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What Are Infused Pre Rolls?

Rolling joints can get messy, and glassware can clutter up your space and be a bit bulky to carry if you just want to spark up on the go. Well, this is where pre-rolls come in. They are small and discreet, and dispensaries have made them widely available for customers to enjoy herbs on the go.

Adding extracts to the equation quickly turns these prerolls into a hard-hitting, flavorful, and rich experience. If you are interested in leveling up your pre-rolls, we’ve made a quick guide to understand what infused pre-rolls are, which concentrates are the best, and which infused pre-rolls could be the best to try.

What is a Pre-Roll?

A pre-roll is a ready-to-light joint sold by a retailer or dispensary. These premade jays are pretty popular as you don’t need anything to consume them but a lighter (meanings no bulking from your rolling stash or grinders). These can be purchased online or through dispensaries in an individual jar or pack. They can come in various sizes, from small ones to king-sized ones.

And you can pick between different strains before committing to a single bud. Pre-rolls are perfect if you don’t know how to roll a joint or can’t find the time to grind everything up and clean it too. Or, if you want to have a smoke on the go, you might want something more portable than a bong.

What are Infused Pre-Rolls?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, we can move on to prerolls 102: infused joints. This usually means a joint has been enhanced with some sort of hemp or cannabis distillate when rolled, whether in the bud itself, covering the paper, or frozen and sprayed.

The most common concentrates or extracts used with prerolls are wax, hash, diamonds, live resin, shatter, and kief. You can also try something called moon rocks, which is similar to infused herbs but has a slightly different process. The addition of an extract usually makes the joints hit harder. Some say it hits even stronger than smoking the extract or the flower on its own.

Infused rolls are a good way of enjoying extracts on the go or getting a delicious hit with slightly more power.

Commonly used Concentrates in Infused Pre-Rolls

Many extracts are available from solid, sand-like, liquid, and everything in between. While it is a little confusing initially, we’ve gathered some of the most common concentrates used in infused prerolls.

While there are many similarities between infused joints, each one provides a unique experience. So let’s delve into the different concentrates available in prerolls.

Wax Infused Joints

Wax is one of the staples of concentrates. It is neither solid nor liquid and has a very similar texture to actual wax from a candle or honeycomb. This concentrate usually has a thick and opaque look.

Thanks to how malleable it is, it can be used to dab on its own or use a specific texture to roll up in joints. Crumble wax, a dry concentrate type, can be easily rolled in a joint for potent smokes.

Hash Infused Pre-Rolls

Hash is kief that goes through a process of compacting and applying pressure with heat. This creates a solid concentrate that looks like candy or chocolate truffles.

Whenever Kief is compressed and heated into this state, it is called hash or hashish. This concentrate is one of the OGs, as it has a long tradition of recovering Kief. It is best to break the chunks down into small pieces. It can be packed along with herb to infuse any jay.

Terpene Infused Pre-Rolls

Some producers extract terpenes from hemp or cannabis to add them to other products. When added to the herb, this gives the product more flavor and potency, adding to the already active cannabinoids and terpenes.

To infuse a joint, sometimes they are sprayed onto the ground-up flower and then packed and rolled. Terpenes intensify flavors and aromatics but also have some potential benefits like relaxation or added anti-inflammatory benefits.

Diamonds Pre-Rolls

While these won’t shine bright like the diamonds around your neck, Diamond extracts can pack a lot of potency. These crystals are formed as sediments and are pretty potent.

Flavorless on their own, these crystals can be added to joints. While not intoxicating on their own, these are full of THCA, which produce highly potent THC when heated to the right temperature—these joints need to be evenly heated to give the jay more power.

Live Resin and Rosin

Some people use live resin and rosin to infuse their jays. Both of these extracts use an extracting process that produces a high-quality product that burns evenly and easily.

These distillates are first extracted by flash freezing freshly harvested buds. Then – depending on the process – these are processed into two different kinds of extracts. Resin uses a high-quality chemical process to extract it, resulting in a BHO (Butane Hash Oil) based product with lots of aromatics and shallow burning points.

On the other hand, Rosin uses an all-physical process, using no solvents or butane to extract the cannabinoids. This ends up in a pretty strong and natural product, which also means it can get more expensive. If you want to try live resin out without smoking, you can also check out a Live Resin Tincture like this one with 1500mg of CBD from our store.

Moon Rocks Infused Pre-Rolls

Moon rocks are nugs covered in extract rolled around in kief. The combination of these three makes this type of concentrate one of the most potent on the list. While these are usually smoked through dabbing or other kinds of devices, these can be added to prerolls. However, these are rare as moon rocks require even heat from a torch or heat source, but they might be available.

Shatter Infused Pre-Rolls

This concentrate is extracted from flowers by using a solvent. It has a really strong potency and is one of the purest forms of cannabinoids. Shatter gets its name to its similarity to a shattered glass. Extracts like this one are usually better dabbed, but they can also be sprinkled into a blunt or warmed up to cover the outside of a jay.

Sauce infused pre-rolls

This distillate is pretty much what it sounds like: a sticky and liquid-like concentrate with a high terpene level. While they have a high terpene profile, the potency lies in the THCA sediments called diamonds that can be used independently.

Sauce on its own adds tons of flavor to an infused joint, but it won’t be as strong as rosin or even wax or shatter. This concentrate is usually added by soaking the ground herb into the concentrate and then packed onto a strong paper cone.

Kief Infused Pre-Rolls

Okay, Kief is not an actual concentrate but it can be used to infuse joints. This small-crystal dust is an accumulation of trichome crystals and resin glands from herb nugs. This can be found on the bottom of the grinders.

Kief can be easily recollected and added to joints, whether sprinkled inside or on top. Its powdery nature makes it easy to blend and smoke. When compacted and heated, it’s called Hash, and when used to cover soaked nugs, they are called moon rocks, which we explained above.

Why Choose Infused Pre-Rolls

You might be asking yourself why you should choose infused pre-rolls over dabbing or other experiences. The answer comes down to preference. They can easily spice up your same old routine or serve as a particularly potent treat.

These are also pretty easy, clean, and come in a wide variety that can all be taken on the go. There are plenty of benefits, so let’s explore them a little bit further.

Benefits of Pre-Rolls

Infused pre-rolls are easy to carry around, leave almost no trace, and are ready to light up whenever you want. They can also save a lot of fo time used on grinding up herb, crushing or adding the distillate, and even having to clean the heating tools and hardware used. In the end, it comes down to the experience you want to have.

Whether it’s a flavorful blast with terpenes, stronger cannabinoids with diamonds, or just a little spike with Kief, infusing your pre-rolls or buying them pre-infused can be a treat and change the way you see extracts as well.

Where to Buy Pre-Rolls

Now that you know everything you need to know about infused pre-rolls, you might want to know where to get your favorite bud on the go. If you want something pretty strong and relaxing, you might want to try our Indica-based CBD flower strain, Zombie Kush.

For something on the Indica side, the Shaolin gleaux is an incredible train with really high cannabinoid levels of 31,6%, perfect for getting your daytime relaxation without falling asleep in the process. Want to add Delta-8 THC to the equation? Mixing it with CBD can make the psychoactive effects milder while powering up the cannabinoids in hemp flower.

You can try our Delta-8 THC Pineapple Haze strain our store, a delicious Sativa-dominant flower with sour and tropical notes. And for a hybrid flower that has the best of feeling social and creative but also relaxing body and mind, taste the colorful notes of our Delta-8 Froot Loops strain. It promotes a feeling of general relaxation and a balanced sensation.

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