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Best CBD Strains for Weight Loss

If you’ve been on the lookout for a healthy, organic weight loss supplement that actually works, you have no doubt tried and been recommended countless options of various, often dubious, quality with mixed and maybe even outright disappointing results.

When you’re in a situation like this, being asked to try “the next big thing” might not be easy. After all, when method after method and product after product don’t work out as they’re supposed to, why would you believe the next one will? In one word: results. Real-life, provable, and demonstrable results!

There are very few weight loss products that can really stand up to scientific scrutiny, but there is one that’s particularly interesting—and that many people unfortunately still neglect to put on their radar. That mystery remedy we’re talking about is cannabis—or rather, one of its ingredients, CBD. CBD is already gaining popularity as a health supplement for various uses, but have you heard of its potential for weight loss?

Key Takeaways

  • CBD, a component of cannabis, may aid weight loss, primarily by suppressing appetite. Unlike THC, which is known for inducing the “munchies,” CBD can help reduce hunger signals, making it easier for individuals to stick to their diet plans.
  • Also, CBD may be an excellent addition to weight loss efforts, not only by reducing appetite but also by improving mood and promoting healthier sleep patterns.
  • The article discusses the differences between Sativa and Indica strains of cannabis in the context of weight loss. Sativa strains are recommended for their ability to energize and boost metabolism, potentially helping burn more calories. In contrast, Indica strains have a more sedative effect, which could be less desirable for those looking to lose weight.

Common Causes of Obesity

One reason why diets and weight loss plans tend to fail is that patients often aren’t fully informed about the causes of their weight problems in the first place. Contrary to popular belief, being overweight or even obese is anything but a simple condition, and there are countless co-existing factors that can lead to it.

Below, you’ll find some of the most common and well-known of these, but remember: your individual weight problems might be down to just one, a combination, all, or even none of the below! The only way to really know for sure is to get a detailed diagnosis from a medical professional you trust.

Food and Exercise

Naturally, our diets and lifestyles play a big (though definitely not unanimous) role in our weight. You might have heard the phrase “calories in, calories out” being thrown around.

The rationale behind that is that by balancing your caloric intake (i.e., the food you eat every day) and keeping it below your caloric output (the amount of energy you burn every day walking, moving around, exercising, etcetera), you can get yourself down to a healthy weight.

In many cases, it is true, and all you might need to do to achieve your dream body is to balance out these two metrics. The problem is that measuring the caloric content of your food and especially how much energy you burn through your daily activities with precision is difficult. In the long term, this approach might require more guesswork than careful planning.


Many people, without ever realizing it, are actually genetically predisposed towards having a larger-than-average body mass. Even if you’re not overweight, the weight distribution you inherited from your parents might make you look bigger than your peers.

While there are some specific hereditary conditions that can lead to obesity, in the majority of cases, genetic factors are only a piece of the puzzle and not an outright cause of excess weight.

Medications and Medical Conditions

If you’ve ever taken a close look at the fine print on the packaging of your prescription medication, you might have spotted a warning about a potential side effect: sudden weight gain. A surprisingly high number of medicines are linked to obesity because they alter the way your metabolism works, thereby affecting how your body stores and makes use of energy.

Unfortunately, it’s not just meds that can alter your body weight. Plenty of conditions also have noted effects on the human metabolism. The most well-studied of these are diabetes and various thyroid conditions, especially hypothyroidism.

When that’s the same thing that you originally got your meds prescribed for, it can feel like a catch-22—you’ll end up gaining weight no matter what you do. Don’t worry, though! In most cases, all you should need is a consultation with your physician. They will likely be able to change your prescription to adapt to your needs if you tell them about your problem.

Stress and Emotional Factors

It’s been known in medical science for many years that our emotional state affects our body in some pretty profound ways. This includes weight gain, which can crop up without any rational explanation during times of increased stress. Much of the time, this is linked to our hormones.

For example, we know that cortisol, the “stress hormone,” which is released in large amounts when we’re feeling under pressure, leads our body to hold on to fat more easily. An unhealthy lifestyle coupled with stress and anxiety might also cause you to increase your food intake, even if you don’t notice it yourself.

