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Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Review

When most people think of a relaxing vacation on a tropical beach, Honolulu is probably one of the first destinations that comes to mind. However, sometimes it is not always possible to afford to travel there to experience a warm beach getaway. That’s why for me, the next best thing is the Honolulu Haze hemp strain.

This strain has insane levels of CBD and a tropical and fruity flavor as well. It’s everything I’d imagine in a strain named Honolulu Haze. I was lucky enough to try it just a couple of months ago and here is my experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Honolulu Haze is a sativa-dominant strain made by crossing Hawaiian Haze with AF6.
  • Honolulu Haze may contain upwards of 24% CBD.
  • With sweet and tropical flavors, plenty of terpenes, and a CBD-rich cannabinoid profile, you can expect great stress and anxiety-relieving potential from Honolulu Haze hemp.

What Is the Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain?

The Honolulu Haze strain is a high-CBD hemp with up to 24% CBD and minimal THC levels. I appreciate its high CBD levels because they work wonders melting away the stress and anxieties of life.

Just as enjoyable as the effects are, the fruity and tropical flavor is to die for as well. Made by crossing two other immensely popular high-CBD strains, Honolulu Haze has quickly become a fan favorite among CBD enthusiasts, including myself.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Appearance

The Honolulu Haze hemp strain has some unique-looking buds, as they’re generally small and heart-shaped. To the untrained eye, they look like little popcorn nuggets. The dominant color here is a vibrant emerald green, combined with some light green hues and golden undertones.

You’ll also notice an abundance of thin orange pistils, combined with the thickest layers of trichomes you’ve ever seen. If you’re wondering where that potential 24% CBD is contained, it’s in those trichomes.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Genetics

In terms of genetics, Honolulu Haze hemp or Honolulu Haze CBD, as it is otherwise known, is a hybrid strain with roughly 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. I find this to be beneficial, because this strain isn’t sedating, but rather, creates an energetic, upbeat, and clear-headed feeling.

The two parent strains are Hawaiian Haze and AF6. Hawaiian Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with high levels of CBD. It features a tropical taste with hints of citrus fruits and floral notes. I’ve smoked this one as well, and I always get strong flavors of papaya and pineapple.

On the other hand, the AF6 hemp strain is a big mystery. But it appears to be a potent sativa with a high CBD level and a knack for making people feel very relaxed.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain THC/CBD Content

A key selling point of the Honolulu Haze hemp strain is that it contains barely any THC, usually well under 1%. For me, this is beneficial because it means that I can smoke it without fear of getting intoxicated. Sure, I do like to get high at times, but there are also days when I want to remain functional and that means consuming CBD instead of THC.

On that note, depending on the exact strain, Honolulu Haze can contain varying CBD content. In some cases, it may contain as little as 14% CBD, but there are also cases where this strain is known to contain upwards of 24% CBD. For those new to cannabis, a 24% CBD level is high and should provide you with the maximum potential benefits.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Terpenes

As for terpenes in the Honolulu Haze hemp strain, there are three main ones — caryophyllene, pinene, and bisabolol. In terms of flavor, caryophyllene adds a certain funky warmth and spiciness, almost like cinnamon. From the pinene, expect a scent of pine trees and a light hint of fuel. Bisabolol brings hints of floral notes and aromatics.

More importantly, these terpenes add more than just flavor. Research shows terpenes may interact with cannabinoids, and with each other, to produce what is known as the entourage effect. This explains why full-spectrum cannabis products typically produce more intense effects than single-cannabinoid products (isolates).

As a result, the Honolulu Haze strain is ideal for melting away stress. This is partly due to the terpenes it contains. For instance, caryophyllene is an anxiety and stress reliever. Moreover, besides its pain-relieving potential, pinene may also relieve symptoms associated with anxiety and stress.  We then have bisabolol, a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is nice because it helps relieve the chronic joint pain I have from years of lifting weights.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Effects

Remember that the Honolulu Haze hemp strain contains minimal THC levels, so it should not get you high. I certainly don’t feel anything on this front when I smoke the Honolulu Haze strain.

