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Super Sour Orange Strain

The freshly squeezed orange juice that made your mornings bright and energizing has taken a new shape for your enjoyment. The Super Sour Orange strain is a sweet Sativa bud that will bring your day a rush of creativity and focus, allowing you to feel happy and relaxed. Keep reading to learn more about this bubbly bud. We don’t currently carry Super Sour Orange, but why not try one of our sour strains?

Key Takeaways 

  • If you enjoy cerebral highs and tangy flavors, the Super Sour Orange strain is your bud.
  • These dense and tiny buds are coated in a golden crystal trichome layer, giving them a holly appearance that invites you to smoke them.
  • The Super Sour Diesel and African Orange strains possess strong Sativa properties, creating a powerhouse like Super Sour Orange.
  • Upon exhaling, you will sense vibrant sensations throughout the body, with a euphoric feeling washing over you.

What Is the Super Sour Orange Strain

The Super Sour Orange strain results from crossing African Orange and Super Sour Diesel, two potent Sativa buds with tantalizing flavors and mind-blowing effects.

The Super Sour Orange strain is your bud if you enjoy cerebral highs and tangy flavors. However, this cultivar’s THC levels are uncommonly high, so newbies should stay away from it. Their heads probably won’t be able to take the intense ride Super Sour Orange provides.

Strain Appearance 

We know oranges don’t tend to look neon green with orange hairs and heart shapes. Still, the Super Sour Orange strain manages to defy nature. These dense and small buds are coated in a golden crystal trichome layer, giving them a holly appearance that invites you to smoke them.

The fiery orange hairs that run through the nugs are only additional evidence of its fantastic genetics, which mix beautifully with the effects it provides.

Strain Genetics

For the Super Sour Orange strain to have such amazing features, it was necessary to combine two fantastic buds. The Super Sour Diesel and African Orange strains were selected, both with strong sativa properties that create a powerhouse like Super Sour Orange.

Super Sour Diesel is an iconic twist to the famous Sour Diesel strain. It usually reaches 30% THC levels and has intense euphoric effects that will make your spirit dance.

Combined with African Orange, a musky and citrusy strain that comes from the Santa Cruz Mountains, you obtain an exquisite flavor profile that generates gracious effects, perfect for daytime use.

THC/CBD Content

With 31% THC levels, you shouldn’t take the Super Sour Orange strain as a simple breakfast dessert. This uplifting bud will smash your brain with amazing thoughts.

For that reason, new smokers should avoid this bud and try lighter ones. On the contrary, experienced smokers will be delighted with the headrush Super Sour Orange provides.

Strain Terpenes

Thanks to its parents, this fragrant bud has unique terpenes contributing to its mouthwatering flavor. 

Limonene, myrcene, carene, and pinene combine to create mellow orange flavors with funky aromas.

However, terpenes are about more than smell and flavor. They also provide the majority of the therapeutic benefits of the Super Sour Orange profile. 

Limonene smells like citrus, providing an uplift that counters stress, myrcene smells earthy and also relaxes you, carene has a sweet, pungent aroma that’s anti-inflammatory, while pinene has a piney freshness that sharpens the mind and memory.

Strain Effects

The taste of fresh orange juice fills us with energy and motivation, which is precisely what Super Sour Orange does. Upon exhaling, you sense vibrant sensations throughout the body and a euphoric feeling washing over you. Your head will be on the clouds, and your body will float and feel relaxed.

Because of its uplifting nature, the Super Sour Orange strain’s effects are better for daytime use. Engage in interesting and creative conversations with this bud, giggling here and there with friends or strangers. If you enjoy outdoor activities, this bud is also perfect for seeing the skies in a much brighter light and having fun.

Batches with lower THC levels are ideal for medical marijuana patients, as the Super Sour Orange strain has qualities that can help treat chronic stress, depression, pain, and nausea. On the contrary, some side effects include cotton mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia when taking high doses.

Strain Reported Flavors

Excellently honoring its name, Super Sour Orange delivers an intense and sweet-sour orange flavor in each drag, accompanied by an exquisite funkiness that rounds up the bouquet.

A sweet flavor appears in the aftertaste, followed by piney and woody hints that create a deeper flavor. All in all, a sweet OJ will never taste like this, which is why you should definitely try the Super Sour Orange strain.

Strain Growing Info 

This sweet sativa isn’t as difficult to grow as you think. If you can get the seeds and cultivate them in the right environment (it loves humidity), after 9-10 weeks, you’ll enjoy a delicious batch of flowers from the Super Sour Orange strain.

Strains like the Super Sour Orange Strain

Super Sour Orange’s High is simply unmatched, no doubt. But some Heavy-Hitters sativa, such as Sour Diesel, Skunk Fuel, Super Lemon Haze, or Purple Tangie, can kick as hard and deliver flavors as delicious as those of this Sweet & Sour Orange Smokable Treat.

Where to Find the Super Sour Orange Strain 

Super Sour Orange is stocked in many West Coast dispensaries and places where recreational use is allowed. However, the high THC content leaves its buds out of reach for users in the rest of the country. 

But that´s no reason to worry. At Botany Farms, we have “la créme de la créme” strains that easily replace Super Sour Orange. Our fresh Purple Tangie and Skunk Fuel THCA flowers are top strains with similar flavor and effects profiles as Super Sour Orange. So, if you want to experience the ultimate sativa uplift, order now!

Are you into sour buds? Yes? Then the amazing Sour Hawaiian Haze is the right bud for you. This guava, mango, and pine bud is an 18% cannabinoid beauty with uplifting properties that will take you to the next level when it comes to focus and productivity.

Final Thoughts

If you like the fruity flavors and energizing effects of a good sativa crop, Super Sour Orange has everything you could ask for. This strain’s electrifying rush of sativa energy also packs an incredible and rare THC content that can climb up to 31%. 

Furthermore, its intense, citrusy, and sweet bouquet makes it a delight to taste, while its buds will definitely make your eyes pop and your mouth water. All in all, Super Sour Orange is a complex and delightful sensory journey toward an energizing sativa paradise.

Super Sour Orange: Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Super Sour Orange strain make me feel?

The Super Sour Orange strain uplifts and energizes you, triggering a stimulating and euphoric high.

Is the Super Sour Orange strain ideal for beginners?

No, the Super Sour Orange strain is not ideal for beginners due to its super high THC content, which can be overwhelming for newcomers and those with a low THC tolerance.



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