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Therapy Hemp Strain Review

If you are looking for a mellow and relaxing smoke that will leave you feeling blissful, all without getting you way too stoned, then I ever have a strain for you. It is known as Therapy, Therapy Hemp, or CBD Therapy.

This is one of my favorite CBD hemp strains, not just for the way it makes me feel, but for the flavors as well. This is my Therapy hemp strain review, and right now I want to tell you what you can expect from it.

Key Takeaways

  • Therapy hemp is a high-CBD and low-THC strain. While it generally contains under 0.5% THC, it may contain up to 10% CBD.
  • CBD Therapy Hemp produces a clear-headed high, and may also help you sleep better at night, relieve a bit of pain, and potentially relax both your mind and body.
  • Therapy hemp is quite mysterious, as its origins and terpene content remain unknown.

What Is the Therapy Hemp Strain?

The Therapy hemp strain is an evenly balanced hybrid made by crossing two unknown parent strains. It contains barely any THC while containing elevated levels of CBD. Generally, this strain contains a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1, if not higher in favor of CBD.

this is a great strain when I need something mild to help mellow out my mind and relieve a bit of pain that I often experience due to years of weightlifting. Also, CBD isn’t intoxicating or sedating, so the pleasant mental effects of this strain help me sleep much better.

Therapy Hemp Strain Appearance

Therapy hemp features large and oversized nugs, which are airy and fluffy. They’re not overly dense, and you can easily squeeze them together to a fraction of their original size.

The buds are fairly elongated or pepper-shaped, and feature a bright and neon green along with orange or amber undertones.

You’ll also notice a thick coating of orange pistils, and a sparse layer of crystals, which is where you’ll find that CBD.

Therapy Hemp Strain Genetics

Unfortunately, the breeders of the CBD Therapy hemp strain keep the parents and lineage of this strain under wraps. Therefore, information about the parent strains is unknown. With that being said, it is safe to assume that the parent strains are also high-CBD and low-THC strains.

Therapy Hemp Strain THC/CBD Content

What I love about the CBD Therapy hemp strain is that it contains barely any THCl. In general, this strain contains under 0.5% THC, which by all means should not be enough to get anyone high. I certainly don’t experience any kind of intoxicating or impairing effect when I consume the CBD Therapy hemp strain.

However, what I do appreciate is the CBD in this strain, between 8 and 10% of it to be exact. Now, as you might be able to tell, as far as CBD strains are concerned, 10% isn’t that much, as many strains easily have much more than this, sometimes up to twice as much.

That said, I don’t always need something super strong to reap the potential benefits. I find that CBD does me a whole lot of good in terms of relaxing my mind and body, relieving pain, and helping me get to sleep at night. Although a higher CBD percentage is necessary at times, for those days when I just need a little kick, the 10% CBD level from the CBD hemp Therapy strain is more than enough.

Therapy Hemp Strain Terpenes

The Therapy hemp strain is quite a mystery, and this isn’t just the case in terms of its lineage, but also in terms of its terpenes. Unfortunately, we don’t have much information about the terpene content of this strain.

Therapy Hemp Strain Effects

Although it’s unclear where this strain comes from or what kind of terpenes it contains, its effects are much easier to talk about. First, remember that it doesn’t contain any THC, so it doesn’t intoxicate you. This isn’t the strain that makes you feel like you’re sinking into the couch, floating up into space, or like you can’t function properly.

Therapy produces a clear-headed high that allows you to go on with your day as you normally would. This is something that I appreciate about it, especially because it comes with enough CBD to provide me with a variety of therapeutic benefits.

CBD might not get you high, but this strain is excellent for a variety of mental and physical benefits. Just a few puffs are more than enough to ease away any stressful thoughts that I may have while also easing away bodily pain.

I mentioned earlier that I have a lot of pain due to previous weightlifting injuries, and the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of CBD help me relieve that pain. Thanks to how it makes my mind and body feel, the CBD Therapy hemp strain also helps me sleep better at night.

Therapy Hemp Strain Reported Flavors

Although we are unsure of the terpenes present in the Therapy hemp strain, it has quite an enjoyable flavor. Right off of the first puff, it has fruity and sweet overtones beneath the tropical citrus flavor. On the exhale, it produces the same flavor but this time with a herbaceous and earthy undertone.

Therapy Hemp Strain Growing Info

The Therapy hemp strain is said to be easy to grow indoors, outdoors as well as in a greenhouse. This is an easy strain to grow because it’s resilient to virtually all pests and diseases, as well as to changing environmental conditions. It takes about 8 – 9 weeks for it to flower, and when grown indoors, expect yields of 500 grams per square meter.

Strains Like the Therapy Hemp Strain

If you’re looking for similar strains, take a closer look at ERB, Honolulu Haze Hemp, Legendary OG Hemp, and RNA Hemp strains, each of which has unique flavors and effects that you might enjoy.

The Therapy hemp strain is an exceptional product for any user who experiences it. In the same way, Botany Farms offers the Lifter Hemp Strain, an excellent Sativa hybrid that can do such a fantastic job as CBD Therapy does. In addition, with high levels of CBD, Lifter has the benefit of being a daytime use strain, so it will not get you sleepy while living the day.

Who to Recommend the Therapy Hemp Strain For

The Therapy hemp strain is a good choice for users seeking therapeutic benefits. Here’s who might benefit from this strain:

  • People with chronic pain: With its high CBD content and minimal THC levels, Therapy is often chosen to alleviate chronic pain. 
  • Mood Disorders: If you experience depression, anxiety, or mood swings, Therapy may offer a calming effect and promote mental well-being.
  • Fibromyalgia: The soothing and sedative effects of this strain can ease muscle tension and promote relaxation.
  • Epilepsy or Seizures: Some users find relief from seizures and epilepsy symptoms with Therapy.

Where to Find the Therapy Hemp Strain

If you are looking for the Therapy hemp strain and other great ones like it, then check out the selection available right here at Botany Farms. Whether you want an indica, a sativa, or a hybrid, we have plenty of top-quality CBD flower for you to discover!

But why choose Botany Farms?

We cultivate cannabis with great respect for its intricate properties, catering to those seeking its benefits without altering their mental clarity. It starts with dedicated time and attention to produce pesticide, fungicide, and heavy metal-free flowers, combined with sunshine, water, and love.

Every aspect of our process, from sourcing the best ingredients to packaging the final product, is done right here in the United States.  We take the time to properly cure every flower we produce. This meticulous process results in buds with exceptional flavor, smoothness, and overall profile. It’s just one of the many steps we take to ensure our product is the best it can be.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at curing. We also hand trim all of our flower to ensure a perfect appearance and eliminate any unnecessary leaves that could detract from your experience. This extra attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition.

Final Thoughts

At the end of a long day, if you’re looking for something mild that won’t intoxicate you, but may just provide you with the mental and bodily relief that you’re looking for, CBD Therapy hemp might be the right strain for you.

Therapy Hemp: Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Therapy hemp strain make me feel?

CBD Therapy hemp makes both my mind and body feel at ease above anything else.

Is the Therapy hemp strain ideal for beginners?

Due to its relatively moderate CBD level, as well as its virtually nonexistent THC content, the Therapy hemp strain is ideal for beginners.



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