In terms of the potential benefits, the various terpenes in Honolulu Haze combined with the abundant CBD profile work well against stress, anxiety, and any kind of negative feelings. It is thought that CBD affects how the brain processes serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps to improve mood, manage anxiety levels, and make you feel happier overall.

Generally, when I smoke this strain, I feel upbeat, uplifted, motivated, and ready to tackle the world. I often have stress and anxiety, but interestingly these all but disappear after just a few puffs of Honolulu Haze.

Overall, its clear-headed high lets me go through my day without feeling intoxicated, while also improving my mood. At the same time, this strain helps relieve a bit of pain and inflammation, particularly in the joints.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Reported Flavors

Honolulu Haze has a fruity and sweet taste, like tropical fruits, with mangoes, papaya, and passionfruit underlining the flavor profile. Thanks to the various terpenes, you can also expect an earthy, flowery, and funky aftertaste.

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Growing Info

The Honolulu Haze hemp strain grows fast; it only needs around 75 days to flower, and when grown both indoors and out, it has a fairly high yield. You can expect these plants to have classic sativa genetics in terms of their appearance, so you’ll need a good bit of overhead clearance.

Strains Like the Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain

Some of the most similar strains to Honolulu Haze include Legendary OG Hemp, Watermelon Haze Hemp, and Island Sweet Skunk Hemp. As you can tell by their names, they all have some pretty strong flavors!

If you want to try a similar strain with similar benefits, flavor, and smell, Botany Farms has the perfect alternative for you. As one of Honolulu Haze’s parents, Hawaiian Haze provides the best a sativa flower could offer. 

This bud has an intense pineapple and berry taste with earthy notes while emitting a floral scent. This strain is great to clear your mind and keep you focused, thanks to its 15% total tested cannabinoids.

Where to Find the Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain

If you are looking for the Honolulu Haze hemp strain and other great ones like it, then Botany Farms is the place to be. Here you will find a large selection of CBD-rich flower. But why choose Botany Farms?

We cultivate cannabis with great respect for its intricate properties, catering to those seeking its benefits without altering their mental clarity. It starts with dedicated time and attention to produce pesticide, fungicide, and heavy metal-free flowers, combined with sunshine, water, and love.

Every aspect of our process, from sourcing the best ingredients to packaging the final product, is done right here in the United States.  We take the time to properly cure every flower we produce. This meticulous process results in buds with exceptional flavor, smoothness, and overall profile. It’s just one of the many steps we take to ensure our product is the best it can be.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at curing. We also hand trim all of our flower to ensure a perfect appearance and eliminate any unnecessary leaves that could detract from your experience. This extra attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition.

Who to Recommend Honolulu Haze for

This is a high-CBD strain with minimal THC, so naturally it suits:

  • Newbies: Due to its low THC content, Honolulu Haze is an ideal choice for beginners who want to explore the benefits of CBD without experiencing strong psychoactive effects.
  • Medical marijuana patients: Honolulu Haze is great for medicinal purposes. Its high CBD content makes it suitable for managing various conditions like depression, chronic stress, fatigue, and anxiety. 
  • Social Situations: Honolulu Haze doesn’t induce laziness or disorientation. It’s a good choice for daytime use and can enhance social interactions without impairing cognitive function

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain: Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a tropical vacation feel, I certainly suggest taking a puff or two of the Honolulu Haze hemp strain. Its sweet and tropical flavor coupled with the high CBD levels certainly does not disappoint.  

Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Honolulu Hemp Strain Make Me Feel?

About anything else, the Honolulu Haze hemp strain should help melt away some of your stress and anxiety, while also possibly relieving some pain. It should also leave you feeling quite upbeat.

Is the Honolulu Haze Hemp Strain Ideal for Beginners?

Thanks to its high CBD level combined with its low THC content, this strain is ideal for beginners.



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