-dominant strain that will energize your body and help you feel happy and optimistic.

The cross of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus has a unique aroma and taste thanks to its terpene profile that provides the flavors of goji, the sweet red berry, and the Hawaiian citrus punch that promise a fantastic experience for any user.

22. Haze Berry Strain

Haze Berry is a pill of pure energy in the form of dense green buds. This Sativa member of the Haze family has an energizing effect as potent as its sweet berry aroma.

The combined genetics of Super Silver Haze and the reliable Blueberry strain is a potent option when you are looking for extra energy to go running, hiking, and improving your performance in any physical activity.

23. Berries and Cream Strain

Berries and Cream have not tasted so good before. This hybrid comes from crossing Grease Monkey and Shishkaberry to create a masterpiece of sweetness and chill in the form of an indica strain that will help you create incredible memories.

The bodily relaxing effect and the clear mind incidence will have you in the best mood while winding up the evening, resting your mind, or sharing with your friends.

24. Boo Berry Strain

If someone asks how long the effects of Boo Berry last, you can answer that they last forever! This offspring of Blueberry and Afghani strains has long-lasting Indica effects that work excellently when fighting insomnia.

When you wake up, you will feel rested and renewed. The medical potential of Boo Berry for getting rid of anxiety and helping sleep is comparable to how tasty its sweet berry scent is.

25. Brrr Berry Strain

The name of this Indica strain is exactly what you would think when watching this white winter flower, so frosty that it is surely what Brann Stark would grow in his backyard.

This hybrid of mysterious lineage is sweet and kind despite its cold exterior. The taste of sweet berries is as beautiful as the flower containing it, while the Indica properties creep to your limbs in a full-body relaxing effect.

For these reasons, we definitely consider Brrr Berry one of the best Berry weed strains on the market.

26. China Berry Strain

From the fantasy of the Far East comes the mythical cross of the Blueberry strain and a Chinese Indica flower. The China Berry strain brings a sweet flavor with fresh and sour herbal notes to caress your palate.

The smooth sensation of the smoke runs through your lungs to help you relax your mind and feel mildly euphoric. Overpower your senses, expand your world, and be more creative with China Berry.

27. Northern Berry Strain

Breeders crossed Northern Lights #5 and Blueberry, hoping to create a nice berry strain, but they did not know the legend they were bringing to this world.

Northern Berry is the perfect combination of berry flavor with earthy notes and the heavy indica effects of Northern Lights #5. The potent sedative effects of Northern Berry are ideal for use before sleep and are a reprieve from pain for medical users.

28. Very Berry Strain

Because Berry is not Berry enough and Sativa is not Sativa enough, Strawberry Cough and Super Silver Haze came together to create the super potent Very Berry strain.

This flower has super-Sativa effects that will inject your day with a burst of energy and wellbeing in the form of beautiful green buds. Feel the sweetness of berries lingering in your tongue while improving your focus and staying awake!

29. Berry Stomper Strain

Try to imagine how a fruit’s tender and happy sweetness could blend into the strong, gassy, and funky diesel flavor. You can’t? Then you should try the Berry Stomper strain.

This balanced hybrid is the best combination of both worlds: berry and diesel, body and mind, becoming a favorite among users’ lists of strains. Chill your body and your mind with the brilliance of Berry Stomper.

30. Bubba Berry Strain

If you look in the dictionary, the opposite of insomnia should be the Bubba Berry strain. This cross of Pre-98 Bubba Kush and DJ Short’s Blueberry is a hug from Morpheus in the form of buds that taste like berries. It is musky and has a nice, spicy sensation at the end.

This is the Indica strain you would like to have at the end of the day to relax your limbs, warm your core, and take you gently to bed.

31. Yolo Berry Strain

Breeders managed to create a strain that should be on your bucket list by taking three of the user’s favorite strains and crossing them together.

