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How to Make CBD Bubble Hash

Learn the tips and tricks on how to make CBD bubble hash.

Variety is the taste of life. Cannabis concentrates have become popular because they are rich in trichomes and terpenes. Among this wide variety of concentrates, we can find Bubble Hash or Ice Hash. The name Hash refers to the extracted resin trichomes of a cannabis plant, and Bubble refers to using cold water and agitation to remove the resin glands.

Water Hash is one of the most preferred extraction methods since cannabinoids are not water-soluble, so the desired resins are not damaged by contact with water or ice. Ice Hash is very easy and safe to make and consume since there are no flammable ingredients or chemical reactions when making it. Besides, one of the main reasons people prefer this Hash over the others is because it has a higher potency and more effects than most other cannabis concentrates.

Do you want to make your own CBD Bubble Hash? The best thing about this concentrate is that you can make it at home with some simple ingredients. Pick your favorite cannabis strain and learn with us how to make CBD Bubble Hash. Give this recipe a try with one of our premium flower strains.

How to Make CBD Bubble Hash

One thing you need to take into account when making Ice Hash is that no matter which method you choose, the temperature must be as low as possible to maintain the quality of the hash and keep the trichomes. You can make water Hash with everything that has trichomes like the cannabis trim, leaf, shake, or bud.

However, discharge the large leaves full of water since they can be a potential contaminant to the hash. You will want to get the leaves below the flowers, as these are full of trichomes. Remove twigs, stems, and twist ties, because they can tear the hash-making bags.


  • Two or three buckets of 19 liters each.
  • Bubble bags.
  • Absorbent towels/Filter cloths for collecting and drying.
  • Large wooden spoon or pole for stirring.
  • Spoon for collecting hash from bags.
  • 200 grams of your favorite high CBD strain.
  • 4.5 – 7kg of ice.

Collecting and handling hash will be difficult in a warm environment, so make sure that the space you will work in has an air-conditioner. Otherwise, you could work outdoors in cool weather to make the process easier.

Low-temperature water, near freezing, makes trichomes brittle enough to snap off. A cool room keeps terpenes from vaping off. The instructions remain the same for all of the methods. The only thing that changes is the materials required.

Ready-Made Bags


  1. Freeze the buds overnight to save time and allow the trichomes to separate from the plant material. If you don’t know which CBD strain to use, we recommend checking our garden. Botany Farms’ craft cannabis is full of trichomes that will make your Bubble Hash a powerhouse.
  2. Begin by lining a bucket with the bag with the largest filter holes (higher number of microns) and putting the next in size on top. Continue to do so until you have all the bags in the bucket.
  3. Fill the bag one-third with ice, add up to 200 grams of CBD-rich buds, top it off with another layer of ice and fill with water. Wait 15-30 minutes while the cannabis is rehydrated and chilled.
  4. To begin breaking the trichomes from the plant material, stir continuously, slowly, and carefully for about 20 minutes using a large wooden spoon.
  5. Allow the trichomes to sink to the bottom of the bag by waiting 10 minutes. Then, lift the first bag and let the water run out the bottom and back into the bucket. Avoid squeezing it. When all water has drained, place the bag in another bucket.
  6. Remove the second bag from the first bucket and allow it to drain. You will see a layer of light-colored trichomes collected on the filter.
  7. Pull down the edges of the bag over the bucket until the bottom stretches across the opening of the bucket. Then, scrape the material from the bottom with the spoon, gently squeezing out excess water. Put the material on the filter cloth and set it aside,
  8. Repeat this process with the remaining filter bags. As you collect the trichomes from each, you will notice the hashish is becoming clearer and has less plant material.
  9. The plant material can be rewashed several times with fresh water and ice. Once you have collected all the Water Hash, fold the filter cloth back on itself to get rid of any excess water.

Home-Made Bags

Perhaps you don’t Bubble bags to make your CBD Water Hash. In such a case, it is possible to make a smaller amount of Ice Hash without bags at all. All you are going to need is a silkscreen. The standard material is available in different sizes, between 100 to 150 strands per inch.


Attach the screen to a tightly water-resistant fabric, like nylon; this way, the screen forms what will be the bottom of the bag. The finest screen produces the purest hash. The bags should be designed to fit one inside the other. The finest mesh bag will be the largest and the thickest will be the smallest. A separate, thick bag should line the bucket to separate the bulk of vegetation from the glands.

The Jar Shaker

This method produces the least amount of hash but is the easiest in terms of time and equipment. In this case, you are going to need a sealable glass jar and a coffee cone.


  1. Grind your Botany Farms strain with a grinder or a coffee grinder for a short time and place the material in the jar, up to 1 quarter. Add equal amounts of ice and freezing water until the jar is almost full. Leave about an inch of space at the top, seal it and shake it for about 10 minutes. Pour the water mix in a bowl and refrigerate for an hour so it can settle.
  2. After an hour, remove the floating material with a spoon and preserve it. You can use it to repeat the process, given that there are remaining trichomes.
  3. Allow for it to sit for about 20 minutes and then drain off one-half to two-thirds of the water.
  4. Set up the cone lined with the paper coffee filter and slowly pour the contents of the bowl through the cone. Once you have drained the water, remove the filter from the cone and allow the hash to flatten. Set it on a paper towel and remove as much water as possible by pressing it with the towel.
  5. Split the coffee filter along with the steam, and with a spoon, start scaping to collect the material inside. It is easier to separate from the coffee filter when it is dry.

The Blender Method

This method uses a household blender, plant material, water, and ice.


  1. Place enough plant material to fill the blender halfway. Add freezing water and ice in equal amounts until the blender is full. Next, turn it on at full speed for up to 1 minute. Let settle and repeat at least four times to get a higher yield.
  2. Pour the mixture from the blender through a colander into a bowl to separate the bulk of the plant material.
  3. Pour the water mix through a reusable coffee filter into glass jars until they are two-thirds full. Seal the jars and place them in the refrigerator for an hour.
  4. Without stirring up the material collected at the bottom, remove the jars from the refrigerator. Pour off two-thirds of the water. Drain the remaining water through the coffee filter with disposable filter paper. Then, carefully remove the paper coffee filter, flatten the material, and once it is dry, split the filter along a seam and collect the material with a spoon.

Drying The Water Hash

Once you have completed all the steps, you will have your own CBD Bubble Hash. However, before you can smoke it, you will need to dry it to prevent mold growth. To do so, you must place parchment paper on a tray or cardboard and spread the hash in a single layer of thin hash patties.

Store it in a cool, dry, and dark place with plenty of air circulation for about a week or until it feels more solid. Make sure the area is dust-free to avoid any contamination. Once dry, it will be ready to consume, and you can enjoy your own CBD Water Hash.

To have a flavorful product, it is essential to use high-quality CBD flowers, so be sure to visit our shop. Our gardens are expanding every day, so you can choose the strain you like the most and make CBD hash at home with some of our outstanding CBD buds. For instance, if you enjoy a sour, pungent strain, you can make CBD Bubble Hash with Sour Space Candy.

Storing and Aging

Once the hash is completely dry and pressed, you can form a ball and wrap it with petroleum-derived plastics. However, because this material degrades over time, you should change the plastic every few months. Like wine, hash improves over time as it ages and matures in a proper cool and dry location.

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