Lack of Sleep

Plenty of lifestyle problems can cause you to pack on unwanted extra pounds, and the leader of the pack by far is insufficient sleep. Your body needs to catch enough Z’s every night in order to reach the right biochemical balance, also known as homeostasis.

When that isn’t possible, countless lifestyle and health problems can crop up seemingly out of nowhere, including weight gain. Hence, getting your sleep schedule in check should be a top priority to rule out other factors detrimental to your weight goals.

CBD and Appetite Suppression

So what makes cannabis, and especially CBD, so effective in helping you maintain a healthy weight? If there is one reason that trumps the rest, it’s the cannabinoid’s effects on our hunger signals.

Simply put, CBD is a very potent appetite suppressant. You might have heard of cannabis doing much of the opposite—the so-called “weed munchies” have a bit of a reputation for causing midnight fridge raids after a good hit. That’s true, but when this happens, it’s often due to other cannabinoids balancing out the effects of CBD.

On its own, CBD works wonders as a natural appetite suppressant that can assist you in your diet plan by making it easier to stick to caloric limits and goals.

Can CBD Help Lose Weight?

There’s no doubt that CBD can be an excellent companion for nearly any kind of weight loss regimen. Not just by lowering your appetite, but also by moderating your moods and promoting better, healthier sleep, it sets the conditions that make achieving a healthy weight much easier.

Time after time, studies have found that any degree of cannabis use, no matter the exact dosage, strain, or type, is associated with a lowered risk of obesity. CBD usually comes out on top as one of the biggest factors in those results. That alone should tell you enough about the connection between CBD and weight loss.

Indica or Sativa for Weight Loss

One important thing to know is that all cannabis products, including supplemental CBD, exist in two primary varieties. These derive from different breeds of the cannabis plant that emerged countless years ago and have now established themselves as the benchmarks by which any cannabis strain is categorized. This includes hybrids, which rarely fit perfectly into either of the two boxes but are nonetheless generally compared to them.

With that in mind, which kind of cannabis supplement is better overall for weight loss: sativa or indica marijuana? Though the differences between individual strains are often far greater than the average divide between Sativas and Indicas as a whole, it should still be noted that the former tends to edge out for weight loss for three important reasons.

First of all, sativas are known to stimulate the nervous system intensely, letting you feel more energized and hyping up your metabolism. This doesn’t just help you burn more calories. It also lifts your mood, steering you away from stress-binging.

By comparison, indicas, especially the more potent ones, can physically slow you down, if anything. This is great if you’re looking for a chance to relax, but it’s often the opposite of what’s desirable for encouraging weight loss.

Then there’s the issue of THC. Perhaps the most well-known cannabinoid even among non-users, THC is what is responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects, including the ever-desirable “high.” The problem with THC is that it is one of the leading causes of those aforementioned munchies—definitely the last thing you need if you’re trying to shed some pounds.

Studies on this subject remain somewhat inconclusive, however. Some have found evidence to suggest that THC, despite increasing appetites, might actually inhibit fat storage at the same time. Others suggest that THC might physically engage your metabolism more, leading you to burn extra calories even when you’re not moving around much.

However, much of that is still up for debate. Though it’s not always so clear-cut, expect most indicas to be higher in THC than comparable sativas. Finally, sativas tend to contain more THCV. This minor cannabinoid is, next to only CBD, the one that’s the most intimately correlated with appetite suppression.

Still, you should keep in mind that the above are only rough guidelines and do not represent the entirety of all the hundreds and hundreds of weed strains out there! The below section is going to demonstrate that, as we are going to take a look at a roundup of both excellent Sativas as well as Indicas with killer weight loss benefits!

This table simplifies the characteristics and potential benefits of Sativa and Indica strains for weight loss as discussed in the article. Keep in mind, individual results can vary based on the specific strain and personal biology.

