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CBD Flower Oklahoma: Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide

Oklahoma was quite ahead of the game regarding the cannabis industry. Back in 2018, many citizens voted yes to legalizing medical marijuana. After this event, lawmakers began to understand that Oklahomans would also be in favor of hemp.

For this reason, once the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, the Oklahoma Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot was launched, allowing many farmers to cultivate hemp flower in Oklahoma before many other states. As a result, Oklahoma has a thriving hemp market.

Moreover, in April 2019, Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill to establish hemp as a commercial crop. This is a great improvement since farmers and processors can undergo more thorough quality control processes to ensure the product is as good as it can be. As a result, Botany Farms has decided to create this guide for you to have a better understanding of Oklahoma’s hemp laws and where to buy hemp flower in Oklahoma.

Is CBD Legal in Oklahoma?

Absolutely yes. The state fully legalized all hemp products for commercial purposes, allowing the growth of industrial hemp as well as the manufacturing and sale of CBD products. Even prior to the 2018 Farm Bill, Oklahoma had already made CBD oil legal to treat epilepsy, and many consumers and farmers were trying to get hemp flower legal in the state.

According to the Department of Agriculture, it is legal to sell hemp products, including hemp flower, in Oklahoma, manufactured either in or out of state. All products must be below the 0.3% THC limit. This also includes seeds, extracts, cannabinoids, acids, and salts. In addition, Oklahoma took the next step by passing Title 63 O.S. 1-1118 into law. This made it legal for companies with food licenses to sell and store CBD-infused food.

However, as the FDA now contradicts it, it is hard to say what the actual state of edibles in the state is. This should be something to be careful of, since the lack of transparency of some companies could put your life at risk.

Where to Buy CBD Flower in Oklahoma

Hemp flower for sale in Oklahoma is not hard to find, but since the supervision of hemp production processes needs to be improved, not every CBD company you find in the state will provide the best products. Because of this, it may be easier for you to buy hemp flower online since it allows you to get products from reliable companies in a short period of time.

For instance, getting Botany Farms’ craft cannabis is just as simple as visiting our online store and buying the product that best suits your needs. However, if you want to visit places that have hemp flower for sale in Oklahoma, we have found some good stores for you to check out. This is a great way to help grow both the local economy and the cannabis community in the state.

CBD Oklahoma City

One of the best places to buy CBD hemp flower in Oklahoma City is Urban Wellness. This dispensary believes that “Health is Wealth”, so all the staff is trained to help and educate their customers to the best of their abilities to increase awareness about hemp. Urban Wellness has plenty of interesting marketing strategies.

Besides their amazing product line, which includes tinctures, hemp flower, edibles, drinks, and even gear, they have an exclusive weekly schedule. For instance, each day of the week has special discounts. If you want to buy hemp flower in Oklahoma City at great prices, visit the store on Fridays between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., since they offer all their strains at $10 per gram.

However, even if you can’t catch the deal, their very low prices are convenient at any time. In addition, they have a compassionate care program, in which they help low- or no-income patients have access to the products they require. This initiative has allowed plenty of people to get their illnesses treated when they needed it the most.

Visit the Urban Wellness dispensary at 1515 NE 23rd St. Oklahoma City. Go to their website to get to know their menu and even get assistance from a budtender via live chat.

CBD Flower Tulsa

Those who visit HempRx Dispensary feel extremely satisfied once they speak with the staff. You will have all your doubts solved in minutes and get to know the products you are exactly looking for, whether they are to treat a condition or just to have a good time. Some say hemp flower here can be a bit pricey, but the high-quality products sold in this place will certainly be worth the price tag.

This dispensary is owned by PureCannaceutical, which creates high-quality organic hemp products that have been tested by a third-party lab. For this reason, consumers feel like they can buy at HempRx without risking their health. You can find all their products’ respective lab reports both in-site and online.

If you find HempRx Dispensary an interesting place to buy hemp flower in Oklahoma, visit them at 8160 S Memorial Dr., Tulsa. You can also check them out over at WeedMaps.

CBD Flower Norman

UWD Norman Dispensary is a definite must-go for hemp lovers. This store offers a first-class experience selling CBD products that are always up-to-date, and they even step up their game by selling clothing made from eco-friendly and sustainable brands that use hemp fabric.

This dispensary sells all you need: hemp flower, CBD oils, vapes, edibles, accessories, beverages, and more. The staff is very knowledgeable and has all their samples ready to let you get to know the items sold at UWD Norman that will best suit your needs.

They don’t have a website, but you can have access to their menu at Leafly. Find the UWD Norman Dispensary at 1304 Lindsey Plaza Dr., Norman.

CBD Flower Broken Arrow

OKind Cannabis is one of the best dispensaries to buy hemp flower. Consumers say that, besides its amazing product line, which includes a great transdermal selection hard to find at any other shop, the customer service at this place is top-notch. If you are new to cannabis, visiting OKind Cannabis will allow you to have all your doubts solved.

If you are a cannabis lover, you will find in OKind Cannabis a great collection of hemp flower, cartridges, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and even clothing. Besides the quality of their products, this place has lab paperwork for all their items, ensuring quality and safety above anything else.

You can find OKind Cannabis at 904 W Kenosha St., Broken Arrow. If you want to check out their menu, click here to order online.

CBD Flower Edmond

Ancient Remedies is a medical cannabis dispensary where you can find almost everything you need, whether you want to address your health needs or just want a good smoke with quality hemp flower. Customers love this store because of the great service the staff provides. They learn everything there is to know about cannabis and the effects it has on our well-being.

This family-owned business has created a cannabis community in Edmond, helping people avoid using pharmaceuticals as a daily medicine and replacing them with cannabis alternatives, all natural and lab-tested to ensure their quality.

Find this store at 1135 W 15th St., Edmond. If you want to order online, their menu on Leafly will let you see some of their products.

Finding hemp flower for sale in Oklahoma may be a little bit challenging, depending on the city you live in. However, for a state that has been growing its hemp market in such a fast way, we may expect a future full of more local brands providing great products to those who need to treat their illnesses, chronic pains, or simply want to have a great experience.

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