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Cookie Frost Strain Review

There are things one simply loves, and it is something we all have in common: cookies. No one can resist taking a bite or even eating a whole package of these tasty and sweet baked pieces. Once you take one, you take the second and third until you realize they are completely gone.

The Cookie Frost strain may provoke the exact same behaviors with its lovely flavor of cookies in a beautiful snow-coated flower. This is a rather scarce, heavily indica-dominant hybrid strain, counting with a 90:10 indica/sativa ratio.

The Cookie Frost strain buds have endearing amber hair and a blanketed frosty coating of tiny sparkling crystal trichomes. With spade-shaped dark forest green nugs that are slightly milky in color and fresh lemony mint aromas, this strain has that incredible cookie aftertaste.


The terpenes inside a strain are what make every single flower unique and beneficial in its own way. The terpenes working together inside Cookie Frost are in charge of its unique flavor, great scent, and charming appearance too, since they are stored in the trichomes that are all over the leaves.

Caryophyllene is the prominent terpene of this strain. It shows pain-relieving properties, improves depression and reduces anxiety. Additionally, caryophyllene is what makes Cookie Frost’s taste pleasantly sweet and spicy.

Next, limonene is commonly associated with fruity and citrus aromas in the Cookie Frost strain. Moreover, this terpene is responsible for the elevated mood and stress relief effects in most strains.

Then, myrcene has the most ‘earthy’-smelling variants of weed, with pungent notes containing red grape and balsamic fruit flavors. Myrcene is responsible for sedative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Finally, linalool activates an analgesic activity through a soothing, spicy taste that decreases pain signals by enhancing the body’s endocannabinoid system.


Better enjoyed due to its powerful effects in the afternoon or evening, Cookie Frost is to be taken seriously. The high takes extra time and begins after smoking it for a few minutes. First, the body feels like it vibrates and then enters a state of numbness.

Consumers say that their mood increases after using the Cookie Frost strain, and they experience euphoria as well. The THC level of this strain can be as high as 31%, and is not ideal for beginners with low THC tolerance. It is the perfect flower for when you’re exhausted and want to chill and get rid of negative thoughts.

For instance, it can help after a long day of work when you need to unwind. Your mind will start to fall asleep after a time of happiness, though. This strain is able to overcome chronic pain, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia because of its high efficacy.

Moreover, you could become dizzy, have low blood pressure, feel hungry, and perceive heightened sensations, to mention a couple of the possible side effects of trying Cookie Frost.

Cookie Frost Strain Genetics

Cookie Frost’s parents are the famed GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Both of these strains reach incredible levels of THC, making them one of the most potent available in the market, mostly for medical patients who are looking for definite solutions to their pains.


Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies put the sweetness and fruity flavor in Cookie Frost, along with an earthy and nutty aroma. However, the best key feature of this strain is being able to develop up to 31% THC levels, thanks not only to the way it is grown but because its parents are also powerful in that aspect.

GSC is an indica-hybrid marijuana strain with notes of mint, cherry and lemon. Loved for its sweet and pungent flavor profile, it causes euphoric effects accompanied by full-body relaxation.

The best aspects of both sativa and indica are provided by this strain, as the high is powerful, happy, but with couch-lock body effects and drowsiness feelings. To help alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain, nausea, and loss of appetite, medical marijuana patients prefer this strain.

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies is an awarded indica-dominant hybrid, well known for its strong, mood raising euphoria and the mental relaxation it provides. A pungent fragrance, an interesting combination of earthy spiciness with traces of sweetness and berry undertones is what this strain smells like. Moreover, the pain-relieving benefits for dulling migraines and arthritis pain can be amazing. It is also frequently used for fibromyalgia and treating symptoms ADD and ADHD.

Growth Information

The Cookie Frost strain can be difficult to find, so imagine how hard it is to find its seeds. Moreover, not many know what is necessary to take care of this beautiful trichome coated flower. In case you find seeds, you will need to investigate and experiment to see how to do it properly. Therefore, growing a Cookie Frost strain is a challenge for growers with no experience.

Flowering time

  • 9-10 Weeks

Cookie Frost Strain Price

Finding this strain for sale is a hard task, but here you can purchase from 3.5 gr (1 oz) for $35 to 28 gr (8 oz) for $240. As much as you would want to try the Cookie Frost strain, it is not easy to find a dispensary that has this amazing bud available. Still, Botany Farms offers you an incredible alternative to suffice you with similar characteristics and top quality.

Lifter is a powerful indica with sweet and funky notes of citrus and sweet grape you can smell easily. This strain has an impressive 22.8% total cannabinoids and as its name suggests, it is perfect to uplift and relieve without causing drowsiness. You won’t be disappointed.


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