The cross of Granddaddy Purple, OG Kush, and Gelato will blow up your senses with its berry-like taste and its calming indica effects. Try this treasure, guarded by beautiful frosty buds, and let it take over your body for complete joy.

32. Banana Berry Strain

If you hear Banana Kush and Blackberry are getting crossed, you just run to try what comes out of it. Banana Berry is the strain that offers a caressing whiff of lavender while tasting the flavors of grapes and blueberries.

This indica-dominant hybrid is surely a top-quality strain for medical users searching for a way to stabilize the mood and bring happiness. However, take into account that the uplifting sensation comes along with an increasing appetite.

33. Cali Berry Strain

Here comes the shiny sun from California, and it tastes like berries! Cali Berry is a nicely balanced strain, a cross between Ben N Berries and Reckless Rainbow.

This strain is like a berry in the form of buds; the sweetness is strong, like in candy, but with earthy tones and a nice touch of gasoline. This hybrid has long-lasting effects that kill chronic pain and help against nausea and headaches.

34. Diesel Berry Strain

Diesel Berry is the offspring of two popular strains that come together to create greatness; Berry Ryder and the multi-award-winning NYC Diesel strain give their genetics to offer the best smoking experience.

The exotic fruity taste and the profound Indica incidence will make your senses fly through the smooth smoke, with a wide range of therapeutic effects that will get your mind focused and your body energized and free of aches.

35. Golden Berry Strain

When breeders crossed Kushberry and Jew Gold, they found a treasure of cannabis beyond their expectations. The terpene profile of Golden Berry makes its aroma and flavor particularly intense.

As you open the jar, the entire room smells of berries and forest-like wood. This 40% Indica, 60% Sativa hybrid offers a balanced experience to enjoy with pleasure and a chill mood.

36. Gorilla Berry Strain

This strain is an Indica with the strength of a gorilla to knock you out of bed. Gorilla Berry is a perfect 60% Indica hybrid to kill pain and insomnia, making it excellent to consume during the evening or on a lazy weekend.

This cross of Gorilla Glue and Blueberry is a flower with large trichomes that combine the aroma of berries with notes of citrus and cherries to make a sweet, appealing mix.

37. Honey Berry Strain

Honey Berry is a rare Indica-dominant hybrid with an unknown heritage. Thankfully, breeders can now replicate its fantastic genetics into new strains.

The effects of Honey Berry kick quickly, taking you to a state of absolute calm, almost like being floating in the void. Call this a happy couch-lock effect that comes after a sweet aftertaste of berries and earthy notes smelling in the air.

38. Platinum Berry Strain

This is the kind of strain you expect to see on the top shelf of a cannabis shop. Platinum Berry is the herbal scent that the sweetness of berries needs. Lean on your window to see the sunset while smoking this tasty strain.

Platinum Berry will get you relaxed, sleepy, a little hungry, and surely happy. Its precedence is unknown, but its potential is enormous.

39. Berry Blossom Strain

Oh, how beautiful it is to see nature blooming in front of our eyes. Berry Blossom was born from crossing Cherry Kandahar with Chardonnay, producing one of the most delightful strains in the cannabis industry.

The light green buds guard the floral aroma with the taste of candied raspberries and acai berries. This balanced hybrid provides a high-quality CBD experience.

40. Berry Lemonade Strain

To make this lemonade, grab some Blueberry Fuel, add some Vegas Lemon Skunk, and crossbreed them until you get awesomeness! The combination of berries and citrus is a pleasure you would expect to find in tropical smoothies.

Still, nature and breeders are brilliant enough to put it in the form of an indica-dominant hybrid that will make you feel happy, relaxed, and somewhat sleepy.

41. Citrus Berry Strain

The origin of Citrus Berry is a mystery, but treasures are that way. The potent herbal taste of this strain is comparable to its powerful Indica effects, taking you to a moment of relaxation without any physical or mental stress.

Citrus Berry owes its name to the sweet and fresh combination of the tingly herbal flavor with a citrus and fruity aroma that caresses your senses when you open the jar.

