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Sunrocks vs. Moonrocks

For thousands of years, the sun and moon have represented important and powerful ideals for various communities. Some religions worship them, astrology considers them essential, and cannabis lovers enjoy their powerful effects.

Sunrock vs. Moonrocks, is there a distinct difference? Just like the celestial bodies from which they are named, these potent buds have a unique nature. Learn with us the difference between sunrocks and moonrocks, and get ready for a trip to the stars like no other.

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What are Moon Rocks

Moonrocks are high-quality buds with three layers: cannabis flower, hash oil, and a thick layer of kief. The latter is a powerful powder made of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that fall off the cannabis plant after grinding. It’s unnecessary to use a specific strain to make these blissful buds, but the principle is always to use high THC Strains.

Due to this mighty combination of compounds, Moonrocks can reach up to 50% THC. Even the most experienced smoker will be blown away after a few tokes. Thus, use this heavenly body carefully to enjoy a fun trip to space.

Best Way to Smoke Moon Rocks

How can you appreciate the full potential of Moonrocks? Although there’s no correct answer, we consider that the best way to smoke Moonrocks is using a glass pipe. Prepare some clean tweezers or a fork and knife to break your Moonrocks, as a regular grinder is not the best way to break these nugs.

The bowl will probably fire up due to the combination of concentrate, kief, and flower, but don’t worry, because when smoking moon rocks in a glass piece, this is entirely normal. You can either let it go out on its own or use the back of your lighter to put it out.

Still, if you prefer rolling a good joint with these beautiful nugs, rest assured that it is totally possible. The process, however, requires you to neatly break apart your Moonrocks for them to perfectly fit in your paper and mix them with regular ground flower.

Making Moonrocks

How did dispensaries come up with this delight? Although the origins are severely disputed, the recipe for a mind-blowing Moonrock stays the same. Learn here how Moonrocks are made.

Cannabis Flower

The first layer of cannabis flower is the first thing that will define how luxurious your Moonrock is. Because this nug will be covered in hash oil and kief, it is hard for you to see how the bud looks under all these layers. Thus, you must be careful not to buy from unreliable dispensaries, as they could sell you low-quality Moonrocks.

Cannabis Oil

The honey-like consistency of cannabis oil makes it the perfect concentrate to hold the final layer of kief in place. Because it is a concentrate that comes from active ingredients of the cannabis plant matter, it is a powerful product that will hit you right in the head.

Cannabis Kief

It is impossible not to notice the beautiful, golden-like powder you find at the bottom of your 3-piece grinder. Don’t throw it away! Kief has a lot of good stuff, like terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids that enhance the overall impact of your smoking routine.

Thanks to these three layers, especially the kief and oil, Moonrocks can achieve an impressive 50% THC content. However, you want to make sure you get these celestial bodies at a reliable dispensary and break them apart (if allowed) before taking them home.

Why Smoke Moon Rocks

“Smoking a 50% THC nug? That’s insane!” You may ask yourself why anyone would want to smoke Moonrocks when they probably give you an insane high. The truth is some stoners just like their nugs that way. Who are we to judge them?

However, besides their out-of-this-world high, there are many other benefits to smoking Moonrocks. On the one hand, their therapeutic power is beyond measure, and medical cannabis users can use a tiny amount of these nugs and still find relief to their conditions. On the other hand, they are cheaper than buying quality flower, cannabis oil, and kief separately, making it easy on your wallet. Finally, Moonrocks are perfect for parties where you want everyone to enjoy a good smoke without buying insane amounts of flower.

How to Make Hash Oil for Moon Rocks

Hash oil results from a mix of resin and a tiny amount of food-grade high-proof alcohol. This extract is extremely potent and can go a long way because of the small amounts you need to use. Once the alcohol evaporates from the mix, you can eat, vaporize, smoke, dab, and even include hash oil in your topical recipes.

