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Hemp Flower Kansas: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Kansas is one of the states that started taking steps ahead on the legalization of hemp. In 2019, Governor Jeff Colyer elevated Kansas to the federally recognized sphere where hemp is legal by signing the 2167 House Bill. Since then, hemp and its by-products, as well as some CBD products, are legal to be grown, manufactured, and sold to customers all over the state as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC.

There is still a way to go on hemp laws and regulations in Kansas. However, the state is currently developing its hemp laws to adjust to market trends. In this guide, we share with you the basics of hemp flower and where to buy hemp flower in Kansas.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Kansas?

The short answer is yes, hemp flower is legal in Kansas. However, because flower forms of marijuana and industrial hemp are so similar, a lot of confusion can arise by using hemp flower. CBD-rich hemp flowers are almost identical to THC rich marijuana, and many of the cannabinoids and terpenes remain the same for each, with the exception of THC.

When smoked or vaped, the aroma is identical, so individuals should be aware that the burden is often upon the consumer to prove that they are in possession of a legal hemp product and not marijuana if there is any confusion.

The Kansas hemp law SB 282 removed CBD from the state’s definition of marijuana. However, unlike other states, Kansas only allows isolated CBD products. CBD in Kansas is not allowed to contain any THC, for that reason, smokable hemp flower in Kansas, hemp pre-rolls, and full-spectrum CBD products are still in a gray area or partially illegal to sell or possess.

Kansas hemp laws are really tight when it comes to the type of CBD and hemp products that can be produced and sold within the state boundaries. Most consumable products are not fully legal within the state, which appears to leave isolated CBD topicals as the only completely legal form of CBD in Kansas.

Where to buy hemp flower in Kansas

With hemp flower and CBD products becoming so popular over the last years, various products have appeared on the market. While there are many good-quality hemp flowers and CBD products out there, there are also many inferior-quality items. In order to avoid low-quality products and pick the ideal product for your needs, there’s a variety of things you should be aware of and check when buying hemp flower in Kansas.

If you want to enjoy the local dispensary experience, here we have listed some of the best stores where you can get hemp flower for sale in Kansas.

Hemp flower Wichita

When it comes to hemp flower in Wichita, CBD Plus USA is one of the best places to go. They have two stores in the city and this company is not only focused on selling hemp and CBD products to make a profit but they also have done some work on the research area and they have even made some CBD products themselves.

They have a really dedicated team and they are always thinking on ways to make the customers experience even more comfortable, they even have a pickup system so if you want you can order online and just park in the front of the store. A staff member will reach to your car with the order you pre-made, easy as that. They also provide a loyalty reward program so when you come into the store ask for it, you might get some free products at some point.

CBD Plus USA stores in Wichita are located in 3570 N Woodlawn Boulevard #300 Wichita KS 67220 and 8918 W 21st St Suite 400 Wichita KS 67205. Or alternatively if you want, you can check the CBD Plus USA website by clicking here.

Hemp flower Overland Park

If you are in the Overland Park area and you want to get some good quality hemp flower or other types of CBD products, CBD American Shaman OP is the place for you. They have a wide range of all natural, organic and THC-free CBD products to offer.

CBD American Shaman is more a health center than a smoke shop. They provide the downtown area with 100% organic and legal hemp products that are designed to promote health, wellness, and natural pain management. You can find everything you need when it comes to CBD including premium water soluble hemp oil, CBD oil, skin care products, dietary supplements, topical serums, edibles, and more.

They have six different locations within Overland Park and the surrounding areas. You can find them at 7201 W 110th St suite 120-b, Overland Park, KS 66210 as well at 13436 Metcalf Ave, Overland Park, KS 66213. You can also find them at 10069 W 87th St, Overland Park, KS 66212. There are a few more CBD American Shaman stores, so if you are currently in Overland Park you can also google “CBD American Shaman” and see which store is closest to you or if you rather you can take a quick look on what this store has to offer on their website.

Hemp Flower Kansas City

Kansas City is said to have the doors to enter hemp paradise. CBD Store Hemp Haven Kansas City is the way to get into it. They have a wide variety of hemp flower strains and CBD products to offer to customers, as well as a really warm and joyful customer experience that will help you to get into the celestial vibes you are looking for in a really easy and comfortable way.

In Hemp Haven Kansas City the staff is going to make you feel they really care about you and your health. The company is focused on education about a healthy way of living. They really show their passion when attending to your needs by helping you to find and providing you with the proper hemp flower strain or CBD product that fits your preferences or illness.

Curiously, the hemp paradise of Kansas is located in the Missouri side of Kansas City. If you want to visit the actual store, CBD store Hemp Haven Kansas City is exactly located at 2002 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64108. However, if you rather take a look and see what they have on their stack before, you can visit their website and take a peek at the big variety of products they have.

Hemp Flower Olathe

When it comes to hemp flower and everything related to CBD in Olathe, Organic Hemp Botanicals are the experts on the subject. With the pride of being a family-owned company, they are committed to quality and consistency. They offer a diverse line of CBD products that assist the body with the reduction of inflammation, pain relief, mood elevators, stress reduction, health and beauty products produced in FDA regulated facilities and third-party tested for maximum potency.

They also offer a Compassionate Care Program for people with long-term disabilities and for those on low-income budgets. In addition, the store offers a considerable discount to military (active and retired), first respondents, teachers, and all city, state and county employees.

You can easily check Organic Hemp Botanicals´ stock online or you can reach their store located in 2003 E Santa Fe St, Olathe, KS 66062.

Hemp Flower Topeka

There is nothing better than transparency and reliability when you are trying to get the best products for your health. In Sacred Leaf Topeka they really keep every part of the production sacred, living up to its name, they assure they can monitor perfectly every part of the process since farming till the product gets to the customers hands.

So if you are nearby Topeka and you want to get some good high-quality hemp flowers or any other CBD derived product, Sacred Leaf is the place to go. They offer many different ways of consuming CBD so what you basically got to know is what is best one for you and don’t worry if you don’t know it yet, in Sacred Leaf they can surely help to find which is the best option for you.

You can visit them at 2201 SW Gage Topeka, KS 66614 or if you want you can check the stores’ supply stock online.

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