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Lava Cake Strain

If you enjoy a good dessert, surely you’ve heard of lava cake. A lava cake is a delicious chocolate cake that, when cut, lets its filling run like a river of warm and creamy melted chocolate all over the plate. Isn’t that mouthwatering? Can you think of the delicious chocolate aromas that can emanate from this cake?

Imagine a cannabis strain that carries the same tasty and intense chocolate aromas and flavors. This is precisely the aroma profile of the delicious Lava Cake cannabis strain.

This potent indica-dominant strain can reach up to 22% THC content, which can make you melt into your couch like the chocolate inside a lava cake, leaving you with a pleasant and comfortable sensation that will envelop your entire body. If this strain piques your curiosity and you’re in the mood to get chocolaty, keep reading, and you’ll see what this strain is all about.

What is the Lava Cake Strain?

The Lava Cake strain is a potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain that carries a high THC content. Lava Cake is a strain that produces sweet and tempting smelling buds that can be the perfect choice to end a long and busy day.

Lava Cake Strain Appearance

Lava Cake buds can be small, medium, or large in size, depending on the care and nutrients that the plant absorbs during its flowering stage. Regardless of size, Lava Cake nugs look truly stunning.

These buds are usually shaped like a bunch of grapes and are colored in shades of purple and blue mixed with varying shades of olive green. Brilliant orange curly pistils engulf the entire flower, covered by a dense and sticky resinous crystals full of therapeutic power. Lava Cake buds are a true display of cannabis beauty!

Lava Cake Strain Genetics

The Indica-dominant Lava Cake is the strain resulting from the crossing of the breath and fresh aftertaste strain Thin Mint GSC, also called Thin Mint Cookies, with Grape Pie.

On the one hand, we have Thin Mint GSC, a potent, balanced hybrid strain that unites the genetics of the famous Durban Poison with OG Kush and is at the same time a phenotype of the widely popular Girl Scout Cookies.

The genetics of Thin Mint GSC may have something to do with the purple hues, the heavy layer of crystals that cover the Lava Cake buds, and the full-bodied effects they can generate. Of course, the slight minty undertones present in Lava Cake also come from its predecessor, Thin Mint, in which a fresh minty aroma is a distinctive feature.

On the other side of the family, we have the powerful Indica-leaning Grape Pie, which may be related to Lava Cake’s inheritance of sweet aromas and deep, sugary nuances. Grape Pie results from crossing Cherry Pie strains and the popular Grape Stomper.

The indica-dominant genetics of Grape Pie may be responsible for giving Lava Cake the ability to generate those powerful effects full of euphoria and pleasant sensations that then lull you to sleep on the couch or in bed clamoring for some munchies.

THC/CBD Content

The resinous glands of Lava Cake can contain up to 22% THC mixed with 1% CBG, which complements the cocktail of cannabinoids characteristic of this variety.

Lava Cake Strain Terpenes

The terpene profile of Lava Cake is abundant in caryophyllene, which, together with the rest of the terpenes and flavonoids, generates sweet and intense creamy aromas mixed with accentuated walnut and pine tones.

Some people report that Lava Cake smells like freshly baked cakes with a combination of scents that certainly exudes appetizing tones of chocolate and sugar dough and minty accents that complement this profile.

Some Lava Cake phenotypes have the minty tones from Thin Mint GSC more accentuated than others, leaving a fresh aftertaste that pairs perfectly with the characteristic chocolate tones of this strain.

Lava Cake Strain Effects

Lava Cake produces such deeply relaxing effects that it could easily cut through the strongest indica strains out there. Nonetheless, even though this strain is 70% Indica and packs a high THC content, it won’t necessarily melt you off your couch but will instead deliver a very heady and euphoric high that starts kicking on the first few hits.

Lava Cake’s effects put you in an introspective mood of expansive thoughts and self-reflection that stimulate creativity but can quickly make you lose focus. As the heady euphoria wears off, you will begin to feel a pleasant calm and relaxation throughout your entire body in a way that can credit Lava Cake with being among the best strains for muscle relaxation.

Due to this strain’s calming and relaxing nature, Lava Cake can be an ideal choice to enjoy after work, for lazy days off, or for those looking to lift their spirits a bit or release a little stress before heading out to bed.

Lava Cake Strain: Reported Flavors

Although chocolaty tones dominate Lava Cake’s flavor profile, a skunky element leads to a fruity, nutty finish. In Lava Cake, you can certainly identify a bit of piney skunky sour in the beginning that at the end of the tasting changes to a subtle and sweet creamy aftertaste that tastes almost like chocolate cake.

There are slight vanilla tones that also make their way into the flavor of this strain, accompanied by spicy, peppery accents and a characteristic minty freshness that probably comes from the genetic ancestry of this wonderfully unique flavored strain.

Lava Cake Strain: Growing Info

Because this variety hasn’t been on the market for too long, details regarding its cultivation can still be a bit tricky to find. However, reports from those who have successfully grown Lava Cake indicate that this variety is relatively easy to grow and gives excellent yields.

Due to the Indica lineage of this strain, Lava Cake plants grow to a short height with a bushy build, meaning they need to be trimmed regularly for good airflow. Taking care of Lava Cake from all kinds of pests is essential as its plants can be a bit susceptible.

This variety can grow both indoors and outdoors and usually has a flowering period of around 10 weeks. When growing Lava Cake indoors, you can expect yields of approximately 16 ounces per square foot; when growing it outdoors, yields can even reach 18 ounces depending on the health of the plants.

Strains like Lava Cake Strain

Suppose you are looking for a potent strain that can give you a stress-free, soothing, and calming Lava Cake experience. In that case, at Botany Farms, we have a fine selection of the best Delta-8 strains for anxiety currently available on the market.

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Delta 8 can give you a psychotropic experience quite similar to that of regular THC, with the difference that the intensity of the effects of this cannabinoid is much gentler and more manageable. But, if you want to taste good cannabis without necessarily going through some psychoactive experience, we also have available our Sour Space Candy, Sour Hawaiian Haze, and an excellent selection of other strains in their CBD-rich hemp version.

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