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KLR Hemp Strain Review

If you like refreshing strains in flavor and effects, then KLR is a perfect choice. This strain, primarily known as Cherry Limeade, is an evenly balanced hybrid with a 16.8% CBD percentage.

The KLR hemp strain will almost immediately fill your mind with a mix of sweetness and sourness. A wave of energetic yet soothing sensations will overtake your core and make way to your limbs and up to your head. This strain is excellent for pain management and for those who struggle with mood disorders.

Key Takeaways

  • The KLR Hemp Strain, or Cherry Limeade, is a balanced hybrid hemp cut and a cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime.
  • KLR hemp strain buds have dense, oversized, minty green nugs with orange, rich gold undertones and glittering trichomes that match the colors covering the surface.
  • This hemp cut is designed to produce high levels of CBD, reaching an average of 16 to 17% of this cannabinoid while the THC concentration remains below 1%.
  • The effects of KLR set in almost immediately, motivating the mind and inducing a euphoric high.

What Is the KLR Hemp Strain

The KLR Hemp Strain, also known as Cherry Limeade, is a balanced hybrid hemp cut. It is a cross of Cherry Pie and Black Lime.

These buds have up to 16.8% CBD with dense, earthy, fruity flavors with a bitter lime aftertaste and floral notes. This strain can induce affable daytime or nighttime moods, making it great for pain management and mood issues.

Strain Appearance 

Thanks to its genetics, the KLR hemp strain buds have dense, oversized, minty green nugs with orange, rich gold undertones and glittering trichomes that match the colors covering the surface.

Strain Genetics

KLR is a balanced hybrid created through the cross between Cherry Pie and Black Lime.

The medical Indica-dominant hybrid dubbed Cherry Pie, or Cherry Kush, relaxes muscles and numbs pain. Black Lime is a delicious Indica-dominant hybrid with an enduring high that offers a happy buzz and eventually makes you chillaxed and comfy in no time!

A sweet lime flavor carries black peppercorn and earthy citrus notes. 

KLR inherits the best characteristics of its parents, acquiring the therapeutic qualities helpful in relieving pain and symptoms of various illnesses. Moreover, the aroma mixture results in a sweet cherry scent with a pungent lemony overtone, making it a unique and distinctive hemp strain.

THC/CBD Content

This hemp cut was specially designed to produce high levels of CBD, reaching an average of 16 to 17% of this cannabinoid while the THC concentration remains below 1%. KLR has some CBG, CBGa, CBC, and CBL, contributing to its entourage effect.

Strain Terpenes

KLR hemp smells like a sweet and sour mix of green berries with refreshing piney touches. Cannabis aroma is due to terpenes, but these compounds also bring their therapeutic features to the party. The major terpenes of KLR are:

Myrcene (the most abundant and widely observed cannabis terpene) has a powerful sedating profile, causing body ‘lock,’ complete muscle relaxation, and intense pain reduction: good for all kinds of pain, restlessness, and anxiety.

Humulene confers its woody, spicy herbal aroma and, according to some data, also has potent anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and appetite-reducing effects.

Caryophyllene, the compound that gives black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon their spicy aromas, is the secret to some strains’ pain-relieving qualities, with evidence for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. It can be helpful in managing anxiety and depression, as myrcene is among the most abundant terpene in potatoes, mangoes, lemons, and cannabis.

Strain Effects

The effects of KLR set in almost immediately. Your mind will feel motivated, and you will feel euphoric with high desires to talk with anyone. The KLR hemp strain will fill your mind with uplifting feelings.

Given its high CBD level, this strain is perfect for pain management, chronic pain, muscle spasms, nausea, and chronic stress. Even with this rush of uplifting sensations, your body will remain anchored with a mild buzz that will leave you feeling slightly tingly sometimes.

The tranquilizing effects will slowly overtake your core, make their way up to your limbs, and finally up to your head. Then, after a couple of hours, you will ultimately start to come down into sleepiness. Although KLR is more popular as a stress reliever, this hemp strain can also assist people who struggle with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

It is also used to boost appetite, as users report feeling hungry after using it. Finally, this strain is excellent for smoothing out all negative feelings and uplifting your mood. Additionally, for people who have insomnia, KLR is highly recommended, as it will help you find the slumber you desire.

Strain Reported Flavors

One of KLR Hemp Strain’s most attractive features is precisely the bouquet it delivers in each drag. This strain layers earthy, fruity flavors and a clean, floral aftertaste. The taste is fantastic, with notes of grape, sourness, and a smooth hint of pine that lingers after exhale.

Strain Growing Info 

KLR tends to grow upright with short floral internodes that are strong enough to stand alone under heavy climate conditions like rainfall or high wind. It starts flowering fast, making it an excellent cultivar for southern latitudes and humid environments. This hemp crop reaches flowering within 6-9 weeks of indoor growth.

When planting, it is recommended to use a 5’x5’ or 6’x6’ spacing as the cultivation tends to grow big. Overall, if you are looking for a strain that will help you relax and melt away your stress while enjoying a whole new flavor blend, then you should try KLR.

Strains like KLR Hemp Strain

KLR hemp buds can be quite challenging to come across, but several hemp strains provide a clear-headed, therapeutic effect as relieving as that of KLR. Strains like ACDC, Sugar Queen CBD, Cannatonic, Jack Herer, or Harle-Tsu offer just as much CBD and flavors as delicious as KLR and are often easier to get.

If you want to find strains that will give you the same therapeutic relief, check out the Best High CBD Low THC Strains at Botany Farms to find strains and enjoy the beneficial effects of cannabis that CBD provides.

Where to Find the KLR Hemp Strain 

As mentioned, KLR is a rare hemp strain, so it may not be available in all dispensaries. Searching for this strain online could increase your chances, but if you can’t find KLR buds near you, at Botany Farms, we have “la creme de la creme” in hemp strains for you to stock up on.

Order our candy-like Sugar Queen CBD for a focused uplift, Strawberry Banana Kush CBD for a tropical twist, Blueberry Kush CBD for something more relaxing, or Grape Pie Gelato THCA flower for a more psychoactive experience.

Final Thoughts

KLR is one of those exclusive cuts of hemp that any connoisseur would be more than happy to try. Its hybrid nature, buds with a hard-to-find appearance, a high 16.8% CBD, and a deliciously fruity and citrusy palate are the most acclaimed features of KLR Hemp. It’s everything you can expect from a top-shelf hemp cut.

KLR Hemp: FAQs 

How does the KLR Hemp strain make me feel?

The KLR Hemp strain typically induces a wave of energetic yet soothing feelings, starting from the core and spreading to the limbs and head.

Is the KLR Hemp strain ideal for beginners?

Yes. KLR Hemp strain can be suitable for beginners looking for a manageable cannabis experience with potential therapeutic benefits due to its potency and balanced effects.



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