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Hemp Flower Missouri: CBD Flower Buyer’s Guide

Missouri has a large and rich history with hemp. Back in the 19th century, it used to be the second largest hemp producer for rope and paper in the country. Nowadays, the state honors its devotion to common sense by stepping ahead and trying to align it’s hemp flower laws with the federal hemp laws.

Hemp flower is easy and safe to get in Missouri since recently the state legalized hemp for commercial purposes. However, does that mean you are totally out of trouble when it comes to smokable hemp flower in Missouri?

Missouri is working hard to develop its recently opened hemp market to adapt to everyone’s needs. However, as in many states, there is still a lot of confusion with law enforcement departments and agencies surrounding the consumption of hemp flower.

This is because of the contrasts and slight differences between federal and state laws, and the huge similarities between illegal marijuana and legal hemp flower. In this article, we talk about the current Missouri hemp flower laws and where to buy hemp flower in Missouri.

Is Hemp Flower Legal in Missouri?

The great news is that the state passed Senate Bill 133 in June 2019, moving industrial hemp to commercialization. Governor Mike Kehoe signed the bill into law in July 2019. The previous year, Missouri passed House Bill 2034 and created the industrial hemp research pilot program.

Missouri’s industrial hemp law states:

All non-seed parts and varieties of the Cannabis sativa L. plant, growing or not, that contain an average delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) concentration that does not exceed three-tenths of one percent (0.3%) on a dry weight basis or the maximum concentration allowed under federal law, whichever is greater.

Legally, there shouldn’t be any problem on smoking hemp flower in public within the state boundaries, but you should be aware that differently to hemp, marijuana is still criminalized and considered a controlled substance by law enforcement in Missouri. So if confusion comes out with any law enforcement agent, it’s up to the individuals proving they are in possession of a legal hemp product.

Where to Buy Hemp Flower in Missouri.

Missouri recently legalized hemp, and for that same reason, there are hundreds if not thousands of shops that have hemp flower for sale in Missouri along with other CBD products. The items can be found at smoke shops, CBD specialty shops, health food stores, spas, and even some grocery and drug store chains in the state.

The majority of these shops are located in the larger cities in the state including Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Columbia, and Independence. However, Missouri is still in the process of creating and developing a better hemp market. That’s why many people buy hemp flower in Missouri mostly by ordering online.

As a commodity, hemp flower can be legally delivered in small quantities by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Since it can become a bit difficult to find hemp flower for sale in Missouri in actual stores, feel free to check out what Botany Farms has for you, and don’t doubt ordering if you see something you need or like.

Hemp Flower Kansas City

Famous for their succulent hemp flower pre-rolls, The Hemp Haus seems to be the right place to go if you are looking for fresh hemp flower in Kansas City. The Hemp Haus can also provide you with a very rich variety of options to choose from on all kinds of CBD products.

With Kansas City emerging as a world-class city, The Hemp Haus has the philosophy of bringing their customers a world-class service as well. They are also hardly dedicated to promoting and publicizing proven research on the medical uses of cannabinoids and other components of the cannabis plant.

Check all the strains of hemp flower and other CBD products they have to offer on their page before going to the physical store located at 1708 W 39th St, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Hemp Flower St. Louis

In St. Louis area, the most reliable team of experts on hemp flower and CBD is found at CBD Kratom. With 3 different locations in the city, you can choose the one that is the closest to you just by googling the store. CBD Kratom has more than 450 CBD products grown naturally in Colorado and Oregon, and over 50 strains of pure Kratom sourced from Southeast Asia.

From their extensive product selection that includes edibles, topicals and pet treats. CBD Kratom is one of the largest privately-owned CBD and Kratom retailers within the United States.

You can easily find their stores at 3161 Morgan Ford Rd, St. Louis, MO 63116, at 115 N Euclid Ave B, St. Louis, MO 63108 or at 6331 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63130. Choose the one that’s closest to you, and if you want, here you can choose between the big variety of products that they have to offer.

Hemp Flower Springfield

With one of the widest varieties of quality hemp and CBD products, a well-presented and clean, upscale environment, and friendly staff, Hemporium is definitely the place to visit when you are looking for hemp flower in Springfield, MO.

Hemporium goes beyond when it comes to hemp products. They offer to their clients not only good quality hemp flower and CBD oil derived products but they also have an unbelievable range of hemp clothing, accessories, bath/body goodies, soft drinks, and pet supplies. They even have this innovative hemp-based building material called hempcrete.

If you feel curious and want to take a look, feel free to visit them at 4139 S National Ave, Springfield, MO 65807 or check their website.

Hemp Flower Columbia

Really good, high-quality hemp flower strains, CBD water solubles, CBD oil, and CBD Topical cream. If you are looking for any of these kinds of things in Columbia, then the place you are looking for is Your CBD Store Columbia.

With a focus on promoting their products to the informed consumer and the highest quality hemp-derived products, Your CBD Store is prepared for providing you with the top CBD products of the market and excellent customer service that will help you find the indicated product for you.

Their store is located at 1408 Interstate 70 Dr. SW #106, Columbia, MO 65203 in case you want to enjoy the in-site experience they have for you at their store. They also count with a really cool website from where you can see a few the company’s insights.

Hemp Flower Independence

Independence has the fortune to count with one of the most complete and committed teams in all that concerns hemp flower. Blue Springs CBD is the kind of company that really stands for a full healthy way of living. Their philosophy is to keep going forward with research and the latest technologies to find ways of making more reliable, body-friendly, and pure CBD products.

Their staff is really knowledgeable, so if you are still a bit of a rookie when it comes to CBD products and hemp flower, they are going to guide you through the whole process. They can also provide you with educational links on Blue Springs CBD website showing scientific studies. Overall, Blue Springs CBD is a really good place for doing your own research.

If you are at Independence Missouri and you want to get some high-quality hemp products, reach Blue Springs CBD store at 1300 MO-7, Blue Springs, MO 64014.

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