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How to Use a Bubbler Pipe

There are many ways to smoke in the world of hemp and cannabis. Some prefer rolling a joint while others like to pack a bowl in their favorite bong. Within the realm of glass devices, you can also try a bubbler pipe. This invention is the offspring of a water bong and a pipe. One of the biggest perks of using this device is the portability vs the flavor, as users usually prefer this method to enjoy and cater to different strains.

If you are curious about how bubbler pipes differ from other devices and how to use them, we’ve put together this article with the most common questions and basic steps to get your bubbles going.

What is a bubbler pipe?

Let’s start with the basics. A bubbler mixes the best of both worlds, a bong, and a pipe. Sort of like an offspring of both, it has a bowl inside that you can fill with water, but in a smaller, pipe-like size.

As with all smoking devices, there are many bubbler sizes, from small to mid-sized bubblers. No matter the size, the main feature is their water chamber which has a percolator or airflow that produces bubbles when smoking. Hence why these are called “bubblers”.

Bubbler pipes can be used to smoke hemp flower, extract-covered nugs, or even moon rocks. We don’t recommend concentrating on bubblers, as they can be pretty hard-hitting and lose flavor through the airway. So if you want more potency, go for an extract-covered flower instead.

Why we love using bubblers

Bubblers are perfect if you don’t want the bulk of a bong but want smoother tokes than your hard-hitting pipe. The main feature of this kind of glassware over a bong is its size and cleanup.

These hybrids are also great for big, clean hits without having to reach too much to light up your weed. Sometimes bongs tend to be uncomfortable if you are not experienced with them, and pipes can be a little too harsh on your throat when taking big rips.

There are some key benefits of using a bubbler, so let’s explore them a little bit further.

Benefits of using a bubbler pipe

One of the biggest perks of having a bubbler is its portability. You can stash a bubbler much more easily and discreetly than a bong. It also doesn’t need any accessories to work, and most pipes don’t have removable parts, so you won’t have to worry about losing important pieces.

Another big thing is filtration. Thanks to the bubbles and percolator, this device can filter several toxins besides ash, tar, and other nasty things you don’t want in your tokes. You also get cleaner hits that are way smoother on your throat and accentuate the flavors and aromas.

Lastly, bubblers are highly diverse. There is an endless selection of colors, shapes, and even technology. Some have double mouthpieces, a carbon opening for more bubbles, or even different shapes, so you can find one that fits your style.

How to use a bubbler

Using a bubbler is pretty straightforward. Think of it as a pipe with a few more steps. The real key here is to figure out the correct amount of water.

Let’s go step-by-step on how to use this kind of device so you can enjoy your flower without any hassle.

Add the right amount of water

Before you start smoking, you’ll have to add water to the inner chamber. If you want a top-notch experience, go for distilled drinking water for cleaner hits. However, tap water will work as well.

Now, here comes the important part. You have to fill the chamber up to half to give space for the bubbles to work around. Overfilling your bubbler with water may result in coughing and nasty bubbler water splashing into your every toke.

Ice-cold water could help as well for better tokes. Just make sure not to put too little water, either. This might result in a hotter and less filtered hit, which defeats the purpose of using a bubbler instead of a plain old pipe.

Pack the bowl lightly

Now, remember to clean the bubbler’s bowl and wipe it from any water. A little humidity can ruin your smoking experience. Then it’s time to grind your herb. Don’t use a fine grind or kief for this, as it can get packed too tight or filter through your bowl to your water chamber.

The best way to do this is to get a good amount of fluffy, ground-up weed and pack it in your bowl. Pinch it a little and do it gently, as too tight will restrict the airflow and make it harder to smoke. If it’s way too loose, your herb will burn very quickly.

Light the bowl

Here comes the fun part, light it up! You are ready to use a lighter and take some of the best tokes available. If your device has a carb, you’ll have to cover the opening with your index finger, put the mouthpiece on your lips and start pulling.

We always recommend using the lighter gently and in a sideways position and burning it slowly. Doing it at an angle prevents the herb from burning too fast, and try better and longer rips. And make sure you are using the carb (hole) to make bubbles inside your pipe.

Don’t try to inhale as you’d take rips with a longer bong. Try smaller, stronger hits, as you won’t get water in your mouth, which is a little gross.

Don’t Torch it

Okay, so bubblers could work with dabbing, but we don’t recommend using a butane torch or extracts with them.

Firstly, concentrates tend to be hard-hitting and better used with smaller dabs. Cold, long tokes are better used with moon rocks or herb with a little crumble, but keep concentrating on your rigs or E-rigs.

Secondly, heat from torches can burn through your herb easily. So using this kind of flame really defeats the purpose of the smooth icy tokes of a bubbler. Keep the torch for your concentrates or dabbing instead.

Best flower for bubbler pipes

Now that you know the basics, you might want to know a few strains better enjoyed with a bubbler because of their taste. We have a few favorites from our Botany Farms store that excel on their taste profile and aroma, which you might know is enjoyed much more in a bubbler than a preroll or pipe due to its colder vapor.

Our first recommendation is one of the most potent Sativa strains, the Shaolin Gleaux. With a hefty 31.6% of total cannabinoid levels, this flower is as potent as its flavorful. This strain is perfect for daytime use with a fruity, earthy, and even citrusy undertone.

Try the Super Sour Space Candy if you want a Sativa that’s a little less potent but still pretty sweet and even with some sour notes. This balanced, hybrid-Sativa strain is sour, sweet, and truly out of this world. With 22.2% of cannabinoid levels, sour apple, and fuel-like notes, this bud is one of our all-time favorites.

The Delta-8 Sour Lifter has delicious sour grape, lemon, and slight skunky notes that are perfect to energize your morning. Or, if you want a more tropical taste, the Delta-8 Pineapple Haze has the perfect profile if you just crave a taste of mango and pineapple.

Lastly, we have a recommendation that differs from the rest of the hemp-derived strains. This next flower is sought out by users thanks to its potential wellness benefits, incredible snowy-white looks, and nutty-like profile. The Delta-8 White CBG is one of a kind, with CBG and not CBD as its main cannabinoid.

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