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CBD with Adaptogens

Hemp has a long history in many traditional medicine cultures worldwide. And the herbs and roots used in these practices share a place with hemp and cannabis nowadays by supporting some of your wellness goals. While some rituals stay the same, like smoking relaxing CBD flower, others have been lately trending thanks to supplements or infusions.

What makes these traditional medicine herbs so special is their adaptogenic properties. While cannabis and hemp do not have them, they can work synergistically with other products to potentially aid different symptoms.

Users have also asked themselves how CBD could be helpful with other natural products like Lion’s Mane, Reishi mushroom, or even Ashwagandha. If this also piques your interest, we’ve put together a quick review on which products are considered adaptogens, how they work, and how to use them together with CBD.

Key Takeaways

  • CBD is not an adaptogen but can be taken with adaptogens to enjoy a synergistic effect.
  • Combining CBD and adaptogens helps things like your mood, stress levels, focus, and immunity.
  • Make sure you buy high-quality, lab-tested CBD and adaptogen supplements.

What are Adaptogens

Let’s first have a quick review of the basics. Adaptogens are chemicals found in plants, mushrooms, or herbal supplements that support the adrenal system. These products are all-natural, and some have a long history in traditional medicine, like the Reishi mushroom. These products have the potential to help with several topics, including enhancing some cognitive functions or helping to relieve fatigue and tiredness.

In general, adaptogens may help restore your system and maintain balance in your body. A plant or shroom must have three fundamental properties to be considered adaptogenic:

First, it must be entirely non-toxic when taken in regular doses. Secondly, it should help your system to cope with stress signals around you. Last but certainly not least, it should support your body to return to balance, or the natural process of keeping your body neutral is called homeostasis.

This one is key, as adaptogens are called these because of their natural ability to “adapt” and get back to your balance. Adaptogens can be eaten raw, infused in teas or other beverages, or even as a dairy supplement. This depends on the product type, as some products can be bitten because of their hard texture, like Lion’s Mane or Reishi fungi.

Is CBD an Adaptogen?

No, while CBD is a pretty incredible compound that’s all-natural with plenty of potential benefits, it is not considered an adaptogen. This is because adaptogens need the three key characteristics.

While CBD might help maintain or aid your body to restore balance in specific areas like stress, there is not enough information to fully understand the toxic dose of this cannabinoid. And while CBD on its own is not toxic or dangerous, traces of THC and other cannabinoids do have intoxicating psychoactive properties.

Some of the most common ones are Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC. This and the lack of balancing properties, except for specific symptoms, do not make CBD an adaptogen. However, users have said that using both together could help long-term improvement. We’ll go deeper into this in the following section.

CBD Oil with Adaptogens

CBD and adaptogens have the potential to aid in different ways. We could even say they could be treated as a powerful combo or squads to do things together. You can get different benefits by working in synergy, such as using CBD oil tinctures and supplements like Reishi mushrooms.

CBD on its own has plenty of potential benefits too, which are amplified by the effects of adaptogens. Before we move on to how they add to each other, let’s quickly review the benefits of using CBD tinctures.

Benefits of CBD Oil

The potential benefits of using CBD oil or tincture can go in two ways. First, when talking about the method. Using a CBD tincture gives you quicker absorption than products like gummies while keeping some of the effects for longer. The second way of looking at the benefits is through the properties of CBD.

CBD may help with several vital functions, including influencing stress and inflammation and even helping as a sleeping aid. Some CBD formulas even have other cannabinoids, which, by working together, can help with different symptoms and potentiate each other.

If you want a CBD tincture with high-quality formula, you can try our Live Resin Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, which has 30ml and 1500mg of premium CBD. Or, if adding a slight psychoactive component for pain is a good alternative, we also have a Live Resin Tincture with Delta-8 THC with 500mg of Delta-8 and 500mg of CBD.

For more about adaptogens, you can check out this video.

Reasons to Take CBD & Adaptogens

Thanks to the benefits explained above, more people have sought to use CBD. However, as we mentioned before, using them together could lead to even better benefits than just using one or the other. Let’s explore some of the potential benefits of both of these power combos.

Reduce Stress Levels

Stress can deplete your energy throughout the day. There’s even scientific evidence from this 2008 paper of this symptom affecting and creating other problems down the line. CBD and adaptogens can help through two different pathways.

For instance, they help induce calmness hence supporting relaxation by affecting our nervous and adrenal systems. Specifically, there’s evidence that Schisandra berry has been useful in aiding the body in having a better stress response .

Boosts Moods

Users have said taking CBD thanks to their potential mood-uplifting effects. Mainly, they’ve reported you are relaxed and with less pain. It might be natural for the usual things that irritate you to fade away.

Adaptogens like Goji Berry have shown potential improvement in energy and mood, helping with daily activities. When taken together, both of them might give you stronger uplifting feelings and help you seize the day.

Focus and Concentration

Goji Berry and Turmeric are two adaptogens that have strong potential to boost our brain function. This study mentions they could also help improve sleep and mental enhancement, which are all properties that lead to better concentration.

By interacting with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), CBD can help with external stressors. Some symptoms like excitability or nervousness can be slowly dissipated by how this cannabinoid affects the signals sent from the ECS to your body.

Aids in Coping with Anxious Thoughts

Some cases of anxiety are thanks to neurotransmitter unbalance. CBD has scientific evidence from case studies where a dose could help patients soothe uneasy minds.

Many studies date back to the use of adaptogens for helping depression and anxiety, like this case study from 1986. The researchers found that in these cases, adaptogens could be helpful in restoring the balance of hormones in acute depression.

Benefits the Endocannabinoid System

Cannabinoids like CBD can help regulate your own system’s endocannabinoid production. With time, this could mean an overall regulation of unbalance in your body in certain areas like stress or hunger, which the ECS regulates.

A key characteristic of adaptogens is their ability to help bring balance to your body, which could potentially aid with that. And supporting the overall homeostasis of all your systems, including nervous and adrenal, could lead to positive enhancements to the ECS.

Increased Immunity

Some adaptogens can help to raise your immune system defenses, like Ginseng. This root has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for ages, and scientific evidence suggests it could contribute to a more robust immune system.

And if you add Cannabidiol to the equation, you could have an immunity power combo. This happens because there’s evidence that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can influence and strengthen your immunity.

How to Take Adaptogens

The best way to try adaptogens is to add them to your diet as a herbal supplement. You can also make infusions from certain raw products, like shrooms or roots like Ashwagandha. But the quickest way to get the adaptogens in your system is through an already-processed supplement.

Shrooms like Lion’s Mane or Reishi are better absorbed when infused into a tea, or some users have experimented with tinctures. And if you want to try some experiments at home, you could try infusing a homemade CBD tincture with adaptogenic ingredients.

As the hemp marketplace expands, you can soon expect products that have both CBD or hemp-derived cannabinoids and adaptogens. But for now, you can try consuming CBD with gummies and try other adaptogenic supplements.

If you want to start your CBD journey and tinctures are not your thing, our CBD Gummies from our store are a good starting point. With mixed flavors and 25mg of our premium hemp-derived Cannabidiol extract, it has the potential to help you get to your wellness goals.

Whether stress, relaxation, or chronic pain are troubling you, CBD holds the potential to treat these. And adding adaptogens to the formula could help even further. As always, our advice is to consult your healthcare provider before starting any supplement, including hemp.

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