42. Frost Berry Strain

From the lineage of OG Kush and Blueberry comes a treasure as beautiful as the frosty cape that embraces the flower of this top-quality strain. Frost Berry is an indica-dominant hybrid that seduces with its beauty and invites you to taste the joy of burning it.

The sugary scent contrasts with the pungent taste of the Kush heritage, creating a fantastic therapeutic and euphoric experience that makes it one of the best Berry weed strains today.

43. Ghost Berry Strain

Imagine that you could reduce pain and stress and feel as light as a feather or a ghost. The answer is this cross between Monster Blueberry and Colorado Ghost OG.

The Indica hybrid Ghost Berry strain is a favorite among medical users for its ability to kill pain and stress so efficiently that you feel out of your body. Enjoy this painkiller strain with its kushy-spice sensation and the berry taste with herbal citrus notes.

44. Monster Berry Strain

Don’t fear the monster. Get a little closer, grind it up, and burn it. Trust us, it tastes like grapes and berries with a nice touch of an earthy aroma. The cross between Granddaddy Purple and Girl Scout Cookies is calm, blissful, and a little sleepy.

The Monster Berry strain is sweeter than its name; it is an indica-dominant hybrid that will take over your body peacefully, starting from your head to your limbs to rest well in the evening.

45. Sour Berry Blue Strain

Who says the best moments are just sweet? We need a little sour to enjoy sweetness even more. Blueberry and Sour Diesel #2 come together to give birth to the Sour Berry strain.

This strain is the tingly sensation of the smoke going in and out while your tongue enjoys the sweetness of the berry. This Sativa hybrid has stimulating effects and improves your concentration and cerebral performance.

46. Star Berry Strain

Sometimes you just need the right fuel to do your best and fly as high as the stars! Breeders had the brilliance to cross Sensi Star and Blueberry. The result?

The Star Berry strain is a balanced hybrid with the necessary mental and physical effects to improve your mood and your capacity to focus on your tasks with more creativity and energy. Make your day brighter with the taste and aroma of berries with balanced cannabis effects.

47. True Berry Strain

This strain is so amazing, the name must remind us it is real. True Berry is the result of crossing a majestic triad of cannabis with True OG, Strawberry Banana, and Blackberry.

Pine has never had a better aroma than this; it’s like walking through a forest full of blackberries lingering in the air. This balanced hybrid offers an incredible experience while soothing minor aches and producing an uplifting sensation.

48. Vanilla Berry Pie Strain

You don’t get two, but three of the most fantastic strains combining their genetics to create greatness in a sugary package of buds in the Vanilla Berry Pie strain.

Royal Kush, Cherry Pie, and Sunset Sherbet strains lend their tasty and therapeutic properties to give birth to the Indica-dominant Vanilla Berry Pie strain. This hybrid smells like berries, tastes like cookies, and is creamy as a cake. What a wonderful flower to get energized!

49. Berry Runtz Strain

If you want to create a specially sweet strain, try crossing the Zkittlez and Gelato strains. The result is a Sativa-leaning hybrid gaining popularity exponentially, so any vendor should consider having the Berry Runtz strain on their shelves.

The reason is the long-lasting state of energy and euphoria while enjoying the flavor of sweet berries. In sum, Berry Runtz offers an experience you cannot miss, as it is one of the best berry weed strains.

50. Cheese Berry Strain

Any user loves that subtle cheesy taste in their burning buds. Combine it with berries, and you find heaven! Genius breeders came up with the perfect combination of the cheesy taste with the intense aroma of berries by crossing UK Cheese and Blueberry. The balanced effects and the complex flavor make this hybrid a new favorite for any user who tries it for the first time. Indulge yourself in the cheese and the berries!

