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Blueberry Runtz Weed Strain Information

Out of the thousands of different cannabis strains available, the Blueberry Runtz strain might just be the right one for you. If you like gentle flavors of vanilla, blueberries, and fruits, along with moderate THC levels, then this could be a good strain for you to check out.

It has an enjoyable flavor that most people say resembles candy, and the smoke isn’t very harsh either. Thanks to its low THC content, it is generally ideal for beginners.

Furthermore, the Blueberry Runtz strain is a fairly well-balanced hybrid, so you tend to get the best of both worlds. This is our Blueberry Runtz strain review, and you’re about to find out everything there is to know about it. When it comes down to it, this is one of the best berry strains out there!

Key Takeaways

  • Genetics and Balanced Effects: Blueberry Runtz is a well-balanced hybrid, a cross between White Runtz and Blueberry. It suits both beginners and experienced users thanks to its mellow, relaxing, yet euphoric, and happy high.
  • Flavor Profile and Terpenes: The strain exhibits a complex flavor profile, with hints of vanilla, blueberry, pear, sweet fruits, a slight note of citrus, and skunkiness. The dominant terpenes in this strain are myrcene, caryophyllene, and limonene.
  • Growing Information: Blueberry Runtz can be grown both indoors and outdoors, with a flowering time of around 9 weeks indoors and harvest in early to mid-October outdoors. The plant tends to grow tall and can yield up to 25 oz. per plant outdoors or around 18 oz. per square meter indoors, making it a potentially high-yielding strain for growers.

What is the Blueberry Runtz Strain?

The Blueberry Runtz strain is a well-balanced hybrid, a cross of two very popular strains, a blueberry and a runtz strain. This strain is sometimes simply called Blue Runts.

With a super sweet and fruity flavor, a low to moderate THC level, and a hybrid lineage, it makes for the perfect option for people who need something a bit creative, euphoric, and relaxing. It’s not so sativa that it’s going to provide you with a bunch of energy, but not so indica that it’s going to put you to sleep.

Blueberry Runtz Strain Appearance

The Blueberry Runtz weed strain certainly has a very interesting appearance. The buds tend to be fairly irregularly shaped, with no discernible silhouette across the board, with many shaped like irregular spades or shovel heads. They also aren’t overly dense and are generally easily compacted. They can be fairly squishy.

Depending on the exact specimen, the majority of the buds are light to moderate green in color, usually not overly dark. They generally also come with a good deal of purple sugar hairs, orange pistils, and a relatively thick layer of white trichomes across the outside. Although it may not be blue per se, there is usually a whole lot of purple present. Thanks to the colorful nature of the buds, Blueberry Runtz looks almost sweet enough to eat as is.

Blueberry Runtz Strain Genetics

As mentioned above, the Blueberry or Blue Runtz strain is a hybrid that is slightly Indica dominant. As such, it produces effects from both the indica and sativa sides of things, as we will discuss further below.


Blueberry Runtz is a cross between White Runtz and Blueberry. White Runtz is a fairly potent hybrid strain, one that is quite well-balanced, a mixture between the ever-so-popular Gelato and Zkittlez strains.

If we break this down further, Zkittlez is an Indica, a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit, with Gelato being a hybrid cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet.

Blueberry is an Indica, a cross between Thai and Purple Thai. Thai is a Sativa landrace strain, with Purple Thai being a Sativa hybrid cross between Chocolate Thai and Highland Oaxacan Gold.

THC/CBD Content

What many people like about the Blueberry Runtz strain is that it is not overly potent. As mentioned previously, it usually contains around 15% THC. As far as THC is concerned, that is on the lower end of the spectrum. Thanks to this, it is generally seen as being ideal for beginners.

It’s not something that is going to produce such a strong high that you’ll forget where you are. Due to the fairly low THC level, it’s also not a strain prone to inducing paranoia or anxiety. That said, if you smoke enough of it, you can still get very high. Therefore, it is ideal for both beginners and seasoned connoisseurs alike.

Blueberry Runtz Strain Terpenes

Some of the most common terpenes found in this particular strain include myrcene, caryophyllene, and lemonade. These three terpenes, plus a couple of other minor ones, work together to produce the scents and flavor profiles that Blueberry Runtz is known for.

Blueberry Runtz Strain Effects

Many people like the Blueberry Runtz weed strain due to its well-balanced lineage as well as its low to moderate THC level. First and foremost, because it is balanced, you will feel both a bit of a cerebral head high and a body high, although nothing too intense.

This strain is known for producing feelings of euphoria, happiness, and creativity, and you might also feel a bit giggly or talkative. However, unlike pure Sativa strains, it won’t necessarily provide you with a lot of energy.

From the indica side, you will feel a good bit of happiness and bodily relaxation, as well as pain relief and maybe even a bit of hunger. It’s not going to put you to sleep, but it’s certainly not going to give you energy either. Most people say that Blueberry Runtz produces a very mellow, relaxing, yet euphoric, and happy high.

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Blueberry Runtz Strain: Reported Flavors

In terms of what you will taste here, you’ll notice hints of vanilla, blueberry, pear, sweet fruits, a slight note of citrus, and hints of skunkiness. As you can see, the flavor profile of this strain is quite complex. Most people say that it tastes like Runts the candies.

If you like the way those flavors sound and you like CBD, check out our awesome selection of CBD Blueberry strains, including our own CBD Blueberry Diesel, our Blueberry Kush, and our Botany Farms Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls.

Blueberry Runtz Strain Growing Info

Although the growing information for this strain is somewhat scarce, we can tell you that the flowering time when grown indoors is somewhere around 9 weeks, with harvest being somewhere in early to mid-October if grown outdoors.

You can expect this plant to grow fairly tall and yield up to 25 oz. per plant when grown outdoors, or around 18 oz. per square meter when grown indoors.

Whatever the case may be, if you like blueberries and want to check out the new HHC cannabinoid, it might be worth looking into our Botany Farms HHC Blueberry Diesel strain, this HHC Blueberry Kush, and these HHC Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls.

Strains Like Blueberry Runtz Strain

Some of the strains that are most similar to Blueberry Runtz include both Blueberry Diesel and Blueberry Kush, especially if you like that strong berry flavor.

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