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Elektra Hemp Strain Review

As bad as an electric shock might sound, who doesn’t enjoy an electrifying clear-minded experience? The Elektra hemp strain will make you feel this way. Sativa-dominant hybrid hemp strain will add an extra boost of energy to your day with a delicious and relaxing smoke infused with aromas of wine and chocolate.

The Elektra hemp strain delivers neon-green buds covered by beautiful bright red pistils. These multiple award-winning buds are usually Christmas-tree-shaped and covered in a sticky layer of resin. Elektra has a unique terpene combination inherited from its predecessors Early Resin Berry and ACDC. Its high CBD content makes users feel the soothing effects of this bud quickly without affecting the user’s energy levels or behavior. Due to this, the Elektra hemp strain has a special place among the most potent and fragrant hemp strains globally.


Elektra is one of the most aromatic and flavorful hemp strains currently available on the market. This strain emanates a tasty and exotic tropical cocktail of scents where the tones of fresh red wine and chocolate predominate, accompanied by earthy and piney overtones. The primary terpenes in the exquisite Elektra hemp strain are:

Myrcene: This wonderful terpene occurs naturally in a wide variety of cannabis strains and is responsible for those citrusy, earthy, and musky smells that we can find in various plants and some fruits like mango. Myrcene, along with some cannabinoids, has the quality of playing a very significant role in the popular entourage effect that cannabis and terpenes offer, improving the performance of cannabinoids such as CBD and THC.

Pinene: Pinene is the “regulator” of terpenes. Added to its antibiotic properties, it has the quality of acting by regulating the unwanted effects of THC, such as anxiety. In turn, it contributes to the synergistic effect facilitating the assimilation of the cannabinoids present in this strain. It lives up to its name with a spicy pine scent.

Caryophyllene: caryophyllene plays an essential role in the anti-pain properties of the Elektra hemp strain. This terpene interacts directly with the CB2 receptors of our endocannabinoid system, causing our perception of pain to change. Caryophyllene gives Elektra those smelly spicy tones that add a unique glow to its final aroma.

Humulene: It is the terpene responsible for that characteristic hop smell in the Elektra hemp strain. Humulene, also known as a-humulene or a-caryophyllene, is a natural insect repellent and has anti-inflammatory effects. You will find it in various aromatic plants such as pine, tobacco, hops, and sunflower fields.

The Elektra hemp strain contains other terpenes such as Valencene, Cedrene, Guaiol, Limonene, Linalool, and Terpinolene in a lower concentration. Nevertheless, all of these terpenes contribute to balance the aromas that give the Elektra hemp strain its pungent and particular smell profile.


This electric bud will make you feel its effects quickly within the first puffs. For this reason, it is ranked among the most potent hemp strains in the world because it makes you feel its effects almost immediately. As the name suggests, the Elektra hemp strain will bring users into an energetic, relaxed, and talkative state.

The high CBD content along with myrcene, pinene, caryophyllene, and the rest of the terpenes that conform to the terpene profile of Elektra cause a synergistic effect that makes these naturally occurring substances perform better. This quality makes the Elektra hemp strain useful for people who deal with conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, and depression.

For some people, the mellow effects of Elektra can be beneficial to conciliate a better sleep at night. Besides, the Elektra hemp strain works perfectly during the day as it has the quality of relaxing and exerting its beneficial properties without affecting the user’s energy or mood states. This bud will allow you to tackle and perform the tasks that you have pending for the day at the same time that you can enjoy an uplifted, energetic state of mental relaxation.

Elektra Hemp Strain Genetics

Elektra comes directly from Oregon and is the studied result of crossing the Early Resin Berry and the AC/DC strains. The Oregon CBD company initially bred this strain, which is now one of the best hemp strains currently available on the market.


If you consider yourself a hemp enthusiast, Early Resin Berry is a strain worth learning a little more about. This strain is responsible that today a large number of smokable CBD strains have evolved to their peak. Early Resin Berry has the characteristic of presenting high levels of CBD content, making the user experience strong body effects, perfect for relaxing and releasing muscle tension. Like Elektra, Early Resin Berry can help people suffering from insomnia, pain, inflammation, depression, and stress. The genetic origins of this strain remain unknown, but some theories support the idea that it comes from some Kush due to the similarity in taste and bud structure.

On the other hand, the ACDC strain is another popular hemp strain with a high CBD dominance that produces little to no intoxicating or psychoactive effects as it has very low THC levels. It is widely popular due to the therapeutic effects commonly chosen by patients dealing with pain, anxiety, the adverse effects of chemotherapy, and even seizures related to epilepsy.

The Elektra hemp strain brings together the best qualities from both of its parents in its terpene profile. The delicious fruity, citrus, chocolate, and earthy smells and flavors, along with the enormous therapeutic load of CBD, make this strain one of the most reliable, tasty, and enjoyable options when it comes to smokable hemp flower.

Growth Information

The Elektra hemp strain is of moderate growth difficulty, and you can find it in auto-flowering seeds online. Elektra plants usually grow about 30 to 60 inches both indoors and outdoors.

Flowering Time

50 to 65 Days


Indoors: 0.5 to 1 ounce

Outdoors: 1 to 2 ounces

Want something with the same potency? If you can’t find the Elektra hemp strain in your nearest dispensary, dare to try something just as electrifying. The intense Suver Haze has an iconic terpene profile. This special strain is rich in myrcene, farnesene, and caryophyllene. For this reason, many users go head over heels for Suver Haze.

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