51. Dutch Berry Strain

The combined flavor of citrus and sweet fruits never gets old; it just gets better! Dutchberry is a 60/40 Sativa hybrid that inherited the best from Dutch Treat and DJ Short’s Blueberry strains. This hybrid tastes as good as it smells while producing energetic happiness, giggles, and a perfect chill mood to unwind before going out for a walk, doing creative tasks, or chatting with your friends.

52. Mixed Berry Strain

Take the sweetness of berries, the tingly spiciness of herbal notes, and a little sour scent to create an incredible experience you can call Mixed Berry cannabis strain. This balanced hybrid produces body and mental effects that make you feel in a warm hug that relaxes you from body stress and gets you happy and energetic.

53. Sweet Berry Strain

Mother nature gave us berries to delight in the true sweetness of the forest, and humans cross cannabis strains that taste sweet as berries, citrusy as lime, and herbal as peppermint. Sweet Berry has a complex terpene profile inherited from the Chernobyl and Blueberry strains to enjoy a balanced body and mental effect. This strain is perfect to use when doing creative tasks to improve concentration and set a chill mood.

54. Berry Gelato Strain

If you hear someone combining Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Blueberry, you could think it is a homemade dessert, and what is better than that? The answer is cannabis strains. The offspring of two sweet strains is a package of sugar in the form of seductive buds. Berry Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid that is key to getting to Chill-land. It tastes like sweet berries and lets your body know it is time to relax.

55. Blissful Berry Strain

This strain delivers what it promises in its name. Blissful Berry caresses your nose from the moment you open the jar, and you know it is going to be good. The sweet aroma invites you to burn its beautiful buds, producing relaxing and uplifting effects that will get you creative and talkative. Enjoy yourself with the berry aroma, the citrus notes, and the slightly spicy sensation of the smooth cloud of smoke.

56. Double Berry Strain

Because sometimes berries are just not enough, breeders created the next level of Berry strain. The offspring of Mazar-i-Sharif and Skunk#1 is what berry-loving users expected for so long.

The Double Berry strain is heavily indica-dominant, with double the aroma and more sedative effects that will send you to the couch in no time. Take it easy! This strain will make you dream of berries and cannabis.

57. Durban Berry Strain

This berry is a combination of vitalizing buds that boosts your creativity and lets your thoughts flow freely. Durban Berry inherits the energizing sativa effects of Durban Poison and the sweet smell of berries from Rocky Mountain Blueberry.

The combination offers a pungent lemon taste with the aroma of berries. Durban Berry is perfect for getting rid of stress and helping you focus on creating amazing things.

58. Jack Berry Strain

Jack is that friend who always looks relaxed, talkative, and comes up with crazy ideas. It is always cool to hang out with him, and no wonder he has such a nice personality.

His parents are Blueberry and Jack Herer, from whom he got the sweetness and spiciness that linger in the air. Talking to him seems like a walk in the forest, as his perfume has earthy notes. What a refreshing personality!

59. Mendo Berry Strain

Some people buy fancy aroma sprays to make the room smell better, but you could just open the jar of Mendo Berry and fill the room and your lungs with the burst of berry aroma that comes from it.

Grind the buds up and release the full aroma of the resins calling you to burn them. The Mendo Berry strain is a balanced hybrid with mainly cerebral effects that activate your creative part. You won’t be talkative, but you will have deep reflections.

60. Orange Berry Strain

As orange as the sun of California and as sweet as blackberries, this strain is an experience of aromas and flavors full of fruity scents and spicy sensations with earthy and piney notes underneath.

Orange Berry is the cross of California Orange and Blackberry, a balanced hybrid that produces euphoria, boosts your creativity, and causes such a relaxed state that you could feel numb.

61. Poison Berry Strain

If Snow White were from this era, she would have vaped this strain instead of biting an apple. Poison Berry is a mix of the Sativa Durban Poison and the Indica Blueberry strains; this cross created a balanced hybrid that became a favorite among medical users searching for both body and cerebral effects.

The smooth and seductive smoke of Poison Berry smells like tropical fruits and berries and causes long-lasting, relaxing, and painkiller effects.

