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Mango Punch Strain Review

It’s no secret that mangoes are some of the most popular tropical fruits, and there’s nothing better than a super juicy mango that gets the taste buds buzzing.

Although the Mango Punch strain might not be a tropical fruit per se, it certainly tastes the part. This strain is about as stimulating for the body as mangos themselves are for the taste buds.

It’s one of my favorite strains, both for its delicious flavor and its enjoyable indica-like effects. This is my review of the Mango Punch strain. Let me share my experiences with it.

Key Takeaways

  • Mango Punch is an indica strain with a fruity and tropical flavor profile.
  • With a potentially 24%+ THC level, Mango Punch is one of the stronger indicas out there. 
  • The Mango Punch strain should make you feel heavy, sedated, tingly, and ready to binge-watch some TV or movies. 

What Is the Mango Punch Strain?

The Mango Punch strain is a delectable indica-dominant hybrid that’s about as relaxing and mellow as sitting on a tropical beach and enjoying your favorite cocktails.

Some of the sativa genetics might come through at times, but it’s the indica side of things that I notice above all else. It contains a moderate THC level, which I think is great because it makes Mango Punch very relaxing without putting me right to sleep.

Mango Punch Strain Appearance

The Mango Punch strain’s appearance complements its name because it’s super bright and colorful.

This is one of the rare weed strains where you’ll almost see more orange hairs and purple sugar leaves than actual green, and of course, there’s a pretty thick layer of white crystals on the outside as well.

The buds are large, dense, compact, and slightly elongated. It most certainly looks like a tropical strain of cannabis.

Mango Punch Strain Genetics

The Mango Punch strain is roughly 70% indica and 30% sativa, although if we’re being honest, the indica genetics are particularly noticeable in the effects.

Mango Punch Strain Lineage

As for where the Mango Punch strain comes from, it’s said to be a descendant of the Mango strain from KC Brains, but this has not been confirmed.

There are two main theories here, with one being that Mango Punch is a descendant of a combination of Mango Haze or Mango X with Purple Punch, with the other being that it’s a result of crossing KC.33 with an Afghani landrace strain.

Although I, unfortunately, can’t confirm this either way. What I can confirm is that this is a mostly indica strain with some rather impressive THC levels.

Mango Punch Strain THC/CBD Content

In terms of THC levels, the indica-dominant Mango Punch strain contains a lot of it, between 18% and 24%, and even more in some cases.

This is something I really like, especially on days when I don’t have any chores or tasks to accomplish and can just sit at home watching movies or playing slow-paced video games.

I find that when I smoke Mango Punch, especially when it has its maximum THC level, it gets me high as a kite, with a very pronounced body high and a bit of a head high, too.

Even as an experienced consumer, I have to say that a 24% THC level is a whole lot. I find that about 0.5 grams in a joint is just fine, but any more than that, and the high THC level can start making me a bit anxious. It’s not a huge problem as long as I keep things in moderation.

Mango Punch Strain Terpenes

Myrcene is the terpene in mangos. Hence, it is only natural that this is the dominant terpene in the Mango Punch strain.

Moreover, its lineage indicates that this fragrant strain has a skunky aroma, making it a great choice for those who don’t like a strong sweet flavor.

Mango Punch Strain Effects

The Mango Punch strain is one of my favorites thanks to its heavy indica-like effects. I first noticed a slight sativa head buzz when smoking Mango Punch. The sativa effects come through initially, for the first few minutes.

Right from the first hit, I felt mentally alert, almost wired, and quite focused. It’s a nice euphoric high but quickly gives way to the more pronounced indica effects.

After just a few minutes and a couple of puffs, I noticed my eyes getting super heavy, I felt like I wanted to sink into my couch, my limbs started tingling, and my whole body was buzzing ever so slightly.

I ended up feeling super intoxicated, lethargic and sedated, and the only thing I wanted to do was binge some goofy comedy shows. I think that if I smoked more than a gram of Mango Punch, it would likely put me to sleep. 

One reason for this is the high myrcene content in it, which is known for being sedating, a muscle relaxant, and a painkiller. On that note, this is a good strain for pain relief, particularly for my migraines.

Mango Punch Strain Reported Flavors

Although I can’t provide you with any more information about the terpenes contained in the Mango Punch strain, I can say that it’s very flavorful.

As you can probably tell by the name, the first hit is characterized by a strong and fruity mango punch—pun totally intended! It’s just a delightful, tropical, fruity strain with undertones of citrus on the exhale.

Strains Like the Mango Punch Strain

If you’re looking for a strain similar to Mango Punch, something indica-dominant that will help you relax, the super tasty Crystal Candy THCA strain might be right for you. 

If you’re a fan of blueberries and sweet flavors and you need to sleep, the indica-dominant Delta-8 Blueberry Kush could also be an ideal alternative.

Where to Find the Mango Punch Strain

Botany Farms is the go-to destination if you’re looking for the Mango Punch strain and plenty of others like it. Our selection of legal hemp products just can’t be beat! It is really hard to come across fresh nugs of the Mango Punch strain on the market.

For now, the most popular forms of this bud are vapes and carts.  Luckily for you, Botany Farms offers 100% organic, high-quality CBD flower to meet your needs.

Sour Special Sauce is a limited release with a delightful smell of tart berries and a subtle diesel aroma. This sour strain carries up to 16.9% CBD, making it a perfect choice for relaxing your muscles and getting you ready for bed in no time. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that the Mango Punch strain is fruity, loaded with THC, and the perfect choice for an afternoon of doing nothing! However, it may come with a high THC content hence the need for moderate consumption.

Mango Punch Strain: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Mango Punch strain ideal for beginners?

The Mango Punch strain contains a lot of THC, sometimes over 24%, so it may not be the best choice for first-time consumers.

How does the Mango Punch strain make me feel?

The Mango Punch strain makes you feel heavy, sedated, hungry, and like your whole body is buzzing.  



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