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How to Smoke Crumble CBD

The market for cannabis products is booming. But what’s even more impressive is how far cannabis concentrates, in particular, have come in the past few years. Not so long ago, wax, shatter, or moon rocks were considered esoteric and extreme products made in small batches by groups of highly dedicated enthusiasts only. Nowadays, you can find them at your local dispensary!

However, while the bulk of attention is always directed towards products heavy in THC, there has been a lot of momentum gathering with regards to CBD products as well. Some of you might already have some experience with smoking CBD Hash, for instance. In the same vein, enter CBD Crumble.

A unique CBD concentrate, crumble’s strengths are just now beginning to be understood by the greater public. If that sounds intriguing, hang tight – because today, we are going over everything you need to know and understand about how to smoke CBD crumble and how it works.

What is CBD Crumble?

Crumble, also known as crumble wax by some, is one of the most potent concentrates. It doesn’t look too different from traditional shatter or dab, and in fact, the three are often confused with each other.

As you would guess by the name, Crumble very easily falls apart when you touch it. It has a resinous, but mostly dry, solid consistency. CBD Crumble puts a spin on the formula – instead of THC levels in the high 90s, you get the same concentration of pure CBD!

Sometimes, in the case of full-spectrum extracts, this might be blended in with some CBN, CBG, or other minor cannabinoids as well. The point is, CBD Crumble is deliberately engineered to provide the world’s most potent CBD product, with absolutely no trace of THC.

How is CBD Crumble Made?

The most widespread method of producing CBD Crumble starts with extracting raw CBD from a hemp flower. By using hemp instead of cannabis, it is much easier to ensure that the final product will not contain any measurable amounts of THC whatsoever.

Extracted, the CBD is contained in the form of hash oil. This is then further processed under high pressure until the highly-concentrated hash achieves a solid form. Put in a nutshell, that’s all it takes to make CBD Crumble.

Benefits of CBD Crumble

Compared to raw CBD flowers, the effects of CBD Crumble are felt much sooner, much more intensely, and last for much longer as well. Ultimately, this is all down to the outright insane potency that these products possess. CBD concentrations over 95% are not unheard of with crumble!

Pain Relief

CBD Crumble is one of the top choices among therapeutic CBD products, particularly for acute or chronic pain relief. This is because crumble acts almost instantaneously unlike traditional smokes or vapes, let alone edibles that can often take half an hour to start being effective.

Taken in large volumes, CBD crumble is strong enough to count as a physical tranquilizer. It will absolutely eliminate symptoms of pain and anxiety and send the body into a state of peaceful numbness and serenity.

Crumble vs. Shatter

Judging by appearances, the first and most obvious comparison to Crumble would be the similar-looking Shatter, another niche, but popular cannabis concentrate that you can also find in high-CBD variants derived from hemp. How do you choose?

The basic difference between the two lies in how they’re made. During its refinement process, crumble is repeatedly “whipped” or beaten as you would whisk a clump of dough to get it ready for baking. By comparison, Shatter is left entirely untouched and undisturbed throughout the entire process. This results in a more solid yet much more fragile concentrate.

But the way they feel in hand is not the only thing dividing crumble and shatter. Using the two is also a very different experience, as crumble features a lower melting point compared to shatter. This means that a strong flame is necessary to smoke or vape shatter, whereas crumble is malleable enough that you can even enjoy it in its raw form at slightly higher than room temperature.

Because of these differences, crumble is generally thought of as easier and simpler to consume, especially in higher amounts where getting it to melt is trivial compared to shatter.

Best Way to Smoke Crumble

CBD Crumble is fairly versatile compared to many other concentrates in that there are a lot of ways to consume it. Let’s take a look at how to smoke crumble CBD.

Dabbing CBD Crumble

Just like shatter and traditional wax containing THC, CBD Crumble’s consistency allows it to function quite well as a dab.

To dab crumble, apply a very small amount to the heating coil of your dab pen. Vaporization should be quick, and as soon as you inhale you should feel the hit of the Crumble almost instantaneously. This makes dabbing one of the most efficient and convenient ways of consuming CBD Crumble.

Another key benefit of dabbing is that it’s up to you to determine your dosage for each individual hit you take. This allows you to fine-tune your Crumble’s effective intensity to suit your personal preferences.

Vaping CBD Crumble

Despite not being a liquid at room temperature, it is actually easy to vape crumble CBD as well. To do this, you shouldn’t need more than a very small amount of propylene glycol (PG) and a very conservative application of heat to turn your Crumble into an easy-to-use e-liquid that can be vaped just like store-bought products.

Crumbled in Tobacco

If you’re a fan of spliffs, a Crumble-in-tobacco mix could be just the way to take your experience to the next level. Expect a strong burn like you’ve never felt before, combined with physically soothing and long-lasting full-spectrum hemp effects that really add something to the raw tobacco.

Can You Smoke Crumble in a Bowl?

Thanks to its low melting point, it is possible to smoke CBD Crumble in a bowl. However, take care not to burn the crumble too hard. This can result in a sticky, resinous mess that will take time to clean off. If you want to avoid that, here’s a pro tip: instead of burning the Crumble on its own, sprinkle it on top of some fresh CBD flower. The Crumble will still melt quickly, and its residue will be completely absorbed by the flower, resulting in just as strong of a hit without the chances of a rough burn.

If you don’t have any fresh CBD flower but open to recommendations, why not try one of our absolute favorites in the genre, Sour Space Candy? A sweet hybrid with a thick diesel exhale, it’s also one of the most potent strains of its kind. We’ve revamped the classic SSC formula by converting it to a pure CBD flower.

With this change of face, Sour Space Candy is now just as upbeat and enjoyable as its namesake – and when used in accord with some nice CBD crumble, it can really send you to space for sure!

Also consider Sour Lifter as a worthy alternative. Based on the venerable Lifter Sativa strains, with their high potency, dark, woody-sour taste profile, and skunky odor, this strain is challenging but incredibly rewarding to smoke. As a CBD flower, it offers stimulation that calms the body but never lets go of the mind, keeping you awake and energized.

How to Smoke Crumble With a Nectar Collector

Nectar collectors are prized by many as the most effortless and yet powerful way to dab concentrates. There is a lot of truth to this – nectar collectors are easy to use, extremely refined, and highly efficient. At the same time, they are much more compact than any full-fledged dab rig.

Dabbing CBD Crumble with a nectar collector is a bit different than the process for other concentrates, mostly because of the crumble’s consistency. More resin-heavy and oily concentrates are easier to use because they will just stick to the end of the collector’s nail. Because of this, you’ll need to use a slightly more complicated method to smoke crumble with a nectar collector.

Start by putting your crumble in a safe, open-topped glass container and heating the nail’s surface with a lighter. Then very gently dip the nail into the surface of your crumble. If done correctly, the heat alone should be enough to turn the crumble into a semi-liquid goo that will stick by itself.

Once the CBD crumble starts liquefying, take a hit from the mouthpiece. You should feel the hit almost instantly. This method can be a bit finicky to set up, but it becomes second nature with practice.

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