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THCV Strains For Weight Loss

Because cannabis is generally known to induce a condition known as the munchies, it’s usually associated with weight gain. Cannabis can at times make you feel very hungry, which may lead to you eating too much food and therefore gaining weight.

However, not all strains or types of cannabis are known for having this effect. In fact, some strains of cannabis might have the exact opposite effect. Yes, some strains of cannabis may actually help suppress your hunger and appetite so you don’t eat quite as much, therefore having potential weight loss benefits.

Today, we are here to discover more about a specific cannabinoid known as THCV, which may be able to aid in weight loss. We’re also going to figure out what the effects of THCV are and what some of the best THCV strains for weight loss are.

Key Takeaways

  • THCV is a cannabinoid present in small quantities.
  • THCV, among other things, may be able to help you lose weight.
  • Some of the best THCV strains include Durban Poison, Tangie, Ditch Treat, and Jack the Ripper.

What Is THCV?

THCV is another cannabinoid that is found in hemp and cannabis plants, though in very small quantities. Because it is not often found in high quantities, it hasn’t been thoroughly researched, so not all that much is known about it.

However, research has shown that THC and THCV have fairly similar structures as far as their molecules are concerned. Their effects are also somewhat similar. THCV stands for tetrahydrocannabivarin, and just like other cannabinoids, it is a substance that interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors in the human mind and body.

Although more research still needs to be done, THCV is thought to have a variety of potential benefits. What is interesting to note is that THCV comes from CBGVA, otherwise known as cannabigerovarin acid, along with CBGA or cannabigerolic acid. Special enzymes convert CBGVA into acidic cannabinoids that contain THCVS, which then through exposure to light and or heat decarboxylate it and turn it into THCV.

THCV Effects

The effects of THCV seem to depend on the individual and dosage. It is said that in very low quantities, THCV tends to mimic or simulate CBD. In other words, lower doses of THCV may not be overly intoxicating or psychoactive but may be able to help calm you down, relieve some pain and inflammation, and make you feel less stressed out.

However, higher doses of THCV tend to mimic or simulate THC, in the sense that it does intoxicate and is psychoactive. At the same time, higher doses of THCV are said to be more like a Sativa high. They make you feel more energized, stimulated, and mentally clear, as opposed to an Indica high which makes you feel tired and sedated. In other words, if you smoke or consume a decent amount of THCV, it should act as a fairly stimulating Sativa high.

THCV For Weight Loss

THCV is thought to be great for weight loss purposes. The main reason for this is that this cannabinoid is thought to help suppress your appetite and manage cravings, therefore making you want to eat less.

It is also said that THCV may be able to help produce some energy and stimulation, making you feel more motivated and inclined to get more exercise, thus burning more calories. It may also be the case that THCV could potentially help to boost your metabolism, therefore forcing your body to burn more calories.

Best THCV Strains For Weight Loss

Seeing as THCV is a substance that may be able to help you lose some weight, right now we want to take a look at some of the best THCV strains for weight loss out there.

Durban Poison Strain

Here we have a pure landrace strain that comes from South Africa, quite a strong Sativa that has moderate amounts of THC and decent levels of THCV. It features very uplifting and energetic effects that are going to help you feel much more creative and talkative. It features a very sweet smell with notes of pine. This is indeed one of the most popular Sativa strains of all time.

Tangie Strain

Tangie is a strain created by crossing Skunk-1 with California Orange. This is a Sativa strain that contains 17% THC, so it’s not too strong, but it does also contain a decent amount of THCV. This strain should help make you feel talkative, energetic, focused, and concentrated.

This is not a strain that is going to put you to sleep. If you like the flavor of sweet citrus and orange, then this is a great strain for you. Due to its fairly moderate THC levels, it is ideal for beginners.

Dutch Treat Strain

Dutch Treat is a mix between Haze and Northern Lights, with the result being a Sativa heavy hybrid that helps to make you feel euphoric and uplifted while also helping to relax your mind and reduce stress.

This strain contains 19% THC and 1% CBG, as well as a decent amount of THCV. It features an aroma of eucalyptus, pine, and sweet fruits, which many people very much enjoy. This is a great strain for helping to treat symptoms of PMS, pain, and fatigue.

Jack The Ripper Strain

Jack the Ripper is a cross between Space Dude and Jack’s Cleaner, with the result being a Sativa dominant hybrid strain. People love this strain because it makes them feel energetic, talkative, and uplifted.

It features 17% THC, which is fairly moderate and therefore ideal for beginners but also features a good deal of THCV and CBG. If you like flavors of lemon and citrus, then this is a strain for you.

Malawi Gold Strain

Malawi Gold is a landrace strain that grows in Malawi and has grown there for many centuries. It features a moderate THC level of 18%, which isn’t overly strong, as well as a good deal of CBG and THCV.

This strain features herbal, earthy, and floral-herbal aromas, and it should help make you feel energetic, focused, and uplifted. This is an extremely rare strain and is very hard to find.

Willie Nelson Strain

Willie Nelson is perhaps one of the most popular strains out there at this time, particularly for people who don’t want anything too strong. It contains a fairly low 16% THC level, but it does still hit quite hard, especially as far as Sativas.

It makes you feel creative, energetic, and uplifted. It’s great for social activities. Here, you are going to taste notes of tobacco and chemicals. It does also contain large amounts of THCV. This might just be the best THCV for weight loss out there at this time.

Pink Boost Goddess Strain

Pink Boost Goddess is a very mysterious strain, as people just don’t know where it comes from, although people do know that it is a Sativa. Furthermore, it also contains just around 15% THC, therefore making it fairly weak in the grand scheme of things, and thus ideal for beginners.

It has a very interesting flavor profile characterized by pepper, flowers, and mint. If you are looking for very high levels of THCV, this is going to be it. If you are looking for cannabis that suppresses appetite, Pink Boost Goddess is one of the tastiest strains to consider.

Doug’s Varin Strain

Here we have a Sativa strain that was produced with the express intent of having high levels of THCV. If you are looking for strains that have very high levels of THCV, this is probably your number-one choice. It features aromas of sweet citrus, pine, and earth. It should help make you feel uplifted, energetic, and focused.

Swazi Gold Strain

Here we have another landrace strain that comes to us straight from Africa. It has been around for many centuries, and people still enjoy it due to its extremely earthy aroma.

Here we have a strain that although it is a Sativa, also tends to have calming effects. It should however also make you feel quite giggly and talkative. It has a very sweet and citrusy aroma, and yes, it contains plenty of THCV.

Pineapple Purps Strain

Here we have another fantastic strain that is known for being very uplifting and energetic, as it is Sativa dominant. Although it does contain respectable levels of THC, it also contains very high levels of THCV.

The ratio of THC to THCV clear is around 3 to 1. This strain is not only very energetic but also very psychoactive. If you are looking for a very strong cerebral high, and you like a pineapple flavor, then this strain might be your number-one choice for the best weed for appetite suppression.

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