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Hemp Flower Indiana: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Even though hemp was made federally legal after the 2018 Farm Bill, Indiana was one of the states to pose several restrictions to the new laws implemented by the FDA. When governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill, a clause that made smokable hemp in the state was included. This had many farmers and retailers fighting back, since it affected the many opportunities the hemp market had to offer.

Fortunately, smokable hemp flower in Indiana was made legal in September 2019, allowing users to get this great product, helping grow the local economy. If you want to know all the important details about hemp flower in Indiana and where to buy it, Botany Farms has created the perfect guide for you.

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Is Hemp Legal in Indiana?

Indiana had some trouble implementing hemp laws, as some senators were not in favor of allowing the production and distribution of the plant in-state. However, judges sided hemp companies, which have benefited from the state’s hemp program. In addition, Indiana had already made CBD oil legal back in 2017 to use as an epilepsy treatment, so the CBD oil market is certainly larger than hemp flower’s.

Following the 2018 Farm Bill statements, hemp flower and hemp-derivate products must contain less than .3% THC in order to be considered a legal hemp product. On the other hand, it is important to note that smoking hemp flower in public is not legal. Since it is extremely similar to marijuana, law enforcement can confuse it and you won’t be able to clear things up until your CBD flower is tested.

Recently, a federal appeals court tried to pass a law banning smokable hemp flower in Indiana once again, stating that the decision of blocking the ban was hastily made. As of now, hemp companies are standing against it, claiming that it would largely affect the local economy and all the new CBD companies that offer smokable hemp flower in Indiana.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Indiana

If you are looking for quality hemp flower for sale in Indiana, there are plenty of online CBD stores offering a wide variety of products that will be sent to your doorstep. Botany Farms ships everywhere in the United States, selling quality hemp flower and pre-rolls at great prices. Check out our shop here and get to know our craft cannabis made specially for you.

In case you are more fond of the in-store experience, Indiana has great CBD specialty stores with amazing hemp flower for sale. We have selected the stores that have been providing consumers with great service and variety of products.

Hemp Flower Indianapolis

Many consumers have been mind-blown once they step in Higher Life CBD Dispensary. This store has everything you can think of regarding cannabis. You can find edibles, body washes, tinctures, oils, hemp flower and even CBD protein powder here. For this reason, Higher Life is one of the best CBD stores to buy hemp flower in Indianapolis.

With so many different products to choose, it can be almost impossible to make a decision on what to buy. However,  Higher Life CBD has a great staff that will be pleased to help you and will offer you the right products for your specific needs. In addition, the store has all the lab reports for each of their products in case you want to ensure you are buying only third-party lab tested products.

Higher Life CBD is certainly changing the way hemp is perceived in Indiana. If you want to visit this amazing place, go to 901 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis. If you want to know more about this store, you can find more information on its website.

Hemp Flower Fort Wayne

The CBD Store of Fort Wayne is a great place to buy hemp flower in Indiana. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, customers of all ages live a wonderful shopping experience. At the CBD Store you can find chocolates, bath products, oils, hemp flower and more, each of them with their respective lab report. Moreover, the store has gained such recognition in Fort Wayne that they have two locations in the city, reaching its customers no matter where they live.

Additionally, The CBD Store of Fort Wayne has tried to educate society about the several benefits of CBD on the body and mind, tearing all the misconceptions about hemp down. For this reason, you will find plenty of educational resources about hemp on their YouTube channel.

You can find this store at 3629 N. Clinton St, Fort Wayne, and 5808 W. Jefferson Blvd, Fort Wayne. If you visit their website, you will find a great deal of educational resources and get to know more about the store and its people.

Hemp Flower Evansville

If you live in Evansville, pay a visit to Wall’s Organics. This CBD company has managed to gain customer loyalty like no other CBD dispensary in the city. Besides selling other companies’ hemp flowers, edibles, extracts and tinctures, Wall’s Organics has created its very own product line, selling 100% organic hemp products for their customers.

Wall’s Organics was one of the first CBD dispensaries to open in Indiana. For this reason, the company has three locations in the city. Consumers have benefited from its accessibility and love the way the staff walks them through every aspect of their products and recommends the best ones for each specific need.

Visit Wall’s Organics at its three locations: 1901 S Weinbach Ave; 4816 B W. Lloyd Expy. and 2559 Stringtown Rd, Evansville. In addition, you can get some of their products on their website, although it does not offer all their items.

Hemp Flower South Bend

Halt is probably the most popular CBD store in South Bend. Customers describe this place as a warm inviting atmosphere with friendly staff willing to solve all your doubts. At Halth, you will find many products manufactured by start-ups, which is definitely of great help for those small cannabis companies that are trying to compete with innovative products. 

Moreover, Halth sells a wide variety of hemp products. They lean more towards the medical CBD side, allowing you to find products that will address several needs of yours. As if it wasn’t good enough, you also can get CBG flower at this place. For a small business that has only been in the market for a year, its interesting line product seems to be attracting more clients every single day.

If Halth is a place you would like to visit, they are located at 3318 Mishawaka Ave, South Bend. You can also visit their website here, and even get some counseling through their live chat.

Hemp Flower Fishers

Buying hemp flower in Indiana if you are in the Fishers area may be a bit challenging. However, we found a store that is definitely your best bet to buy CBD flower. Vape and Wellness was Hamilton’s County first CBD dispensary, founded back in 2018 by two friends. All the products sold at the store are from reliable brands, ensuring quality items for their customers.

Not only do they sell a wide variety of vape accessories and premium e-liquids, but they also sell high-quality CBD products like tinctures, lotions and hemp flower. The staff is trained to provide as much information as they can to help consumers get what they need, and you can come across innovative and fun events held by the store to promote new products once in a while.

This wonderful store is located at 11519 Allisonville Rd, Fishers. You can’t shop online, but you will find many reviews that will convince you of visiting the in-site store. 

Despite the inconvenience hemp companies have found in settling their businesses in Indiana, the current laws are allowing many start-ups to deliver high-quality hemp flower and hemp-derived products to cannabis lovers. The growing hemp market in Indiana is slowly finding loyal customers who are fascinated about the benefits of hemp, which is creating a new way of living and consuming cannabis.

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