FeatureSativa StrainsIndica Strains
Effect on EnergyEnergizing, may help increase physical activity and calorie burnMore sedative, may not directly contribute to calorie burning
Appetite SuppressionSome strains may help suppress appetiteEffects on appetite can vary; some may increase hunger
Mood ImprovementCan uplift mood, potentially contributing to motivation for physical activityMay improve mood but could lead to relaxation over physical activity
Sleep PatternsCan enhance alertness, less directly related to sleep improvementMay improve sleep quality, indirectly affecting weight loss by regulating metabolism
Best Used ForDaytime activities, workouts, and tasks requiring energyEvening or relaxation times to aid in recovery and rest

Best Indica Strains for Weight Loss

First, let’s see what the best Indica marijuana strains have to offer. While many view Indicas as inferior for weight loss, that’s a broad generalization, and plenty of these kinds of strains can actually deliver far better than you might expect!

1. Abacus 2.0

Somewhat of a modern classic, Abacus 2.0 is the perfect example of a mild Indica done right. A purpose-bred high-CBD strain, Abacus 2.0 is delightful to use thanks to a sweet flavor rich in berries and a rather manageable potency that will not overwhelm beginners with its learning curve.

Meanwhile, its physical effects promote a healthy immune system, an active body, and lots of healthy rest thanks to CBD, CBN, THCV, and the strain’s unique mix of terpenes.

2. Zombie Kush

Named for the distinctive, “undead” look that it often causes, Zombie Kush represents the high-potency, heavyweight Indica crowd. With a woody aroma and a rather harsh, pungent taste, it’s not exactly the peak of beginner friendliness.

The same extends to the effects profile of Zombie Kush, which hits you hard and quickly, leaving you little time to brace yourself. Expect to be totally overcome with waves of euphoria in the short term, which drive you to be creative, active, and burn lots of energy.

That juice runs out quicker than you might think, though, and it will leave you absolutely couch-ridden for hours afterwards. On the plus side, this strain makes for one of the most exciting and thrilling ways to lose some weight!

3. Girl Scout Cookies

A timeless icon among Indicas, and one that has been copied by countless others since its initial release, Girl Scout Cookies (or GSC for short) has recently found renewed appreciation with a younger crowd.

A big reason for this is the discovery of significant concentrations of THCV within this strain—far beyond the average for Indicas in its class. This makes it a perfect choice as an appetite suppressant strain. The enjoyable, candy-like flavor also surely doesn’t hurt!

4. Dutch Treat

Among the leading choices for weight loss among potent Indicas, Dutch Treat served as one of the original parent strains for GSC, so it’s no surprise that it likewise packs both high THC and THCV levels.

Spicy on the exhale, Dutch Treat is beloved for its ability to soothe, relax, and de-stress. At the same time, it leaves you just enough mental focus and energy to continue going about your daily activities without succumbing to the kind of frozen “couch look” you’d get from more potent Indicas.

Smaller doses especially work wonders with Dutch Treat and related strains, allowing you to reap most of the benefits without any of the fatigue or overwhelming psychoactive side effects.

5. Skunk #1

All the Skunk strains are well-known members of the pantheon of high-class Indicas, but #1 is especially interesting for weight loss. It’s got an earth-like, dark taste that makes it stand out from the pack, while that trademark skunky odor is, let’s say, worth getting used to for the sake of those health benefits.

With THC levels in the low 20s and a high THCV of over 1% in some samples, Skunk works great as an appetite suppressant while also being one of those very special indicas that doesn’t really rob you of physical energy (unless you go for higher doses).

6. Harle-Tsu

Popular as a therapeutic strain, Harle-Tsu actually has a pretty high CBD-to-THC ratio for an indica. This makes for excellent, perfectly balanced effects with generous appetite suppression and metabolic and mental stimulation that should get you in the right healthy mindset to get a few steps closer to the body and lifestyle you’re seeking.

7. Remedy

Another great example of a high-CBD indica, Remedy’s THC tops out at a single percent. Its effects are squarely within the euphoric realm, propelling your mind to heights while firing up your body to break a sweat.

Many take Remedy for chronic pain due to its strongly pronounced analgesic properties. But for promoting better sleep, weight loss, and much more, Remedy is a solid all-round choice.