If you want to make hash oil for Moonrocks, get a 190-proof or higher food-grade alcohol and decarb your flower. This process is vital for you to get all the THC activated. However, if you don’t want the active compounds of cannabis to get you high, you can make your hash oil without decarbing your buds.

Once you have gathered all your ingredients, you can start to make strong hash oil. Follow this CBD tincture recipe (except you will use THC flower), and once your tincture is done, you’re already halfway through the process.

The next step is to reduce the alcohol in the tincture until you get all the cannabis resin out. Use a double-boiler to evaporate the alcohol and use low heat until the mix heats up and roils a bit. Make sure to monitor the tincture constantly until you see an oily substance. Collect it while it is warm and store it in a glass jar. Now you have hash oil for your Moonrocks.

How to Make Moon Rocks with Dabs

You don’t necessarily need liquid cannabis oil to cover your nug to make Moonrocks. In fact, you can use any cannabis concentrate that can be liquified. Among the many options you have, users like to make Moonrocks with dabs the most because of their potency since they can have a concentration of up to 80% THC alone.

Thus, if you want to use dabs to make Moonrocks, heat your dabs enough for them to become liquid. Then, hold your bud with a pair of tweezers and dip it into your concentrate. Then, submerge the freshly oiled bud into the kief and let it dry for a couple of minutes before smoking.

What are Sunrocks

Just as the Sun fills us with strong energy, a quality Sunrock fills us with blissful, head-hitting highs. Although these buds have the same layers as Moonrocks, some subtle differences totally change the game, giving you an even higher THC concentration than the previously mentioned buds.

Making Sunrocks

In essence, the making Sunrocks divides into three layers: cannabis flower, cannabis oil, and, sometimes, kief. However, a Sunrock’s flower and concentrate come from the same strain. The most common Sunrock strain is OG Kush, and we highly doubt you will get any other lineage at a dispensary.

Because of the strong combination of top-shelf lower and extract, Sunrocks can achieve an impressive 80% THC level. These nugs are definitely not for the faint of heart.

Cannabis Flower

Sunrocks are typically made using top-shelf OG cannabis flower. While any OG variation will do the trick, the most popular strain is OG Kush for its strong sedative effects and distinct flavor. Unlike Moonrocks, Sunrocks are always associated with this specific lineage.

Cannabis Oil

Because Sunrocks are an enhanced, premium version of Moonrocks, manufacturers only use solventless cannabis oil for its coating. The purest BHO concentrate will certainly bring the strength of Sunrocks to a whole new level.

Cannabis Kief

Although it is not mandatory to add kief to the mix to make it a Sunrock, some dispensaries do it to give the nug a final touch. However, unlike Moonrocks, these bright nugs aren’t dipped in this powder but slightly sprinkled. This way, Sunrocks will look like the actual Sun: bright and golden.

How to Smoke Sun Rocks

Given that Sunrocks’ THC potency can go up to 80%. Once you figure out how much you can use to make it an enjoyable experience, you just have to follow the same process as with Moonrocks: hold with a pair of tweezers, cut them up with a knife, and smoke either by itself or in a joint if OG flower.

Sunrocks vs Moonrocks

Now that we have explained the differences between these celestial bodies, we go back to our initial question, Sunrocks vs. Moonrocks, which one is better?

Variety is the spice of life. That’s why we think there’s no right answer. If you enjoy a potent high and premium flower, a Sunrock would be the best option for you. However, if you have a budget but still love to get a fiery high, a Moonrock will do the trick, too, as long as it comes from a reliable vendor.

Moreover, you can tell apart Sunrocks vs. Moonrocks for their appearance. Moonrocks are totally covered in kief, making it hard for you to see how the flower beneath looks. On the contrary, Sunrocks are slightly covered in kief, making it easier for you to see the shiny flower underneath and spot quality Sunrocks from fake ones.

Whatever you choose, remember that both nugs are extremely potent. Thus, you must make sure you get to know yourself better before indulging in their powerful effects, or else you may go to space and take quite a long time to come back.

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