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Sour Lifter Strain

There are times when the stress of the hustle and bustle of routine can overwhelm us and give our days a bitter taste. When this happens, sometimes the best solution may be to fight fire with fire by giving a little Sour Lifter CBD to those bitter moments.

With its energizing and focus-boosting effects, this strain’s tropical and mood-lifting profile can put a good energy spin on your day. Do you feel tempted to lift that “sour” mood off your shoulders? Check out our best selection of sour buds.

What is the Sour Lifter Strain?

The Sour Lifter hemp strain is a delicious Sativa-dominant bud of the renowned Lifter but with a hint of the Sour Diesel lineage. This CBD flower cultivar is high in CBDA and puts a more intense, fizzy, aromatic, citrusy spin on the already popular Lifter strain.

Sour Lifter CBD flower delivers balanced and light-headed effects yet is quite relaxing and enveloping. This bud’s slightly Sativa-dominant balanced effects can be perfect for the morning or during the day.

​Sour Lifter Strain Appearance

Sour Lifter flowers have a beautiful, densely structured appearance that displays a striking combination of dark yet vibrant greens, deep purples, and some shades of red. This colorful spectacle is covered in a thick sticky layer of resinous trichomes, making Sour Lifter buds look brilliant.

​Sour Lifter Strain Genetics

Oregon CBD created a strain that boasts one-of-a-kind genetics that unites the best characteristics of two great classic favorites. Sour Lifter is a delicate cross between the original Lifter and the CBD version of the Sour Diesel strain.

Sour Lifter is the living reflection of both its parents but gives a little more intensity to the already notorious characteristics of each of these. The original Lifter already has some fuel notes in her scent profile on one side of this family tree, which is more accentuated in Sour Lifter.

Another difference is that in the original Lifter, funky cheese notes predominate, accentuated by sharp peppery touches that round out the profile of this strain. Like her daughter Sour Lifter, the original Lifter is also a Sativa-dominant hybrid, so her generated effects are uplifted and can sharpen focus.

Another characteristic that Lifter and its Sour version share is the high content of CBD, which in both strains is around 16% to 17%. On the other hand, Sour Diesel is a child of the 90s with a genetic heritage that is still under debate to this day. However, the most accepted theory is that Sour Diesel results from crossing an original Diesel strain with a Northern Lights, a Shiva, and a Hawaiian variety.

Interestingly, the “Sour” connotation has nothing to do with the taste of this strain. Still, the relaxing effects it generates seem perfect for calming “sour” people. This flower’s flavors are equal to or greater than those of her daughter Sour Lifter. But, in Sour Diesel strain, really delicious lemon tones stand out. Of course, the smell and taste of diesel predominate.

CBD Content

When we talk about the Sour Lifter strain, we are talking about one of the highest CBD contents on the market. While the total content of cannabinoids reaches almost 20%, CBD makes up nearly all of that percentage, reaching an impressive 17.4%.

THC remains below 1%, and the rest of the cannabinoid content is mostly CBDA, CBC, CBGA, CBG, and CBDV. Therefore, Sour Lifter hemp flowers have earned a place on the podium of many users and connoisseurs of medicinal hemp due to its high therapeutic power.

​Sour Lifter Strain Terpenes

In addition to having high medicinal power, this hemp strain rich in CBD gives off a delicious sweet and bitter aroma that is fruity and will make you feel in the tropics as soon as you smell its buds. But above all, Sour Lifter lives up to its Diesel lineage, highlighting the pungent fuel notes that amplify the potency of this strain.

The primary terpenes that make up the aroma profile of Sour Lifter CBD are Pinene, a terpene with a high aromatic degree that provides that characteristic smell of pine and citrusy notes.

This is followed by β-Myrcene, a terpene that is abundant in mango and can add a lot to the entourage effect of Sour Lifter by helping to amplify the effect that the cannabinoids and the rest of the terrains of this hemp strain produce when they work together.

To a lesser extent, but just as important, some of the other terpenes that make up Sour Lifter’s fragrance profile are farnesene, a-Bisabolol, β-Caryophyllene, δ-Limonene, α-Humulene, and Geranyl Acetate.

​Sour Lifter Strain Effects

As with almost all Sour cannabis strains, the Sour Lifter CBD flower sets the perfect stage to wash away all the bitterness from your day. Its high content of β-myrcene generates relaxing effects that quickly dissolve discomfort since this is one of the best terpenes to aid sleep, calm, and relaxation.

So, if you’re looking for the best strains for creativity and focus, Sour Lifter may win a spot on your personal list since its Sativa-dominant nature, along with its Pinene and β-caryophyllene content, will make you feel a flow of energy that will propel you through the day.

Sour Lifter CBD strain can be the perfect daytime strain to liven up your afternoon or party at night with friends as it produces uplifting effects that will boost your mood and leave you feeling recharged, mentally relaxed, and focused. Likewise, it’s an amazing wake and bake as it enhances your mental alertness and helps you complete your tasks in even less time while enjoying yourself.

​Sour Lifter Strain Reported Flavors

Sour Lifter CBD’s flavor profile goes hand in hand with its aroma profile. As soon as you inhale the first puff of this delicious and pungent smoke, you will feel the subtle diesel notes with some soft sour undertones that give way to the rich flavor of the original Lifter.

This bud delivers sweet, cheesy-like flavors with some earthy undertones that complement this CBD flower strain’s complex yet exquisite taste. Sour Lifter provides users with a range of flavors capable of satisfying the palate of even the most knowledgeable smoker.

​Sour Lifter Strain Growing Info

Sour Lifter CBD strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid hemp plant that produces dense, bushy buds with balanced hybrid characteristics. This strain can grow optimally both indoors and outdoors and produces medium to tall plants depending on the care given to the plant in its vegetative stage.

The Indica side of Sour Lifter stands out a bit in the way this strain branches, and flowering occurs around 9-10 weeks or so like most Sativa-dominant strains of hemp.

​Strains like Sour Lifter Strain.

If you want to experience the tastes, smells, and effects of Sour Lifter firsthand, you’re in for a treat. Botany Farms has prepared for you a batch of the revitalizing Sour Lifter CBD strain ready to be packed and shipped to your home.

Additionally, we have a version of Sour Lifter infused with Delta-8 THC if you want to taste the bouquet of this exquisite strain and enjoy an extra medicinal power with the psychoactivity of Delta-8 THC. All you have to do is enter our online store, click order, and your order will arrive at your door quickly and discreetly to revive your day.

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