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FPOG Strain

Rainbow-colored, vibrant, and sparkly. Does this sound familiar to you? While the iconic Fruity Pebbles cereal is a must-have in several households, we want to talk about a more exciting, crunchy distant cousin of this lovely breakfast: the FPOG strain. We don’t currently have the FPOG strain, but check out our other balanced flower from Botany Farms.

What is the FPOG Strain

Fruity Pebbles OG, or simply FPOG, is a 55% indica and a 45% sativa created by the crossing of Green Ribbon, Granddaddy Purple, Tahoe OG, and Alien Kush. This bud has fruity, citrusy, and sweet flavors that will slowly take over your body.

Its strong body buzz is perfect for a relaxing smoking session at night. What makes this strain so popular in the cannabis world? Let us drive you to the arms of this lovely Indica for a calm high.

FPOG Strain Appearance

The name gives away the appearance of the FPOG strain. While the nugs have a beautiful minty green color with a fluffy texture, the hairs that run through them are insane. They have a beautiful combination of reds, yellows, purples, and oranges, resembling our favorite breakfast cereal.

All this mind-blowing gift of nature is carefully covered in a crispy coat of resin and crystals, containing exciting terpenes that will add to the multicolored experience with a delicious, healing smoke.

FPOG Strain Genetics

The lineage of this bud is impressive enough to let you know it has everything you need from an Indica strain. First, there’s nothing as iconic as the Granddaddy Purple strain, the real OG when it comes to grape weed.

Upon smoking it, you will get a delightful funky flavor, giving your body the time to prepare for a slow build of energy that brings euphoric haze, making you either giggly or highly creative. Then, the Green Ribbon strain is a hybrid bud that could treat anxiety, pain, depression, and headaches.

Combined with the powerful Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, the FPOG strain has delightful indica effects that still make you feel creative and happy, making it perfect for people who seek body relaxation and an active mind.

THC Content

The FPOG strain’s THC content can range from 19 to 21%, offering newbies and experienced users a mild high that is still strong enough to bring them the desired effects of calm and bliss. Because of its average potency, the FPOG strain is perfect for regular use, which won’t get you sedated to the point of losing function.

FPOG Strain Effects

We know for a fact that a regular bowl of cereal won’t leave you feeling this calm. A few tokes of the FPOG strain are enough to give you a soft buzz that slowly builds up to give you a mild couch lock. Your mind will feel relieved, with stress leaving your body to welcome a lethargic relaxation that’s perfect for getting lost in interesting conversations with friends.

Still, these indica properties won’t hinder you from feeling happy, creative, and in a better mood. With the right dose, you could invest your time in creative activities that require your mind to feel free and flexible, allowing you to have fun and come up with exciting ideas.

Besides its bodily and cerebral high, some users credit the FPOG strain with helping them manage pain, anxiety, stress, and headaches. Moreover, if you have trouble sleeping, this bud might be helpful to prepare your body for a cozy night.

FPOG Strain: Reported Flavors

Pour yourself a bowl of the FPOG strain. We promise it tastes almost like the real thing! Its sweet, tropical flavors will caress your tongue and create a delicious smoke around you. In addition, this bud has delightful citrus notes that create an interesting smoking experience that you will most likely come back to.

The terpenes responsible for the FPOG strain’s flavors are pinene, myrcene, limonene, and sabinene. Next time, you will most likely pay attention to these tiny molecules and thank them for making this bud such a tasty treat.

Where to Buy FPOG Strain

Being such an iconic bud, you can buy the FPOG strain almost anywhere. We are sure that your nearest dispensary will have a few ounces of this popular bud. If you want to know more about the nearest dispensaries that sell the FPOG strain, check them out at Leafly and enjoy the fruity smoke of this flower.

FPOG Strain Growing Information

Ironically enough, the Alien Genetics team intended to make FPOG a limited release. Little did they know that this bud gained so much popularity that other growers decided to cultivate it on their own.

The FPOG strain takes about 49–65 days to flower, and although it has moderate growing difficulty, you will be rewarded with a delightful yield of 5 ounces per plant (indoors) and 2-3 ounces per square foot (outdoors. You can buy seeds from this bud on Pacific Seed Bank’s website.

While we are head over heels for this classic flower, many other buds are waiting for you to fall for them. If you are into sweet strains with a slight twist, how about trying the Sour Space Candy strain? This delightful CBD flower has a top-shelf quality that will bring you a relaxing mood and a creative mind. With its sweet fruit, diesel, and pepper flavors, this bud might just become your new favorite for when you want to stay relaxed without the high.

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