Best Sativa Strains for Weight Loss

Now, let’s swing around and take a look at some of the best Sativa strains that are available today! With their powerful head highs, these strains are sure to get you pumped up and burning some energy in no time.

1. Sour Hawaiian Haze

Among our all-time favorite strains is Sour Hawaiian Haze, a summery, sweet-sour Sativa hybrid strain that’s potent, yet absolutely beginner-friendly. With 15% and up in terms of CBD levels, it’s best described as a mild euphoric pick-me-up that tastes great and is suitable for nearly any occasion and any time of day.

Sour Space Candy, a related member of the “Sour” family of CBD-heavy Sativa hybrids, also served as the basis for our current line of Live Resin CBD Tinctures. Check them out if you want a potent, value-friendly solution that’s easier to use than raw flowers but gives you exactly the same amount of cannabinoids and healthy terpenes!

That’s all made possible only through our own, unique full-spectrum extraction process that ensures none of those precious ingredients get lost at any stage of development.

2. Lifter

The Lifter family has now grown to include quite a number of different sativa-based strains, but we still prefer the original. It’s strong, but not too strong, with total cannabinoid counts in the low twenties and very low THC.

There’s some THCV in there, along with lots of CBD. Expect euphoric, non-psychoactive “happy highs” that come in bursts and can last for quite a while under the right conditions.

All of that put together makes for an increasingly popular diet support strain—thanks to its already well-known pain-killing, anti-anxiety, and sleep-promoting effects, that’s really no wonder!

3. Tangie

A known creativity booster, this potent euphoric sativa is best for those occasions when you want to get seriously fired up for the day. Best served on a sunny morning, it gets you going fast, so plan ahead!

The sheer stimulation alone is bound to have you expending lots of energy, but on top of that, Tangie isn’t too shabby in the THCV department either. This, coupled with solid CBD counts, makes for fairly noticeable appetite suppression that you can easily incorporate into your weight loss plan.

4. Durban Poison

This one is for the pros: thanks to its THC levels of 25% and up, Durban Poison is a real heavy hitter and not an easy pill to swallow by any means. For those who can handle it, this strain promises day-long euphoric journeys. Whoever said sativas were boring?

5. Jack the Ripper

While its namesake was one of history’s most feared and infamous murderers who came to fame through his grisly, brutal MO and his puzzling ability to remain unidentified, the Jack the Ripper Sativa strain plays a bit of a different game.

With a sour, citrusy flavor, it feels fresh on the tongue. High THCV blends nicely with traditional sativa effects and makes for both mental and physical stimulation that invites you to be active while keeping those munchies at bay.

No, this one won’t turn you into a serial killer, but you should still watch your dosage if you really want to get the most out of it. Jack the Ripper is quite potent, so smaller hits will work better if you are looking to keep things under control.

6. Cannatonic

With a CBD-to-THC ratio of two-to-one, Cannatonic is a great euphoric strain with little to no psychoactivity and great appetite suppression. It does what it says on the tin: it gives you energy, takes away hunger cravings, and voilà! There’s a solid recipe for weight loss under nearly any conditions.

7. Charlotte’s Web

Made famous by the case of the eponymous Charlotte Figi, a girl with a rare seizure disorder who found relief thanks to this very strain, Charlotte’s Web is one of the most widely popular forms of therapeutic weed worldwide. Entirely non-psychoactive, it contains almost no THC whatsoever.

Even CBD levels are rather moderate, at just about 12%. This means you won’t need to expect the munchies to hit you anytime soon. At the same time, the terpenes and minor cannabinoids in this strain combine very effectively to make for a holistic health tonic that improves sleep, metabolic balance, energy levels, and moods.

8. Ringo’s Gift

A relaxant Sativa strain with generally high CBD levels and absolutely zero THC, Ringo’s Gift is highly popular with the medicinal crowd and has especially seen success in treating eating disorders.

This is because it effectively moderates, not eliminates, your body’s natural hunger signals. Ringo’s Gift is also said to be very effective in managing other conditions, from PCOS to IBS and chronic pain, and from sleep disorders to chronic anxiety.

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