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Hoth OG Strain

Looking to spice up your game a little with a truly unique and different strain? How about an extremely potent Indica bud with a legendary lineage that will send you to outer space? Well, that is just what the Hoth OG strain promises to be.

With a name evoking one of pop culture’s most famous space battles, can Hoth OG be just what you need to achieve that record-breaking high? Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a Womp Rat, and check out our intergalactic Delta 8 flower stains.

What is the Hoth OG Strain?

Hoth OG is only the latest in a long line of Star Wars-inspired strains that have swept the market in recent years. Seeking to capitalize on the love and nostalgia connected with this iconic franchise, they combine highly unique flavors with distinct effects profiles that should provide more than enough of a heavy “couch high” for a night of binging your epic trilogy of choice.

Like many of its brethren, Hoth OG is a complex hybrid strain that strongly leans towards Indica-type effects. It is extremely high in THC and moderately low in CBD and other cannabinoids.

Hoth OG Strain Appearance

Outwardly, the Hoth OG strain does quite a good job at paying homage to its namesake, with its incredibly dense, stubby buds covered in some of the most powdery and thick frosts we’ve ever had seen. The trichomes look nearly all-white and glisten in a crystalline fashion, appearing almost transparent from some angles.

As you would expect coming from the galaxy’s most famous ice planet, Hoth OG doesn’t display a lot of colors. It’s a rather understated strain at first glance, shining only in a pale lime green hue complimented by the trichome mentioned above, which is extensive and reflective indeed.

Hoth OG Strain Genetics

It is only appropriate that Hoth OG would derive at least in part from some existing Star Wars-themed strains itself. In this case, we are looking at Recon OG and Death Star OG. The former is a fairly straightforward 2-1 cross between LA Confidential and the related Cannadential.

This makes for a powerful Indica strain with a spicy, attractive flavor and a THC count of more than 20%. Recon is known for being quite a demanding strain to handle. Its signature taste has been likened to tobacco and can be harsh on the throat, whereas its high THC and Indica nature means that the line between a quick euphoric high and an hours-long slump of exhaustion and drowsiness is very fine.

To even out these tendencies and provide some intergalactic flair, breeders brought Death Star OG in. This strain is a more complex blend and features some celebrity parents, such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel, along with a relative newcomer named Sensi Star.

Where OG Kush lends some of its world-famous cerebral whole-body high to the equation, Sour Diesel adds some spice, upping the overall energy boost of the mix thanks to its exciting Sativa genes. To finish it off, Sensi Star comes in with a healthy, if moderate, dose of THC, CBG, and CBD and soft undertones in its aroma.

THC Content

With the above in mind, it probably won’t surprise you to read that Hoth OG is a strain dense in THC, much more so than the average hybrid blend. THC content varies from sample to sample but generally falls somewhere between 23 and 25%. CBD, on the other hand, is held in check.

While some of Hoth’s ancestral Sensi Star and Sour Diesel have some notable CBD concentrations, this cannabinoid plays a much lesser role in the final result. Usually, the Hoth OG strain tests for CBD at between 1 and 2%. The same goes for minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and others.

Hoth OG Strain Terpenes

As a result of its heritage, the Hoth OG strain has an understandably complex terpene profile. Myrcene, the most widespread terpene across all known cannabis strains, is of course, well-represented and gives Hoth OG a noticeable earthy, musky scent. Limonene from the Death Star OG (a strong citrusy note) and some amounts of spicy Caryophyllene round out the picture.

Hoth OG Strain Effects

In terms of effects, the Hoth OG strain was made for long nights of binging and relaxation. The super-high THC can knock you out cold if you’re not careful, and when used right, it will leave you feeling light and airy for the rest of the day.

At the same time, the Hoth OG strain retains enough of its partial Sativa heritage to allow you to retain focus and mental energy to an extent. This odd combo is what has made Hoth OG so notable as one of the few strains out there that can let you fall deep into the “couch-lock” without the excessive sleepiness that usually goes hand-in-hand with it.

Those who are looking into the Hoth OG strain for therapeutic use will also discover a nice surprise, as the pain and stress relief capabilities of this Indica mix are second to none.

Hoth OG Strain Reported Flavors

The flavor profile of Hoth OG is thankfully not quite as barren and lifeless as its namesake. Indeed, sweet, flowery, and energizing notes win out here, layered with some sharp spiciness and “classic” dark, diesel-woody flavors that have been the mainstay of high-quality strains for generations.

All in all, very few users will find a reason to complain about Hoth OG from a flavor perspective. It ticks every box you could want it to, neither being too old-fashioned nor basic while also not overloading you with too many strange or exotic tastes all at once.

Hoth OG Strain Growing Info

Hoth OG should be fairly unproblematic to grow compared to many of its stablemates. It handles both indoor and outdoor environments relatively well, preferring warm temperatures. Because of its partial Sativa heritage, Hoth OG flowers do like to climb a bit, but they shouldn’t reach extreme heights.

If necessary, trim the peaks regularly. The Hoth OG strain usually doesn’t provide huge yields, though experienced growers will not have trouble squeezing out quite a bit of potential from these flowers. Flowering time indoors can range from 8 to 9 weeks.

Strains Like Hoth OG Strain

If you tried the Hoth OG strain and enjoyed it, you might be interested in other, similar alternatives. As we mentioned previously, there are plenty of other Star Wars weed strains to choose from, such as the Lightsaber strain, which became a particular favorite. Rich in a whole host of terpenes while packing a truly blissful head buzz, you won’t want to miss out on this one for sure.

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