62. Triple Berry Strain

Triple Berry, or “Blueberry Triple OG,” is a potent Indica-dominant strain born from the exciting cross of the mother-of-berries Blueberry strain and the popular Triple OG.

The pungent fuel aroma with berry and floral notes precedes heavy body effects. This Indica will take away the muscular tension and produce a happy relaxation, just perfect for laying on the couch and winding down the evening.

63. Balla Berries Pressure Strain

Although Balla Berries is an even hybrid, the effects of this friend will take you out of balance. The physical and mental effects of this strain hit hard and last long.

The mental buzz will connect you deeply with your own thoughts, making you unable to focus on anything else and soothing your body. All of the effects come after tasting the sugary berry flavor within the smelly buds.

64. Ben and Berries Strain

The Ben and Berries strain is a punch in the form of cannabis buds that promises to leave you on the couch. Still, it is not painful but relaxing, and when you wake up from the knockout, it will renew you.

This potent Indica hybrid is the result of crossing Apple Fritter and Reckless Rainbow, creating a strain with a complex profile of aromas with a dominant taste of berries. After a day of hard work, this hybrid is an excellent treat, making it one of the best berry weed strains.

65. Berry Breath Strain

If you like the pungent aroma of diesel, you will love the Berry Breath strain. Full of Caryophyllene, the sweetness of berries stays underneath, while the spicy pepper taste and the diesel aroma are dominant.

This Sativa hybrid will get you euphoric and energized, recover your appetite, and maybe produce some giggles. Try this combination of diesel and berries and enjoy this fuel of a good mood!

66. Brian Berry Cough Strain

Strawberry Cough and Space Queen are already top-quality strains; so their cross should be good. And how good! Brian Berry Cough has a new level of pleasant sweetness in its aroma and the potency of its effects.

This 50/50 balanced hybrid produces a quick cerebral high that makes you feel happy, followed by a body-relaxing effect. Enjoy the strawberry flavor and the lavender aroma with the earthy notes and skunkiness of cannabis.

67. Melon Berry Strain

If berries are not sweet enough, the melon will fill the cup. The Melon Berry strain is the cross of several variants of the always popular ACDC strain. The result is a Sativa-leaning hybrid that has a whiff of berries and a lot of energy to brighten your day!

Melon Berry is a potential painkiller and a good mood booster. The mental effects consist of improving creativity and having an uplifting experience.

68. Mountain Berry Strain

We are creatures of nature; it is sometimes necessary to go outside and be closer to the green landscape, out and high in the fresh air, just like having some of the refreshing Mountain Berry strain.

This is an indica-dominant hybrid that inherited the best of Shishkaberry and Dutch Passion’s Blueberry strains. The long-lasting effects help you unleash your creativity and feel euphoric while your body is fully relaxed.

69. Ogre Berry Strain

This ogre is kind to you, but it is potent to get rid of aches and stress. The Ogre Berry strain was born by combining Ogre with Island Strawberry Afghani Indica, resulting in a remedy with a sweet aroma of berries with citrus notes that meets a fuel-like skunkiness.

Ogre Berry is an effective mood-uplifting company and a body-relaxing hug. This balanced hybrid has medicinal potential and a pleasant, complex taste.

70. Space Berry Strain

Coming down from the sky to make our day much better, the Space Berry strain is a gift from another world. In a cannabis farm, maybe from Mars, breeders crossed Starfighter F2 and Sour Strawberry to create a 60/40 Indica that smells like berries and has some notes of diesel.

This hybrid can settle your mind and put your body in a deep state of relaxation, making it a perfect ticket to take your mind and spirit over the clouds.

71. Sun Berry Strain

A little sunlight can make our day better; the Sun Berry strain does a similar job. This perfectly balanced hybrid has a bit more of its parent Chernobyl than the Blueberry strain with its complex profile of aromas.

With Sun Berry, you can enjoy sweet, pungent,

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