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Jupiter Hemp Strain Review

Jupiter— the planet of expansion and freedom, a place of calm and quiet. It’s not just the biggest planet in our solar system but also a fantastic high-CBD hemp strain. The breeders named it so because, just like Jupiter is calm and peaceful, so should you after consuming some of this hemp.

Jupiter’s sole purpose is to produce a great calmness in users. Due to its potent effects, you will experience a level of relaxation that will make you feel like you are defying gravity.

The Jupiter hemp strain is an ideal bud for individuals with a higher tolerance for both the taste and effects of CBD flower. I tried this strain last year, and to this day, it remains one of my all-time favorite CBD strains. I just find it so calm and relaxing, not to mention that the taste is pretty good, too!

Key Takeaways

  • Jupiter is a hemp strain made from OG Kush and another unknown parent strain.
  • Jupiter is a low THC (or no THC) strain with moderate levels of CBD.
  • With flavors of earth, pepper, and diesel, the flavor of Jupiter hemp is quite pronounced.

What Is the Jupiter Hemp Strain?

The Jupiter strain is a type of hemp, which means that it contains very little or no THC, certainly not enough to be psychoactive or to produce a notable high. However, being a hemp strain means that it contains a lot of CBD, quite a bit of it, as we’ll discuss below. CBD is hailed for its therapeutic and calming potential, which is exactly what I want to talk about.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Appearance

As with many hemp strains, Jupiter is nothing overly special. It features a relatively dark olive-green exterior with lighter green accents and violet undertones, a select few reddish-orange hairs, and a sparse layer of CBD-filled trichomes. The buds are fairly large, almost oversized, and of medium density.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Genetics

Jupiter is an indica strain (although it doesn’t contain THC or not much of it, so it won’t sedate you or get you high).

Jupiter Hemp Strain Lineage

Regarding its lineage, the Jupiter hemp strain is considered a descendant of OG Kush, but the other parent strain remains a mystery. That said, because Jupiter is an indica, it is safe to assume that the other parent strain had to be either an indica or an indica-dominant hybrid.

Jupiter Hemp Strain THC/CBD Content

Jupiter’s CBD content can vary quite wildly, and there is no official figure at this time. However, we can assume that it contains anywhere upwards of 10% CBD, although it likely falls short of 20%.

When I tried it, I noticed the relaxing and mellowing effects of the CBD, but not as much as with some other high-CBD hemp strains. This leads me to assume that Jupiter is lower down on the spectrum regarding CBD content.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Effects

The Jupiter hemp strain was made to relax the body completely. Although you can end up napping, this manageable bud allows you to remain awake despite the drowsiness. Its effects kick in as soon as you take the first drag; your system will begin to feel as if you were defying gravity.

As I said above, the first thing I noticed when smoking the Jupiter hemp strain was its relaxing effects. Once again, this strain doesn’t contain any THC, which most users enjoy to take advantage of the therapeutic potential of hemp without getting impaired like with high-THC cannabis.

This relaxing effect goes so far that sometimes it even makes me sleepy, although it shouldn’t be sedating per se, just calming, which makes it easier to sleep.

Another thing I noticed after smoking a full gram of Jupiter in my bong was that I couldn’t feel the joint pain in my knee anymore, which I’ve been suffering from on and off due to an old weightlifting injury.

It’s great for stress, accumulated tension, and muscle discomfort. Aside from the calmness the Jupiter hemp strain produces, you will sense an uplifting feeling. Once it peaks, you will experience “the munchies” as this bud stimulates appetite. So, make sure to have some snacks within reach to enjoy this ride fully. As mentioned before, Jupiter is an intense strain. For this reason, we don’t recommend it to new users.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Reported Flavors

The Jupiter hemp strain is very tasty, although you have to really like earthy flavors to enjoy it. It’s one of the earthiest hemp strains, which you’ll notice right from the first hit.

On that note, on the exhale, you should notice a relatively peppery and spicy taste combined with a very strong diesel flavor (the diesel is also prominent when I just smell the bud). Once you’ve finished smoking, if your taste buds are like mine, you should notice a distinct floral taste in your mouth.

Jupiter Hemp Strain Growth Information

The Jupiter OG strain can be grown both outside and indoors. However, an optimal month for harvest is unknown, which can affect outdoor plantation.

Flowering Time

This hemp strain flowers in 65-70 days


Indoors, this strain can yield 12-16 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, we are looking at 20 ounces per plant.

Strains Like the Jupiter Hemp Strain

If you want to experiment with different hemp strains, check out Mountain Mango and Citrus Fire, both tasty and high-CBD strains in their own rights.

Where to Find the Jupiter Hemp Strain

The Jupiter hemp strain can be found at various retailers, although there’s no point in looking further than right here at Botany Farms, seeing as we have such great deals!

If you love the immense calm that the Jupiter OG strain produces, then you will also indeed love the Sour Special Sauce strain, a pure Indica well-loved by experienced consumers. It promotes relaxation, a clear mind, and helps with chronic pains and extreme muscle tension.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see what CBD is all about and whether or not it can offer you some of the same pain-relieving and calming effects that it offers me and so many others, then the Jupiter hemp strain is one of the best for you to try.

Jupiter Hemp Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Jupiter Hemp Strain Good for Beginners?

Yes, the Jupiter strain is ideal for beginners. It contains little or no THC, so it shouldn’t get you high or cause adverse effects such as high-THC strains have the potential for.

How Does the Jupiter Hemp Strain Make Me Feel?

I felt more relaxed and pain-free after smoking the Jupiter strain, plus it helps me sleep soundly at night, too!



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