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Diesel Dough Strain Review

This is a truly sativa-dominant strain that, like diesel, is ready to set things on fire. Honoring its name, the Diesel Dough strain provides you with little doughs of delicious terpenes and cannabinoids that give off an intense smell of diesel in its wake.

Diesel Dough’s buds are a beautiful bright green color with some purple-hued patches and orange hairs, all covered with a coat of shiny-as-a-sunny-day, sticky white trichomes.

The Diesel Dough strain is perfect for injecting some fuel into your morning mood. This 70% sativa-dominant hybrid strain stimulates the creative energy within you without affecting your energy levels.

Official information from the strain’s original breeders is not publicly available, so there is confusion surrounding its cannabinoid levels. Nevertheless, there are reports of this strain having 30% THC levels. Potent and energizing as diesel itself, Diesel Dough is a strain for the regular daytime cannabis user.

Key Takeaways

  • Diesel Dough is a highly potent, sativa-dominant sweet bud with up to 30% THC content.
  • It has an irresistible nutty, creamy taste with gassy diesel hints and sharp kushy accents at the end.
  • Diesel Dough’s sativa features make it a great strain to help manage pain, seizures or epilepsy, glaucoma-related symptoms, hypertension, and muscle spasms.

What Is the Diesel Dough Strain

Diesel Dough is one of those gems of the cannabis world that took the market by storm as soon as it appeared, and as soon as you see some of its features, you quickly understand why. 

Diesel Dough is an extremely potent, sativa-dominant sweet bud with up to 30% THC and an irresistible nutty, creamy taste with gassy diesel hints and sharp kush accents at the end.

Strain Appearance 

Seeing the dense, heart-shaped buds of the Chem Berry Diesel can make your mouth water as much as delicious freshly baked dough. These nugs are neon green and covered with thick orange hairs and tiny golden-white crystal trichomes. Soaked by a syrupy resin that coats every surface, Diesel Dough flowers are iridescent and sticky to the touch, glimpsing its rich flavors and high potency.

Strain Genetics

This strain shows the qualities for which its relatives are so renowned. The Diesel Dough cannabis strain came from crossing female Sour Diesel and a male Do-Si-Dos plant and was first bred by Archive Seed Bank. With a ratio of 70/30 Sativa-leaning dominance and an average THC percentage that can scale up to almost 30%, Diesel Dough is nothing but pure high potency.

Dos-Si-Dos passed its better features, like the pretty buds, the sweet scent and flavor, and several of its therapeutic effects, such as stress and depression-relieving properties, mood improvement, and appetite stimulation.

Dos-Si-Dos can present 27 to 30% THC and 2% CBD and give some nice lime-green nugs coated in sparkling trichomes. On the other hand, Sour Diesel gives Diesel Dough its predominant lemon, sour, fuel, and gassy aroma, along with 23% THC concentration and potent effects.

As a pure sativa strain, Sour Diesel induces a potent uplifted cerebral high that drives away stress. It may also reduce pain and nausea and boost creativity and energy. These are the stand-out features that make this strain perfect for daytime use.

THC/CBD Content

If you are looking for a moderate THC level strain, it is better to look elsewhere because Diesel Dough is well above average. This Sativa champion is definitely a “power weed” strain as it reaches a THC content ranging from 25% (lowest) to an impressive 30%, ensuring a truly potent punch.

Strain Terpenes

Just like its parents, the Diesel Dough strain has a pungent fuel, grapefruit, cookies, and lemon aroma that translates into a fruity flavor with a few hashish undertones.

The primary terpenes that generate the sweet combination of scents and flavors in the Diesel Dough strain are Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Bisabolol, and Valencene.

Myrcene has an herbal aroma and possible sedative effects. Limonene adds its, yes, lemony freshness and acts as a great mood enhancer. Caryophyllene gives cannabis those spicy, peppery accents and works as a potential anti-inflammatory agent.

Humulene brings the ‘earthiness’ to Diesel Dough profile, and it’s an appetite suppressant. Bisabolol contributes with its subtle floral touches and has possible anti-inflammatory and skin-healing properties. Lastly, we have valencene, which has a sweet, citrus nose and works for anxiety prevention.

Strain Effects

If you like strains that hit you hard and almost immediately, Diesel Dough may be a good choice. A heady rush will kick you immediately after the first hits, with an uplifting and energetic high that gets you into a talkative and uplifted mood. It will offer you a joyful experience while letting you finish any task that you have pending.

Diesel Dough’s sativa features make it ideal for managing pain, seizures, glaucoma-related symptoms, hypertension, and muscle spasms. Furthermore, the Diesel Dough strain has also been proven to help regulate eating disorders and nausea. This bud’s mood-boosting and uplifting effects can also help alleviate depression, anxiety, or stress.

However, this strain is no joke!. Enthusiasts or new users should be careful about dosing. If too high, the Diesel Dough strain can cause mild side effects such as dry mouth, paranoia, or even that couch-locked feeling of indica strains.

Strain Reported Flavors

Diesel Dough’s doughy, nutty, and sweet flavor profile, combined with savory diesel and spicy kush notes on the exhale, makes it a cultivar worth repeating.

Strain Growing Info 

Diesel Dough has moderate growth difficulty and can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, if you grow this strain indoors, you will need some adequate space as this plant can grow really tall, up to 80 inches.

The Diesel Dough strain performs much better when grown outdoors, where it can grow larger than 90 inches tall and produce yields of up to 4 ounces.

Archive Seed Bank chose the dominant Indica traits of the Dos-Si-Dos to reduce Diesel Dough’s flowering time to 77 – 86 days. This strain will be ready to be harvested within 93 to 100 days.

Strains like Diesel Dough Strain

Have you been looking for diesel dough but haven’t been able to find it yet? No problem! You can look for strains like Super Silver Haze, Lemon Diesel, Durban Poison, or Strawberry Banana Kush, which can give you an incredibly uplifting high, as high as Diesel Dough would.

Where to Find the Diesel Dough Strain 

Diesel Dough’s worldwide fame makes it an almost standard strain in many dispensaries—at least in places where THC-rich strains are legal. This is why getting some Diesel Dough buds can become a challenge for some. 

But there is no reason to despair. Choose some of the delicious heavy-hitter Sativa we have on our menu, like our Delta-8-infused Lemon Diesel CBG and Strawberry Banana Kush or our Skunk Fuel THCA flowers for a massive skunk and diesel attack. Order now, and you won’t believe how quickly you will have your buds at home!

Final Thoughts

Diesel Dough is one of those strains that leaves you amazed in all the ways a cannabis strain could. This Sativa gem shines with its almost irrational 30% THC and the delicious mix of aromas and flavors it delivers in each puff.

From start to finish, Diesel Dough is an experience—a bud that anyone who knows how to appreciate quality cannabis will immediately love.

Diesel Dough Strain: Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Diesel Dough strain make me feel?

The Diesel Dough strain typically induces a balanced and relaxing high, with its sweet and savory flavor profile adding to the overall experience.

Is the Diesel Dough strain ideal for beginners?

No. Diesel Dough may not be the best choice for beginners who are not used to strong cannabis effects due to its potency and potential intensity, especially with its high THC content.



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